Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cute baby fox

Look at this adorable baby fox which stumbled upon the buzzards food today. The small fox quickly set about devouring as much food as it could eat. This is one of two new foxes recently born to a female fox which I have been feeding for a number of years. check out the size difference between the baby fox and the year old buzzard.

In this little wildlife oasis I have created the following animals are regular visitors and I rank them in order of intelligence as I judge them after watching the way they solve problems and protect themselves from predators










The fox is extremely intelligent and can easily solve problems such as removing two individual heavy weights on top of a container with food inside.

Magpies are great problem solvers too and they have the intelligence to understand that a fox or cat will not attack them while eating food they have stumbled upon.

The Buzzard is wise because it can recognise human friend from foe and it has an accurate inbuilt method of calculating time as it knows the usual time when free food is delivered.

The grey squirrel is very intelligent. Not only as a problem solver but as an animal who can bury nuts and remember exactly where they are buried months later.

The badger is quite good at solving problems when it comes to removing food from sealed containers but this may be due to brute strength as much as intelligence.

The mouse like the magpie knows a cat will not attack when it is eating something more tasty.

The cat struggles to work out how to remove one heavy object after another in order to gain access to a container with food inside. The cats strategy is to try and claw through the container rather move the objects, this always fails, yet it never changes strategy and usually waits around until the food container has been opened by a fox or badger and then eats the left overs.

The sparrow and robin are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain in my little wildlife oasis. They both leave themselves open to predation by larger animals as they expose themselves to frequent danger in order to pick up seeds or bits of bread left on the ground.


Cull said...

Bunny hugger.

.22 said...

Magpies are diffcult to shoot as they are extremely wary and clever. They dominate localities and try to eradicate the presence of other birds. But if you do pot a few in your area you'll notice a significant increase in the presence of other, particularly smaller birds in the ensuing weeks.

Anonymous said...

Connie Sachs says..

Nice pictures TC. But be careful that you do not reveal where the foxes are. We wouldn't want some cabbage head to go hunting them, would we?

Anonymous said...

Very small and very cute.

Roy K West said...
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animal lover said...

I cannot understand why anybody would want to hunt and kill such a lovely animal. The only positive thing I can think of from the disasterous Labour years was the ban on hunting with dogs.

Adrian Davies said...

Mr West, he must provide evidence if he is to make such a claim.

Anonymous said...

@Roy West

Watch their words and actions carefully. Libel and slander are criminal offences.

Anonymous said...

Roy you silly bugger, you played right into their hands and ive got a horrible feeling they aren't finished yet

SerpentSlayer said...

If only we could get proof of the council's persecution of Roy through the so called privatised companies they influence. There must be a whistle blower somewhere willing to speak out.

Failing that, careless words are rarely at a premium.

The House That dripped Blood said...

The crowbar nonsense is flim flam and will be dropped, just ignore it.

Towton 1461 said...

The British people will either fight or be destroyed.

Haaretz said...

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the "phenomenon of illegal infiltrators from Africa is extremely serious and threatens Israel's social fabric and national security. He made the comments at a cabinet meeting, adding that "if we don't stop the problem, 60,000 infiltrators are liable to become 600,000, and cause the negation of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state."

Netanyahu also praised the border fence that is being built in the south as a means of preventing infiltrations, but added that it is also important "to physically remove the infiltrators. We must crack down and mete out tougher punishments."

Five groups that aid African migrants sent a letter to Netanyahu on Sunday, asking that he "immediately order the granting of work permits to asylum-seekers in Israel." The letter stated that the current situation is forcing migrants to seek shelter in poorer neighborhoods, exacerbating the problems there. "The situation has become intolerable," they wrote.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai echoed the sentiment expressed by the prime minister, and reiterated his own message last week, when he said that most African migrants are criminals and that all, "without exception," should be arrested and deported.

Goose not Gander said...

Isn't it funny how the the Israelis always choose their word very carefully. In every other country what they describe as infiltration is actually known as immigration. I wonder why they choose to be different?

Anonymous said...

How can it be a Jewish State when over 60% don`t live according to the Jewish principles.
Is Italy a Catholic State ?
Is the UK a Christian State ?
Is Pakistan a Muslim State ?

Amazing how people make a religious
comment when it does not apply.

SerpentSlayer said...

Don't be fooled into believing that Jewish identity is in any way religious. Think of it as more like freemasonry, with a far more secretive and seemingly less formalised structure.

Pretty much everything about Judaism and it's progeny religions is rotten to the core. As a solar race, we Aryans must seek to throw as much light as possible onto these fiends, who seek to hide in the shadows.

daveyboy said...

hi there,i am a volunteer with the b.t.o and have been tracking the buzzards for a while now,and finally today i am pretty sure i have found where they are breeding at last,i will be informing the rspb aswell as soon as i am sure they are established in breeding,if you could drop me an email it would be great to have a chat to you on the email address is,i am a denton resident and know them woods like the back of my hand,i also found a couple of badger setts what seem undisturbed,but my locations will remain a secret until i can find someone who shares my loyal interests in preserving our local wildlife in denton and h/g.

kind regards
david campbell

Court in the act said...

West on trial tomorrow. I wonder who'll be in the gallery this time. Our helpful local councillor who's been attending recently to further his knowledge of the court process?

Roy K West said...
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Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

new charter housing forcibly evicting a vulnerable person from their home.

Not really that cut and dried RW
I view it as TMBC/Councillors/GMP Ashton,the main participants creating the weapon,and New Charter pulling the trigger.

Disarm those with weapons.

Anonymous said...

Wanted one female viscous thug seen near the Sun Inn Audenshaw 2-50 pm approx Wednesday 23rd May 2012.
Age 25-32.fair hair with small girl 3-5 years and with a young collie dog on lead probably 6-10 months.
Guilty of lifting the dog on its lead approx 3 feet off the ground thereby hanging from its lead,then letting it drop to the floor where it lay whilst the thug put the boot in 3 times into the young dog.
Verdict Total SCUMBAG for kicking a dog severely as it lay on the ground.
Penalty- 1 year jail,banned for life having any animal,and evicted out of Tameside.
Any vet in Tameside should be aware of this crap head ill treating a young collie sheepdog.
Anti Crap Heads

Anonymous said...

You asked for it M.Flynn.(Brother in Law of deceased R.Oldham)
If the residents prefer the real TRUTH in Mottram/Hollingworth and Tintwistle they should read the following TRUTH.
NOT the FICTION and FALSE rhetoric.You have been deliberately denied the real TRUTH and used as pawns with a secret agenda to
rapidly increase HGV`s through Longendale with the a new NETA European Road ,Route.
The Tameside Advertiser,Glossop Advertiser the Reporter press,Manchester TV Channels,have withheld the TRUTH
because of the "incredibly unusual" ??strong links with TMBC, Oldham,Purnell,Gwynne,Reynolds and Pendry & Flynn
and have shown utter and determined bias and failed in their duty to provide YOU with all the disturbing Facts.
Still Mr.Reynolds to enjoy an assumed interview

Brenda said...

Just ignore the trouble causer. He cannot live without causing trouble and he has no respect for lawfully elected politicians.

Anonymous said...

Brenda said...
Just ignore the trouble causer. He cannot live without causing trouble and he has no respect for lawfully elected politicians.

Your perpetual dribble is a joke B.Warrington,everyone should note you are unable to add anything,dispute anything or say anything at all intelligent.
Respect for you,with your mentality
and serious lack of knowledge.
You never ever say who I cause trouble for,come on answer that basic question.WHO


Dross rises said...

I was at the election count and judging by the Labour acceptance speeches they are almost universally, lawfully elected, arrogant, self-satisfied morons.

Tameside Citizen said...

Dear Mr Campbell, it sounds like we share a common interest and I will email you so we can discuss it further.

Tameside Citizen said...

Mr West, I will certainly take you up on your offer should they be so wicked as to try and evict your partner. I will be there to film and photograph the event. I would then do my best to ensure that their shameful act is spread far and wide so people can see how New Charter treat vulnerable tenants.

Anonymous said...

lets have an update on the West court appearance on Wednesday its all gone silent, did he get sent down?