Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Politics - Interviewing Cllr. Leigh Drennan

What an interesting interview. Watch the way this slippery fish answers the question about the 'elephant in the living room' at 1.56. It is a fascinating insight into the mindset of these automatons. Do they rehearse these answers or are they pre-programmed at birth?


Rembrant Sam said...

He's dancing on one of the floats participating in the opening procession of Manchester Pride later this month. He's practiced really hard and he looks so sexy in his leathers, I cannot wait to see him perform.

Lionel Blair said...

He needs to practice his interviews wearing a pair of handcuffs. He looks like a contestant off Give Us a Clue.

And yes he is too young to be a councillor. The only reason he makes the grade is because the average Tameside Labourite knows more about football and the price of beer than he does about politics. In old age Taylor is only just managing to articulate a bit more about politics than he does about MCFC.

Reimer said...

Is this political-apprentice scrote the son or nephew of somebody in the Tameside Labour Mafia?

Eye Witness said...

The fellow is ceretainly no gentleman. I recall him being very rude and aggressive towards the lady BNP candidate from Hyde during the count at Dukinfield Town Hall in 2010.

The long slope back to the cave said...

Callow, trite, immature, mental mediocrity and non-entity are words that spring to mind.

He should do very well.

Anonymous said...

The body parts and tissue of soldiers killed in Afghanistan have been kept by the Ministry of Defence without the permission of their families, officials have admitted.

About six body parts and more than 50 tissue samples were reportedly retained by the Royal Military Police without relatives of the servicemen being notified.

The remains were discovered last month when a new manager was appointed at the Military Police's Special Investigations Branch (SIB), it is said.

Officials are trying to identify and inform the families affected while an urgent investigation has been launched, an Army spokesman said.

The body parts were reportedly found at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, while the tissue samples - which were kept on laboratory slides for matching or identifying the dead soldiers - were discovered at the SIB's headquarters at Bulford Garrison in Wiltshire.

It is believed that because multiple samples were taken for each case, the number of families affected is likely to be less than 60.

The Army spokesman said: "There are occasions when it is necessary for the RMP Special Investigations Branch to retain slides of forensic material from individuals killed on operations as part of their investigation - this is standard practice.

"However, the RMP identified there were a small number of cases where this had been done without the correct processes being followed to inform families. It is thought there could be 60 forensic items, such as microscope slides, containing material from some individuals."

He added: "Investigations are being carried out urgently into this matter. The RMP Special Investigations Branch has also taken swift action to ensure this cannot happen again and are identifying the families affected as quickly as possible."

The MoD said approximately 90% of the 60 forensic items were histology slides. It said a change in the way the SIB liaised with families was to blame for the consent not being achieved, adding that when the oversight came to light in July procedures were immediately changed.

Anonymous said...

Here's some good old British JUSTICE for you to reflect upon.
Roy West was found guilty of filming his neighbour washing his car. Yet Herr Kugow is filming Roy West and his family on a daily basis, using cctv camera's on his house. No problem he's filming a child playing in Roy's front garden.

Petrocelli said...

Could that be construed as some form of intrusive harassment?

SerpentSlayer said...

I only got two minutes in, what a pointless oxygen thief.

This man shouldn't be in charge of a cooker in McDonald's let alone have a ward to look after.

He has about as much charisma as your average crisp packet to boot.

I think his presence does a lot of good in terms of highlighting youth unemployment though, if this is what employers expect from young men, then no wonder they want older people.

Anonymous said...

SerpentSlayer, that is the funniest post I've read on this blog in years. Well said. NB

SerpentSlayer said...

Thanks NB. It is a sad state of affairs when people like Leigh Drennan, the Quinns, John Taylor, Brian Wild etc. have power over anybody.

Tom Hatton said...

Shocking interview. He's wrong on banking (30% of our entire tax revenue comes from the City of London) so we need to support bankers and not bash them.

He's hypocritical on immigration: on the one hand he talks about 'rights' and quality of life and then condemns British people who refuse to work in menial jobs. But applauds immigrants who would. If it wasn't for the Labour Party peddaling the myth that we can all have something for nothing we wouldn't have thousands of working-class white kids out of work.

He's wrong on education. Science and Engineering subjects are not suffering because big nasty banks swallow up talent. On the contrary talent is something that can be grown and developed in people so perhaps we should talk about bringing back triple science in our secondary schools which Labour took away? With regards to BSF - "there are no schools" - erm what about the hundreds of new free schools and academies? A further point, too, would be that it is about quakity of education not how space-age our schools look.

I could go on and on, but I think that interview is testament to the incoherence of Labour's economic and social policies of the last half a century.

Thanks God I don't live in Tameside for most of the year....

Woodend Resident said...

Young Tom canvassed my house a couple of years ago and I must say he was a most impressive individual. It is a pity the dross end up getting elected in this borough while the quality people do not. I wish Tom all the best for the future and I advise that he devotes his time to getting a first class education and leave the politics on the back burner until he has at least a master's degree.

Anonymous said...

A 'shocking interview,' indeed; but certainly not on the part of Councillor Drennan. The editing of this footage, and by this I mean the blatant cut offs mid-conversation, is obviously some contrived attempted to distort what would otherwise be a more full-bodied discussion. It's hardly a fair representation. What’s more, the nature of the questions directed at the Councillor are so vague, very fragmented – more a whistle-stop tour of grand topics (‘pop-politics’), that realistically would require a single interview each (or several) to discuss. In many ways, the areas touched upon are so far removed from his actual role as Councillor, there was hardly any scope to produce a quality interview. If there's any criticism to be had here, I would lay it on the interviewer rather than interviewee.

Lionel Blair,
I can't help but note the hypocrisies in your comment. You claim 'he is too young to be a councillor' yet have resorted to making such crude and infantile remarks about ‘handcuffs’ just a paragraph above. Also, could you perhaps point out for me the point at which the Councillor alluded to 'football and the price of beer'? And I'm sure the councillor is well-read on both topics without it detracting from his abilities politically. Are you suggesting something about the people that elected him maybe?? Is interest in pop-culture the sole defining factor of the voting choice of the people that inhabit Tameside? And moreover is pop-culture something to be scoffed at so readily? Perhaps it’s about time we had people like Councillor Drennan in charge, someone more relatable than the dinosaurs that occupy parliament at the moment. People voted for Councillor Drennan. That speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Serpent Slayer, well done for dumping on both those in menial-service jobs and the young in one comment:
"This man shouldn't be in charge of a cooker in McDonald's let alone have a ward to look after.
I think his presence does a lot of good in terms of highlighting youth unemployment though, if this is what employers expect from young men, then no wonder they want older people."
I think there is a point to be made here, after sifting through all of the comments regarding the councillor's age. I grant that at twenty years of age, inexperience shows -- although not necessarily to the detriment of his performance here. The fact that a lot of viewers have picked at this (and may I add, purposefully neglected the actual content of the interview), speaks volumes about the attitude towards youth in this country. A vast amount of our nations great minds belong to people under the age of 20 (yes, even the people that work in Mc Donalds!). And especially after the coalitions disaster with the rise in University Fees (as Councillor Drennan highlights the staggering rise of nearly 6 grand in fees cannot be dismissed with such nonchalance as it is done so readily), young people ARE becoming more politicised. The fees scandal was a direct degradation, a political dumping on, of an entire demographic by the very government that are meant to be protecting their rights (and Education IS a right, a very basic one.) It must not be overlooked that a great deal of people in power, never had to pay a penny to continue on to higher education. The Councillor makes a valid point when he questions how much these officials know about student-life in 2012. And the same can be applied to other topics, when we consider how far removed this elite is from 'real people'.
Margo slams 'media studies' in this interview (another example in this footage of snobbery, and ignorance), but perhaps this is just what young people of today need to be learning about (along with a more structured political education, so in the future perhaps our political system won't be so exclusive to an Eaton elite). The media has a great deal to answer for in terms of propagating these blinkered ideas about young people, and indeed, about immigration to detract from the real issues at hand. I will not delve into that topic here, but with more understanding of how the media operates, and the immense power it holds, perhaps we can move on from comparing the Councillor, on account of his age, to a 'crisp packet'.

*As an aside, Tom, I'm not entirely sure where you're getting this from? If you could perhaps elaborate? > "He's hypocritical on immigration: on the one hand he talks about 'rights' and quality of life and then condemns British people who refuse to work in menial jobs. But applauds immigrants who would."

Anonymous said...

A pity that most of the comments on here are centered around criticizing a young man who has bothered to take an interest in politics and obviously cares enough to want to represent us on Tameside Council. I wonder what a lot of you would be doing if you weren't bleating endlessly on about your conspiracy theory nonsense about the "Labour Mafia" of Tameside Council. Perhaps if you pooled your energies into doing something positive in your local communities, rather than posting your bile on blogging websites, you might find that you'll make a change. The fact that most of you are hiding behind pseudonyms and anonymity rather than being open about your convictions like Leigh, suggests not.

Particular kudos to Rembrant Sam. Have fun with your hateful, xenophobic lifestyle. The rest of society progressed and left your knuckle dragging warped views behind a long time ago.

As for Tom Hatton, who cares so much for the people of Tameside and how they're represented that he no longer lives here, I don't know where to begin. Confused, hypocritical and unable to form a coherent argument without resorting to downright lies all spring to mind. Your misrepresentation of what is said in the interview is ignorant at best. I could go on, but I'd be here all day. Thank God you don't live in Tameside most of the year, the area is far better off without your kind of mud slinging.

Anonymous said...

I'm very curious as to where Tom Hatton came to all these sweeping generalisations that he makes in his post. I'm also curious as to how he can justify allowing the banks to get away with what they did, which was steal and lie from the public, just because they, quite rightly, contribute a large amount in tax? Does this somehow excuse their criminality and malpractice? I'm sure that would work perfectly fine in court for a tax payer who robs FROM the bank, although I'm not sure Tom or any Tory for that matter would be too eager to apply the logic of "it's okay they stole from us, they contribute tax." Unbelievable and illustrates exactly how far the Conservative Party are away from the concerns of the vast majority of the population.

As a previous comment has already pointed out, I'm not entirely sure where Mr Hatton is getting what he attributes to be Councillor Drennan's views on immigration? Surely applauding immigrants who work 'menial' jobs and being disapproving of 'British' people who refuse to work such jobs IS a good thing?

As for his education statements, yes the dozens of free schools and academies recently built whose contracts were secured by the Labour Council under a Labour government? Yes, I thought Mr Hatton was talking about those and attributing those successes to the Conservatives. And yes, let's bring back Triple Science and shoo away with other subjects that are clearly of no use such as Geography, Art and History. Let's stunt creativity and produce a generation of 'good workers' rather than 'good thinkers'. That always works out well.

With such ignorant and detached views, it's of little wonder that the people of Tameside saw through him and sent him packing.

Liberals & Conservatives said...

"point out for me the point at which the Councillor alluded to 'football and the price of beer'? And I'm sure the councillor is well-read on both topics without it detracting from his abilities politically. Are you suggesting something about the people that elected him maybe??"

You moron. I was referring to the average local Labour member / supporter / voter, and explaining why (in view of that) a 20 year old who might know (a tiny bit) more than the average can make it as a councillor.

"People voted for Councillor Drennan. That speaks for itself."

Indeed it does - the blind leading the blind, the thick leading the thick. But I'll come clean and be straight as to why I derided the guy - quite simply I do not like him. First and foremost he's another naive and stupid red, who sits in front of a camera and shamelessly endorses the slow death of (real) Britain via mass immigration and cultural marxism.

Well I have little message for you to pass on to young Leigh. The muslim population rose by 75% in just nine years recently. So if he envisages himself as council leader in another 40 years or so, then start preparing for the kind of people he'll be dealing with. Because by then the only flags flying on election night might be green and not red. And football and the price of beer will have long since ceased to be a concern for many, not least because both may fall foul of sharia proscrption.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, we're not here to name call.
I actually debated as to whether or not it was worth my time responding to that piece of miseducated dross you just rolled out.But let's have a go at breaking this one down into chunks...

Firstly, I may have misunderstood you, but rather than it being a fault on my part, perhaps you need to tidy up your prose a little? Regardless, if you are referring to an 'average local Labour member / supporter / voter', then surely that encompasses Leigh, and the majority of the people in his ward that elected him, no?

Next one. Could you please clarify for me what is meant by 'Real' Britan? And furthermore, what gave you, a clearly biggoted individual, the right to decide what is essentially 'British' and what is not?

'The blind leading the blind, the thick leading the thick'. Please, because you obviously don't see yourself within the same ranks as these poor misguided people, how are they 'thick'? And pray tell, what ever can they do to improve? People of Tameside, put down your pints, turn off Match of the Day, and log yourself on to the Tameside Citizen blog, and see the truth!!

I particularly loved how you have not-so-subtly geared this discussion towards the issue of immigration (something on your mind?).
Again, I'm reluctant to entertain your last point. But I will say that those sort of statements aren't far removed from the drivel Enoch Powell preached in the 1960s, that is, that by 1980, we'd be 'outnumbered' (I resent having to use the word we, as if it's we, and them, but for the sake of this argument..) It's an age old scare tactic. It's an age old lie.It's not happened. Change the record.

Anonymous said...

Hey whats going down cats?

SerpentSlayer said...

A lie?...And you say it is the regulars on her that are out of touch with the world?

Your boy Andrew Neather said of the increase in immigration under New Labour: "I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn't its main purpose – to rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date."

It is not just a "scare tactic" dreamed up by the Fascist bogieman of your Communist mind, Mr. Anonymous. Britain has been infiltrated by Marxist ideas, using the Labour party as it's host since the sixties. Worse than even the Tory party who took us into what is now the EU even.

I stand by what I said, that young man seems less intelligent than any young man I have known, being one myself I know a fair few.

To say he is interested in politics is a bad joke, he is no more interested in politics than your average 20 year old. If it weren't for the requirement of a Labour councillor to tow the party line in order to keep their cushy positions I would hazard that this young man could not give a flip about the government, immigration or the economy.

back to the mosh pit in disgrace said...

I am amazed the Slayer of Snakes has the gaul to show his face on here again. For months he has predicting disaster at the olympics, yet the London 2012 games are widely acknowledged to be the best olympic games ever.

SerpentSlayer said...

My predictions had nothing to do with our medal tally or the day to day running of the thing. There is still a day left, and I do hope my predictions are wrong.

Tomorrow is the final day, the perfect time for a false-flag orchestrated by the secret services of the US, Israel or Britain to justify a war with Iran.

For the sake of those present, our own civil liberties, the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the opposition to international finance, I hope I am wrong.

Oh, and the word is "gall", "gaul" is a misspelled version of "Gaul" a region that encompassed most of modern day France.

God help Britain said...

@ P1 20:38, 'People voted for Councillor Drennan. That speaks for itself.'
It certainly does. No thinking person could vote for someone with his obvious shortcomings in terms of intelligence, experience and his obvious total inability to formulate independent views. He's never even had a proper job apart from five minutes in a hamburger restaurant.
About 50% of an abysmal 30% of the electorate in nearly every ward virtually always vote LABOUR, not Drennan, the same cretins would vote Labour if a baboon was standing.

Sam said...

Leigh, don't let them get to you, they're all jealous.

Rembrant Sam said...

Leigh should be praised for participating in the democratic process. He cannot be blamed for poor voter turnout.

The Shell Guide to England said...

@ Anonymous 29:46, a lot of the people who post on here DID something positive, they campaigned and stood for election for democratic office and were on the receiving end of a tidal wave of dirty, underhand tactics from the Tameside Labour mafia, the local media, churches and other bodies. All things about which you clearly know, or pretend to know, nothing. If you're so against posting on blogs why are YOU doing it and not standing for democratic office?
I'd rather be called a xenophobe by a traitor than be linked in the remotest possible way to Labour's treasonous, planned, eight year mass immigration free for all, the horrendous reults of which are only just beginning to manifest themselves.
'How are they thick', Answer: they keep voting for the party that nearly destroyed Britain's economy by criminally reckless overspending (no, it wasn't the 'evil bankers' that's less than 10% of what the nation owes, and without their tax revenues we really WOULD be in the shit) and deliberate immigration chaos. Anyone voting for such traitors and incompetents is either a coward, a moron, or a traitor themself.
As for Enoch Powell, demographics don't lie and according to the last government's own figures, between 2004 -2008 Britain's Muslim population grew TEN TIMES faster than any other group.
Check out the latest disastrous census results, the immigrant birth rate explosion has helped propel England, which was already overcrowded, into virtually the most densely populated country in the world at 1054 people per square mile. That same birth rate means the problem is going to get massively worse unless something drastic is done very soon.
Finally if we haven't got the right to decide what is 'real Britain' you haven't got the right to decide what ISN'T.

The Endurance said...

Powell never gave a time period but if you watch his speech virtually everything he said is coming to pass. He was a genius, patriot and man of principle, i.e. the almost diametric opposite of virtually evry politician, both local and national, today.

Reimer said...

The attempted rebuttals by the Tameside Labour Online Rapid Reaction Force are shite.

Anonymous said...

How so Reimer?

At the very least, these 'rebuttals' are well written and well delivered arguments.
Which is more than I can say for the ignorant sweeping statements, and the quite frankly, xenophobic sentiments thrown about on here by opposition.

Your own comment for example (posted at 03.46am?): if you would perhaps be so kind as to deconstruct these 'attempted rebuttals', and explain why they are, as you say, 'shite', then maybe you'd have some value and credibility in this discussion.

Until then, I'd suggest investing in some Horlicks. Getting a decent sleep. And coming back with an argument worth responding to.

Yours sincerely,
the adults in this blog.

Anonymous said...

He seems a bit shy when it comes to the subject of work. He goes into his work history, but not the present. A look on the register of interests shows that Cllr Drennan has no current employment:

It would seem that those allowances mean he no longer needs a McJob and can now cream off the taxpayer instead.

Anonymous said...

Further in the interview Leigh claims that employees don't want to employ councillors. So why not move your meetings to the evenings then? Devote your free time and volunteer it to the council like they did not long ago. Now being a councillor is seen as a profession to sponge off taxpayers.

Black Death said...

'Ignorant sweeping statements', the Labour/mainstream/traitors' argument has been comprehensively dismantled and demonstrated as the treacherous, unprincipled cant it is. See posts at: 13:13, 21:26, 01:00, o1:26, 01:38.
In boroughs like Tameside you stand for labour for ONE reason - it's a virual certainty the chronically dumbed down electorate will vote you in and the trappings of power, money, connections and staus will follow.
Until even a few years ago at least some Labour and Conservatives used to actually BELIEVE in their cause, remember people like Foot, Tebbit, Benn, Thatcher. Now all three mainstream parties are indistinguishable and exist only to perpetuate their own power, self interests, both party and individuals.
The coalition has done absolutely NOTHING of ANY significance to deal with immigration and let in a further 1.1 million into our vastly overpopulated island in 2010 and 2011.
No doubt the career of the rising star of Tameside Labour will continue to ascend , after all this is now the country where unprincipled traitors like Blair and Cameron can become Prime Minister.

Red Dawn said...

Re immigration/population density -
US States similar in size to England (approximately 50,000 square miles):

Arkansas: 2.9 million. 56.4 per aquare mile.
Alabama: 4.8 million. 94.6 per square mile.
Louisiana: 4.5 million. 105 per square mile.

England: 53 million. 1054 per square mile.

Despite our small island's chronic overpopulation, the parlous state of its economy, and the almost toatlly non-selective nature of the immigration chaos, the people supposedly in charge STILL let hordes of Europe and the Third World's detritus flood in.
If things continue on their current course, in a few years the British will awake to the true horror of what has been done to them and their country, and what they have allowed to be done. Then the blinkers will be off, the lies will evaporate and the options will be absolutely clear: capitulate or fight.

Vision in Red said...

If mass scale violence backed by absolute conviction starts, it's extremely hard to stop.
Once people have thrown off their softness and squeamishness and become accustomed to the sights, sounds and smells of violent bloodshed the hardcore would lead them in focussing only on the cause; national salvation.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the White Nationalists are busy fighting among themselves and posting sweeping generalisations about immigration without any regard to the true facts. I wonder if they have any other policies that don't involve making unfounded accusations and xenophobic remarks? I wonder if they have a viable alternative to current budget cuts or how to tackle the deficit? Anti-social behaviour on our streets? Education? Maintaining roads? There's a lot more to this world than "those damn dirty foreigners", you know?

The disgusting views expressed on here, that are downright lies and fear mongering, have been peddled for generation upon generation by those who are afraid of things and people that are just a little bit different to themselves. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Ashton-under-Lyne by-election, 1931
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative John Broadbent 12,420 44.6 +11.6
Labour J. W. Gordon 11,005 39.4 −5.0
New Party Allan Young 4,472 16.0 N/A
Majority 1,415 5.2
Turnout 27,897 80.2 −5.7
Conservative gain from Labour

Red Faced Pundit said...

That interview was an absolute stinker. Margot should have taken it easy on him considering he's just a slip of a lad.

Gay smoking Tory hates Muslim loving Labour said...

I second that view what a stinker indeed.

realist not racist said...

Net immigration quadrupled to nearly 200,000 a year between 1997 and 2009. In 2010 it was 252,000. Over 3 million immigrants have arrived since 1997.

Migrants arrive almost every minute; they leave at just over half that rate.

We must build a new home every seven minutes for new migrants.

England is already, with the Netherlands, the most crowded country in Europe

The population of the UK will grow by over 7 million to 70 million in the next 16 years, 5 million due to immigration - that is 5 times the population of Birmingham.

To keep the population
of the UK, now 64.3 million, below 70 million, net immigration must be reduced to around 40,000 a year. It would then peak in mid century at about 68 million.

England Awake said...

All governments have set out a policy to flood this nation with immigrants since 1945.
The dye has been cast, now THE policy is F*** ENGLAND flood her with non white FACES.

SS-Marschiert in Feindesland said...

Why does the uk need 200,000 net migrants each year? Are their 200,000 extra job vacancies to fill each year?

Forget about awakening England now, the 11th hour is well and truly passed here. The battle to save the white man and his foothold on his native land will be fought on the continent. Britain will make an example of itself, and the wars of white resistance and seperatism will be waged across central and eastern Europe.

SerpentSlayer said...

Nationalists have a clear policy for solving our economic woes, industry and trade protectionism. Nationalisation of the banks and strict controls placed upon them.

Education is more open to opinion, I myself would place more emphasis on the three 'r's, physical education and citizenship and the importance of serving your nation.

For the maintenance of roads I would suggest using quality materials once available, instead of using the cheapest and repairing them every other week.

As for anti-social behaviour I would suggest compulsory National Service (similar to what the Swiss do) and corporal punishments for petty offenders.

We have the answers, we just recognise that the survival of our people takes precedence over what are comparatively, trivialities.

Ike said...

@ Anonymous 18:34, if it's all 'downright lies and scaremongering' regarding immigration, you'll easily be able to counter with reasoned argument utilising the official statistics.

No-one hold your breath.

Reimer said...

"Anonymous said...
How so Reimer?"

Thank you, Anonymous/Mrs Merton for your condescending post, demonstrating as it does the kind of self-regard (enough to even 'big up' your own "well-written" posts?) and contempt befitting a member of an echelon willing to betray and experiment upon their fellows.


Mud and Blood said...

The country is on a planned course designed to destroy us and everything we stand for. The day will soon come when our sacred soil will need to be purged in blood.

Knee deep in human blood said...

The purity and reality of it is required for our salvation.

Fair's Fair said...

Yes the politicians certainly have a case to answer, I don't think we can blame most immigrants they just wanted a better lifestyle although some are certainly part of the divide and rule, unfortunately I think it's the puppet masters who fool us to focus on the symptons not the root cause.

Concerned Bloke said...

To the Labour On-Line police that sprang to Drennan's defence (p1, p2 etc)....believe me, the footage didn't need dodgy editing to make Drennan appear stupid. He managed that quite by himself.

Independent Thinker said...

You would think they would have coached him on interview techniques before allowing himself to make a complete fool of himself in front of a camera.

laughing stock said...

Thankfully the conspiracy theory nutters who frequent this blog were wrong and their nightmare scenario of doom and gloom has made them look like ridiculous morons.

Anonymous said...

Remember: Mr Paul Wilson (new charter housing) The keen eye, watch dog, free speech champion.
Spends each and every day reading through every comment posted on here. Yes, it's true this guy spends each and every day reading through the posts on here.

Tameside Taxpayer said...

I agree, he seems shy to talk about his work past. He's like every other career politician clone - studying politics at University. Beware young Drennan, scandal can easily be uneathered about you as was done with Mike Doherty. A career in politics isn't for life, so don't take it for granted. Doherty is now working in a call centre.

We used to have doctors, teachers, solicitors and businessmen as councillors. Now we just have a bunch of unemployable dross with the highlight of their career being a checkout girl at Kwiksaves or flipping burgers for Maccy D's.

They do it because the allowance is greater than what they would get in the real world. Honestly, could you imagine Cath Piddington getting a job with her CV and qualifications for more than £30k a year?

Time to make councillors a voluntary position. Scrap all the secretarial staff. If you can't read or write or are too lazy to respond to your constituents. Tough.

Anonymous said...

the body language said it all. a low life representing low affluent areas he wouldn't stand a chance. we are a shit hole town run by idiots hardly any work , they just draw their allowences get drunk in the nearest pub to the town hall then get done for drinking and least he is catching on being the new generation , he has learned how to jump on the gravy train. good luck to the lad better than working at mc donalds no perks there

Anonymous said...

cath p was very good at the supermarket check outs i remember it well. at least she has a job

Anonymous said...

nb for the last post i meant at least she is on the cabinet with resposibility to SHIT

Anonymous said...


I know you have a direct interest in a book called the Wheat Belly, which D Duke promoted earlier this year.

The author of the book, Dr William Davis, has set up a fantastic blog which deserves to be looked at.

I hope you don't take offense(I need to lose weight far more than you ever will).

"Bagel Boobs" - my problem lol. "Wheat consumption significantly lowers testosterone levels" etc etc. The blog is pretty gripping; I'm sure you'll agree.

I have lost over a stone since I went on a wheat-free diet. NB

The Olympics legacy, it's started. Yazzer wets 'em in the Mail said...

Everybody's favourite Ugandan asylum-seeker ululating in the Mail. Get yer barf bags ready ... and Stand by for much more in similar vein from all the usual suspects.

Traitors R Us said...

It's no surprise that anyone representing a mainstream party takes to drink.
Imagine living a lie, day in day our, knowing you believe in nothing and do it simply for the money, status, power, connections etc. Sooner or later it will catch up with all but the most unprincipled, i.e. those at the very top of local/national government.

SerpentSlayer said...

Correction 'Somalian', known to American soldiers who slotted them in the hundreds as 'skinnies'.

He's an ugly bugger, everything looks out of proportion, a poor breed the Somalis are.

Known for piracy and civil war. Closer to the Orcs in the Lord of the rings film than mankind. A lack of Neanderthal genes can be blamed for the weakness of a lot of races.

Black Tide said...

Sub-saharan Africans in general, at least give the DSS plenty of work.
Somalian 'refugees' (fuckin' sad innit) have a 90% unemployment rate. And still they let them in in their hordes.

BetterDeadThanARed said...

John Taylor on Dukinfield views proudly wearing a t-shirt with the face of vicious homophobic torturing murderer....

The party is over said...

We have just paid 10 billion pounds for 28 Gold medals, £400 for every tax payer in the country. Yeah it was fun, but now I'm having serious buyer’s remorse. Sometime soon we are going to wake up with the biggest collective hangover Ever and will want to know htf we have managed to acquire a whole town of useless stadia and another massive chunk of unpayable debt in the great cause of Beach Volleyball and friends. In much the same way people used to wander of flights from Spain clutching outsized straw donkeys. If you want to know the kind of economic advantages that accrue from holding the Olympics, Boris, I suggest you go and ask the Athenians.

They really have lost all grip on reality. The country is politically, economically and socially disintegrating, now in its 5th year of recession and they think that a two week propaganda binge, entirely financed by debt, will not only make it all right, but better than its ever been.

UK PLC,brainwashed without even knowing said...

If you take away all the non-Whites who won medals we would still have ended up in the same position on the final table. The vast majority of winners, gold and otherwise, were Whites. The contribution of immigrants to our Olympic success is ridiculously exaggerated but of course nobody points this out. Everybody knows the names of the non-Whites as the media has talked about them non-stop. Can you say without looking them up what Greg Rutherford or Ed McKeever won?

The Coming Red Terror said...

This is a thought I have mulled over for sometime. It's not a nice one, but it seems to be ever more likely to become a reality.

We all know what happened in Russia circa 1917. Reading Anthony Sutton's account of things, coupled with Trotsky's visit to New York, it would appear that Wall Street and the financiers were behind it.

Today we're on the verge of an economic precipice again, much of it could be said to have been cause by The Fed (overseen by Greenspan and Bernanke) and the financiers, only this time the West has been primed and groomed ready for what is to come.

Gramsci's 'long march through the institutions' has been successful, the '60s generation' are now in their 60s, Christianity has been usurped by social egalitarianism, and nation states are no longer ethnically homogeneous.

The last government was replete with crypto-Marxists - Reid, Straw, Mandelson, Blunkett - people who once openly despised capitalism and swore to destroy it. Were they just part of the endgame?

If, as I believe it will, the economy collapses, what will fill the void? Just a thought.

Outed said...

Joe Hart

Joleon Lescott

Micah Richards

Gareth Barry

Jack Rodwell

Adam Johnson

James Milner

Alex Tchuimeni-Nimely

£100 for anyone who can tell me which of the above named individuals is the odd one out?

.45 Webley said...

Re the Olympics, spot the total news blackout on the pistol shooting events where foreigners were allowed to shoot pistols on British soil but BRITISH PEOPLE WEREN'T.
The pathetic anti-gun hysteria after the Dunblane massacre led to this utterly ludicrous situation where it is illegal for Britons to even own a pistol, one of the only countries in the world where such draconian anti-gun laws exist.

Niccolo Machiavelli said...

“When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them either through cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of these opinions generate hatred...”

a wise man once said said...

“A government is the most dangerous threat to man's rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.”

George Mason said...

To disarm the people (is) the best and most effectual way to enslave them...”

Howard Marston said...

The Dunblane files are sealed for 100 years.
Rumours of prior high level links to the killer Thomas Hamilton and paedophile rings etc will not be dissipated by such unexplained overcensorship.
read 'Dunblane Unburied' a flawed but interesting book that examines some of these issues.