Thursday, 25 October 2012

Another well known pub bites the dust

The long established, and once bustling, Listons Hotel in Dukinfield closed its doors for the last time in 2011. Now it is being turned into the latest branch of the rapidly expanding chain of Raja Bros 'corner shops'.

Pub closures in Britain are at epidemic levels. The causes include the recession, changes in social habits and the last Labour government's slavish obedience to the EU smoking ban, which put the final nail in the coffin of huge numbers of working class pubs. Other country's government's such as Holland, Germany and Portugal insisted on exemptions for owner operated establishments, small pubs etc.

It's laughable to see smokers stood outside Labour Clubs puffing away in the freezing wind and rain when they literally voted such suffering onto themselves. Their answers as to why would probably be the stock, 'Me Dad voted labour, me Grandad voted Labour...'. Perhaps but I doubt if many of them would now vote NEW Labour.

In any case at least hard working new 'Britons' from the Asian community are capitalising on the destruction of a significant part of our social and working class heritage, a part that was wilfully abandoned by Labour. I believe UKIP are the only party that now support the sensible, freedom of choice approach, of licenced smoking or non-smoking establishments.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that revoking the smoking ban would save the pub industry now. There were many causes, but ultimately the death of the traditional English local could be just part of on-going cultural evolution. One thing's for sure - the writing is well & truly on the wall for a sight more that is English. The country that was once England won't survive beyond this century, and I'm inclined to think the population as a whole have cut their own throats.

Two short planks said...

The outdoor smoking thickos will always vote Labour. Why? No reason, they are just thick.

40 a day and fit as a fiddle said...

I stopped going to the pub when they banned smoking. Why stand out in the cold freezing when you can smoke in luxury at home?

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Labour do it best! said...

Labour Councillor Abid Hussain Arrested Over Keighley Violent Disorder

Anonymous said...

A third of pubs in Rochdale could close in the next 12 months, researchers have claimed. Figures released by insolvency trade body R3 show 34 per cent of the town's pub and bar firms are ‘at risk of failure’ over the next year.

Experts say cheap supermarket booze and increased home consumption is to blame for the slump.

Bernie Jackson, from Rochdale, Oldham and Bury the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA), says the pub trade is facing difficulty but believes the figures paint an overly gloomy picture.

He said: "I would be very surprised if it as many as they are saying. There are a lot of pubs that are not doing too well.

"But I think they are being quite pessimistic."

According to CAMRA the number of licensed premises in Rochdale has fallen by a fifth in four years - from 245 in 2008 to 198 in 2012.

Simon Crompton runs The Baum on Toad Lane which was recently voted Greater Manchester's pub of the year.

He said: "Pubs are shutting down all around us. In a sense it benefits us but it is not great for the pub trade in general.

"It is one of the great British traditions which seems to be vanishing and it does sadden us.

"Supermarkets are certainly not helping.

Anonymous said...

There's something wrong with you poll TC can't vote on it. And why did you take all those votes of it.?

Long War said...

@ Anonymous 22:09, a system where owners could apply for smoking licences giving everyone freedom of choice (I wouldn't go in a smoky pub but no doubt it wouldn't bother others) would help the pub trade and safeguard jobs at this difficult time.
Things look bad in general for England but a lot can happen if the brainwashed, brainless and spineless masses wake up.

Tameside Citizen said...

I didn't remove the poll results, it appears Google has been tinkering with the template and in the process all the previous votes in the poll were wiped.

Anonymous said...

TC some time ago you did an article about our problem with neighbours barking dogs. The Council told me today that they do investigate complaints. And told us that we don't have to put up with it if it's causing distress.
I've spoken to many people with the same problem, it does affect your quality of life. It just goes on all through-out the day.

Anonymous said...

Why has comment moderation been enabled? This blog is dying a death.

Halal Inn said...


Problem is one system may prove more popular (and profitable) than the other, then all pubs would adopt the same policy. If that was pro smoking, then any optional system would look pointless. It's an either or thing and the governments know that. As a non-smoker I have to admit I prefer the cleaner air in pubs.

I doubt all pubs will go to the wall. In the long term there'll probably be a smaller number of larger bars in town centres, the small pub at the end of your street thing is probably a bit of an anachronism. Of course, when the muzzies take over this is where you'll be drinking....

Better enjoy this then while it lasts....

A True Genius said...

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Benjamin Zephaniah MBE

Anonymous said...

Concern troll: The way a concern troll operates is to pretend to share our hopes and concerns while simultaneously making disingenuous comments designed to fill people's minds with negativity, doubts and fears.

5 September 2012 blog article said...

TC...The article on the blog about nuisance barking dogs,(5 September 2012) was purely an exercise in highlighting the distress it's causing. Fact: we live next to a dog pound.(on a supposedly quite residential street) The dogs barking all day gets to you.
You can't open the windows because it's like having the dogs in the living room with us.
I've asked new charter for a transfer let someone else have a turn.
I have been reported for silent harassment, yet we are subjected to the sound of howling dogs all day every day for God's sake.
Come on new charter hurry up with the transfer. If I had a dog pound in the back garden, you'd soon be claiming that barking dogs were causing distress to the neighbours.

Tameside Citizen said...

Re: Comment Moderation, unfortunately I have acquired a cyber stalker who is intent on disrupting this humble little blog. As soon as comment moderation is removed, the stalker starts making disturbing or inappropriate comments. So for the time being moderation will have to remain.

Long war said...

@ Halal Inn, there wouldn't be one system or another because large numbers of people now clearly prefer a smoke free atmosphere, in other words it would be supply and demand and freedom of choice. This system operates perfectly well in the other European countries that applied for exemptions. Labour preferred slavish obedience to the EU socialist control freaks.
If you speak to the landlords of working class pubs they will tell you a significant number of their former patrons smoked and banning smoking was no doubt the tipping point for many such eatablishments.
Cheap alcohol in supermarkets goes back long beyond the smoking ban and many pubs continued to, at the least, survive until this fascistic prohibition, which accelerated and in many cases caused the demise was brought in.
'Locals' at the end of the street were and (diminishingly) still are just that, generally where members of the community went, associated, bonded and talked. These are all things our control freak masters would prefer they didn't do. Something being long standing doesn't make it an anachronism.

Clean Air Act 1993 said...

Long War is obviously an embittered smoker, upset that he can no longer pollute our lungs with his exhaled smoke.

Have a Drink on Me said...

"Labour preferred slavish obedience to the EU socialist control freaks"

That (quite simply) is because Labour agrees with the ban, like many of its interfering nannying policies. It had a mandate from the British public and acted accordingly. In any democracy you take the rough with the smooth, and traditional native culture such as the English pub is always going to be in jeopardy when a party is in power that despises anything which smacks of white, English and traditional.

The 'local' IS an anachronism in the sense that many young white adults would prefer to sit around in their dens with exotic joints and rapcrap playing than have a round of darts and a pint. Of course, such is the cultural change that Labour (and the left in general) have long enthused over. Also, in bygone times men worked closer to home and weekday nights had a bit of time to drop in at the boozer. These days average journey times to work are far longer leaving less time in the evenings. Many different factors have conspired against the small local pub, not least the ever increasing tax on beer.

As with the decline of many things English, the political mainstream are to blame. Their social engineering projects, their economic and industry policies, their short-sighted disregard of fundamental societal changes have over the course of decades snuffed out the unique character of our country. The death of the local is merely symbolic of a far more systemic rot that will accelerate as this century progresses.

Long War (not surrendered) said...

@ Clean Air Act 1988, I don't smoke but it's legal to do so and if people choose to go in establishments where they or others smoke they should have that freedom. What are your views on that point.

@ Have a Drink on me, An anachronism's days are numbered. The Local pub's fate, (like the country's) despite all the changes, is unknown. Its roots are deep, but like many of the customs of the country, that are coming under an establishment created and backed, anti-tradition and national identity assault, the local pub still exists.
In a few years it WILL be to late to rescue Britain's history, heritage and culture generally, at the moment it ISN'T.
The pub smoking ban is doing what it was essentially designed to do, play a significant part in, accelerating the demise of the pub and its function as a community focal point for mostly White males.

The Pub on Film said...

Notice how the likes of corrie and enders are still taking advantage of this white traditional english institution, at the same as promoting everything about the nu cosmopolitan britain where the local finds itself like a fish out of water. The rovers and the vic never seem to be in danger of going bust or of being targeted by the local jihadi hate club. It's the best of both worlds scenario - vibrant dynamic internationalist diversity harmoniously co-existing with quaint native tradition. Only problem is it's pure make-believe.

Councillor Jonboy Taylor is one such deluded believer, a fan of english nostalgia and zeitgeist. He pens letters to local papers romanticising about olde england, and plasters vintage black and white photos all over his blog. Then like worzel gummidge he changes face and starts spouting multiculturalist platitudes about how a nation of non-whites whose roots lie on the other side of the world are just as British as the rest of us. The criminally stupid are running the show and we're powerless to do anything about it (short of revolution).

who is Jesus said...


The English white working-class and the British elite – From the salt of the earth to the scum of the earth said...

Great post Pub on Film.

Billy Graham, what a guy!

Anonymous said...

I like it Billy.

Motorways to be privatised? said...


Anonymous said...

Tameside Citizen
Here's something to consider if you want the truth to shine through the Injustice.
Roy West's accusers have CCTV cameras covering the front of their house also Roy West's front garden.
CCTV cameras come with audio sound.
CCTV footage of Roy West was shown filming his accuser washing his car, and filming John Taylor leaving their house.
Where is the CCTV footage of the argument over the flags and poppies.? It was never handed over to the police or the court, because it will show that Roy West is innocent of the charge.

Within limits said...

Life after death, maybe but all the evidence says otherwise. Once the electro-chemical reactions in your brain stop that's it.
Who would want to live forever anyway, you'd be bored beyond belief after a few thousand years. And why would you bother doing anything at all, because you'd ALWAYS be able to do it tomorrow.

Get F***ed, this means YOU said...

30 million Bulgarians and Romanians will gain unfettered access to Britain and the British benefits system in 14 months.
Something to look forward to for every single f***ing idiot who voted main party last time, because this is clearly what they want. Unless they're just to stupid, spineless and apathetic to vote otherwise.

Stonemasons Arms said...

All the main party votewhores unhesitatingly grovel to whichever British demographic, or international moneyed groups hold sway. So on current trends expect massive concessions for Muslims on finance, marriage laws, lifestyle and the rest and that the sickening Halal is here to stay (if there were five million foxhunters in the country and exponentially growing do you think for a minute it would have been banned).
It's about numbers, and money. Muslims understand the former and the internationalist moneybags (who care only about their own and those who help them) understand the latter.
At the moment it looks like the British people are too inferior to save themselves.