Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Roy West Court Appearance 20th March 2012

Roy West from Dukinfield appeared at Tameside Magistrates Court today on a charge of Racially Aggravated Public Disorder. The case centres on an allegation made against Mr West where it is alleged he used the word Kraut* within earshot of a gentleman of German ancestry.

There was also talk of more offence being caused to the complainant following the recent appearance of an Irish tricolor flag in the garden of Mr West.

In a bizarre twist Cllr John Taylor who is a complainant in another court case against Roy West turned up at today’s hearing accompanied by Cllr Dawson Lane. Both councillors were seated at the rear of the court during proceedings. Mystery surrounds the means by which the two councillors come across the information regarding Roy West’s court appearance as this information was not in the public domain.

Any person wishing to make comment on this matter must read this summary of the law in Britain regarding sub judice and contempt of court.

Remember, there is no such thing as true anonymity on the internet and if anyone made an unlawful comment the authorities could track you down in no time.

*According to the Advertising Standard Agency the term "Kraut" was "a light-hearted reference to a national stereotype unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence".

As someone who also has German ancestry I find the term “Kraut” no more offensive to my German ancestry than I do “Limey” to my British ancestry or “Paddy” to my Irish ancestry and I find the term Limey & Paddy completely inoffensive, but evidently some people are more sensitive to silly names than others. Tameside Citizen



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Rotten Borough said...

If councillor Taylor is so desperate to avoid Mr West he doesn't want him even attending public District Assemblys, why did the councillor turn up at Mr West's court hearing today, and how did he know about it?

Thick, vile and rotten said...

If a German living in Tameside stood for the BNP and his opposing Labour candidate used words like 'Nazi' in an official leaflet would said councillor be arrested for racism? Or are you only allowed to use such vile slurs against Englishmen.
The law appears to have gone up its own backside on the whole 'race' issue.

Cui bono said...

When studying the facts of this bizarre case, chronology is the key to working out who benefits.

Here is the timeline:

The defendant is barred from attending local District Assembly meetings and appeals the decision. A judge finds in his favour and overturns the ban and allows the defendant to attend DA meetings. On the day of the first DA since the prohibition was lifted the defendant gets a phone call from a senior police officer threatening him with arrest should he attend the DA. The defendant insists he will exercise his democratic right and attend despite these threats.

With only hours to go before the DA meeting a plant pot containing remembrance poppies gets smashed in the defendants garden. An allegation and counter-allegation is made, the police arrive, one person gets arrested; the defendant, who is then held in custody over night and as a consequence he misses the DA. The defendant is charged and makes his first and completely unpublicised court appearance today. The person who made the allegation which led to the arrest does not turn up to this preliminary court hearing but one of the councillors who sits at the disputed DA meeting does.

How did this councillor get to hear of this unpublicised court appearance? It is known a fellow ward councillor and opponent of the defendant sits on the bench at Tameside Magistrates, would he have known of this court appearance? It is known that the councillor who was scheduled to sit on the panel at the disputed DA has many dealings with the local police, would the police have known? The initial accuser who took offence which led to the arrest and the missed DA lives in the same ward as the defendant and said councillor, would the accuser have known?

Now let’s not jump to conclusions and there is no evidence of collusion.

For you ze var iz over said...

Call an Englishman a Nazi, nothing happens.
Call a German a kraut, six police turn up and you get arrested and charged.
What WOULD happen if you called a German a Nazi, or a Welshman a sheepshagger? Where is the racial element in all this?
The whole thing is an utter farce and brings scorn and discredit to the justice system.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if anyone has been charged with criminal damage against West's property?? It may only be a plant pot, but then again a 'wrong' word uttered is only a 'wrong' word uttered.

tonydj said...

Meanwhile, the gang who conned their way nto my parent's house before christmas 2010 have got clean away with the cash.

At the time Richmond Street bridge was closed so the only routes away from The Crowhill area all passed by CCTV cameras but....well you can guess the rest.

Coppers??? Don't make me laugh!!!

What's your defence? I was only following orders said...

The cops are victims in all of this too. How must it feel to be a cop who joined the force with good intentions. They pictured a career where the job description was to make society safer by locking up criminals but now the job description has changed and the moto should no longer read "to serve and protect" instead it should read "to obey without question" because they know there are real criminals who are running around free while innocent people are being persecuted for nothing other than thought crimes and being right when the ruling regime is wrong.

Don't Shoot The Messenger said...

Angry Turk’s Message for Europe: We Are Coming

Roy K West said...
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Anonymous said...

No doubt about it the Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable
should commence an immediate detailed internal inquiry regarding the persistent close links between Ashton Police and TMBC.
This is certainly not new,its been obvious that years of cultivating the Police by TMBC is still paying dividends.
Pity West is not a Freemason however reading up on the signs to give can be obtained in most libraries.
Commence a Police Complaints proceedure direct to the Chief Constable quickly.

Roy K West said...
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Good dog, here's a biscuit said...

Whay would he turn up to a court case that's got nothing to do with him. Was his pet copper there as well?

King Street Joe said...

There's something very fishy about this whole business involving West. Surely we have not reached the stage where innocence matters not when politics is top of the bill?

THE DUCK said...

Westie is a mad as a hatter, but Tayler is just as bad, Westie stick to the politics and stop attacking Labour (they make a balls of it on there own)Tayler leave Westie alone and do us all a favour.....retire and spend some of our money on a new jacket!

Because you say so said...

Ok stop attacking Labour because say so.

Anonymous said...

The Duck ya bonehead, he spells Taylor, Tayler.

Unknown said...

I wish Roy West would stop his stupid antics. He does us no favours at all and plays right into the hands of the enemy. Why doesn't someone tell him.