Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Coroner slams Tameside Hospital

A crisis-hit hospital has been slammed after a young girl was left lying dead in a bed for so long that rigor mortis set in.

Emma Stones, 12, was admitted to Tameside Hospital with flu-like symptoms and died 16 hours later from blood poisoning. Now a coroner has criticised the inadequate care given to Emma and said that if she had been observed and treated better she may have survived.

- a junior doctor wanted to take a blood sample but a senior registrar was too busy to attend because of his workload

- a team of nurses failed to regularly monitor Emma throughout the night – she should have been observed every four hours

- the lack of observations in the morning was appalling

- Emma’s father was told she had died at 8.50am – but she was ice cold to touch when he was allowed to see her 10 minutes later

- she may have died almost FOUR hours before her father saw her.

What a lovely little girl and what a truly tragic case. RIP angel Emma.

The full article can be read here: Manchester Evening News .


tonydj said...

There are many reasons for the crisis in the NHS from the extreme right "Too many foreign staff who don't speak English and are unskilled" to the extreme left "Too little funding, but foreign wars, banks etc can get the cash".

There is some merit in both arguements.

We price our own young people out of tertiary education by exhorbtant loans then panic and import foreign medical staff. Which in turn strips the third world of THEIR hard earned nurses and doctors

We cannot fund the NHS but can build TWO super-aircraft carriers. Why? Carriers are not defensive weapons (air fields in Norfolk are), carriers are for projecting foreign policy overseas. Whose policy? And Where?

I sharn't bore you with a rant against the almost £1 bn aid package to India. A country with more millionaires than the UK, nclear weapons and a space programme.

Mr Dog Poo said...

Lol, I think you will you find it a typo Inspector Clueso.

Bob said...

We are doing quite well probably in matchstick model building with this is not of much use to the majority is it? What use is a gold medal to the population at large any more than winning a football match? It's just a diversion.

The lessons we are supposed to draw are four - all logically incorrect:

1. How brilliant and successful the population has become - when it's about a handful of people. Fallacy of generalising from the particular.
2. How successful in all directions we can now expect to become. By someone running fast? Doh.....
3. How clever our leaders must be. Eh? Did they run? Boris expects to be PM because of the Olympics.
4. Worth every penny for the excitement. Validates politicians spending your money generally or purports to.

All these tricks would be used regardless of immigration - but immigration adds the extra touch of some athletes being immigrants thus proving how wonderful immigration is. Spice on top.

tonydj said...

Sorry, not typos, my ****** eyesight. lol. (Isn't it Clouseau anyway?)

Black Death said...

The Olympics IS a diversion and has little significance. The recent census however, that got virtually zero mass media coverage, is of the greatest possible significance and import. It revealed the tidal waves of immigration since 2000 and the consequent massive shifts in demographics that are currently in the process of turning the country into 'something else'.
No doubt the cretinous hordes in ecstacy at the almost meaningless Olympics, 'feel good about themselves' for being so 'positive', i.e living in comfortable, wilfully deluded fantasy land.

It's racist innit said...

According to my unaudited survey about 100 members of Team GB have received medals of whom a mere six are persons of colour (eight if we count the two with boxing bronzes yet to be awarded). Only one of the fifty-odd plastics have 'podiumed' so far.

Has anyone else noticed the nauseatingly sychophantic glorification and drooling over of Usain Bolt, an athlete who isn't even representing Britain! It seems that no superlative is too extravagant to use in describing his every antic. He's been described as a 'legend', a 'superstar', the most 'wonderful' of athletes and is apparently considered such a ratings draw that the forgone conclusion that he would win the 100 metres sprint final was given higher billing on the evening tv news than the utterly mind-bogglingly amazing feat achieved by NASA in successfully landing a remote controlled robot vehicle on Mars!!!!

Not even Jessica Ennis has been fawned over by so many lickspittles!

SerpentSlayer said...

The state of Tameside Hospital is absolutely shocking. We keep hearing these horror stories and nothing is done.

The whole management of the place need sacking and the doctors put under scrutiny, many of them could do with clarifying that they are both qualified and legally allowed to reside here in England.

Saying that we would still be left with a corrupt council who will let you build a Tesco for a handshake and who set their pet policemen on you if you argue with them, not to mention New charter being run by some of the buggers.

This place truly brings a new meaning to the term 'rotten borough'.