Friday, 16 March 2012

Police in Tameside learn about Islamic awareness

Police in Tameside have taken part in a course to update their knowledge about Islam and the Muslim community.

Sergeant Zaheer Ali devised the course to offer practical advice when officers are dealing with the Muslim community. Mohammed Seedat, who works for Tameside’s Third Sector Coalition (T3SC) and is an imaam at Ashton-under-Lyne Mosque, helped to deliver it.

The course saw officers visit a mosque and were given the chance to have an insight into the daily life of people from the Muslim community which included topics such as origin of Islam, cultural differences between different Islamic groups and the five pillars of Islam.

So far 44 local officers have been trained.

Sergeant Zaheer Ali, from the Tameside South Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “We respect the diverse nature of the communities we serve and this is just one way of enhancing our links in this area.

“Initiatives and training like this have benefits for everyone. It helps to raise important issues and enables officers to have the latest information, which in turn helps when they are supporting the Muslim community.

“This would not have been possible without the support of Tameside Council and T3SC and we look forward to seeing relationships tighten as a result.” Greater Manchester Police


England, but not as we knew it said...

Nice one Labour, should be good for a few votes in Werneth and Ashton StPeters. The police don't need information about 'communities', there's only one law.
By the way, you can take multiculturalism and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Anonymous said...

I prefer not to apologise for this off topic new finding because it gives a perfect example of the duplicity of Councillors towards their Constituents

I make no apology for exposing a Tameside Councillor as an absolute bloody hypocrite who should be seen by the Denton West Electorate as a fork tongued totally unfit for purpose Councillor.
The following are her actual words sent to the North West RUS in 2007
by Councillor Brenda Warrington.
I quote:

The A57 is a main road into Manchester city centre and is extremely heavily congested both at peak times and to a slightly
lesser degree throughout the day.
The area known as Dane Bank,within my constituency,suffers greatly as a result of cars,vans,wagons,and HGV`s using roads and streets on the estate as cut throughs in an attempt to avoid the heavily congested main road.
I hope you will appreciate that this causes considerable concern to people who fear for their and their childrens safety.
We have introduced various traffic calming measures which regrettably have limited impact upon the volume and speeds of traffic within this residential area.

Now how is that for outrageous bloody cheek and sheer hypocrisy from this Councillor,who backed the Mottram ByPass to send many thousands more vehicles into this already environmentally decimated locality,and a Councillor who has backed all development schemes which has led to the increase in traffic congestion and pollution.
Both her plus Councillor Smith and Councillor Dawson non who live in the locality have been 100% guilty
for their duplicity along with A.Gwynne MP of backing all increases in traffic,backing all
increases in air pollution,backed the Denton Rock Tower absolute farce created by someone well known to them,prefer to block air pollution monitoring at the A57/M67/M60 location and have each decided to not represent me because I have spelt out in identical words
for 12 years at meetings,Public Inquires,and a meeting with Blair,
those very words now copied by B.Warrington as she used my exact words to make a case for a Denton Rail Station.
These obnoxious Councillors and MP have each participated in wrecking the area they represent and still have the sheer sodding audacity to slag me off and ceasing to represent me for persistantly campaigning on this specific issue for years.
You have been now found to be devious,disrespectful,uncaring and
fork tongued towards the 11,000 inj Denton West.
So its time the Electorate sent you bloody packing back to where you each live because you are deceptive and devious in the extreme as this communication above confirms.
Resign the quicker the better and stop treating the Denton West public as idiots.
You should be treated with the utmost disgust for what this communication states yet you have been directly involved in creating the problem you actually spell out as the reality.
So whoever BRENDA is who continues to talk crap about me on TC,its time to button your mouth because I deal in facts which I confirm and if they cause trouble as you say for TMBC then more power to my elbow,its what TMBC deserve and much more.
Just a straight up front Tamesider
who tells the truth not lies.

Spread The Truth and Expose The Liars said...

J Hall has an important message the electorate need to hear. He should write to the papers exposing these hypocrite councillors and if they refuse to publish the truth I would offer my services free of charge to design a leaflet which could be printed and circulated throughout the area where these councillors pick up their votes. If I design and finance a leaflet for J Hall would anyone be willing to distribute it when printed?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this Councillor has been caught out bang to rights as being a right two faced git

(see the blue link) said...

White youths chase them of the street. (see the blue link)
Don't tell you don't like to see this because I'll call you a liar.

Lunatic Asylum said...

Stanley Royd, Former Pauper Lunatic Asylum Wakefield.

They're going to re-open it and put us all in here, if we oppose this madness.
Get ready for persecution!!!

J D said...

There's nothing 'humane' about prolonging the existence of such people.

There are differences said...

Don't join the police, you would be duty bound to support multiculturalism. As the Islamic population of Britain is increasing at least ten times faster (official government figures) than any other group, by joining you would automatically be taking sides against the indigenous population who are being exponentially outbred.

Britain prepares to become Britistan said...

These embarrassing scenes show exactly why the police have embarked upon a policy of appeasement in regards to 'The Community'. They are petrified of them. If they can chase the police off the streets when they are just 12% of the population, what will they be doing when they are 40% of the population 3o years from now?

Anonymous said...

More than embarrassing, disgusting what the traitors have done to this Nation of ours.

...will need a long spoon said...

Anyone who thinks they can 'do a deal' with this ideology is either a traitor, a coward, deluded or stupid.

Roy K West said...

17/03/2012 12:21

Those that are shouting "free free Palestine"
These scum are not Palestinian people.
The Palestinian people are a Great people, a persecuted people, a murdered people.
This mob is Pakistani Muslim mob.
Massive difference.

Genuinely let down and totally confused ordinary bloke said...

Embarrassing is the wrong word, terrifying is more appropriate. How on earth has this happened to my lovely country, who authorised these people to come here and why?

Remembering Rotherham In The 1950's & 1960's said...

This is how things use to be: Now you will a heavy price indeed for your folly.

Remembering Rotherham In The 1950's & 1960's

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
war won and peace lost said...

Great Hitler quote there by Roy West. This is one of my favourites, you could use this one too: "knightly battle awakens the best human characteristics"

Anonymous said...

To the Longendale Seige Committee
Its now confirmed by Tameside CouncillorsB.Warrington,Councillor Smith,Councillor D.Lane and A Gwynne MP that the 47,000 Tamesiderswho who live close to the M67/M60/A57 major interchange with its 350,000 daily traffic volumes is the most congested and polluted area in the North West of England.
MP Reynolds is therefore totally ignoring and disrespecting 47,000 Tameside Resides in Denton and Audenshaw and is now at odds with Tameside Labour Councillors and MP Gwynne
Time this information was exposed to all the 215,000 Tameside Electorate considering less than 9,000 people live in Tintwistle/Hollingworth and Mottram combined.
Vital MP Reynolds reads the Tameside Citizen Blog Site more often.

Anonymous said...

Hall agrees with Gwynne!

Ha ha ha. He will be getting a poster next.

Lets sort that congestion at M60 & M67 Junction. Build an overpass for M67/A57 traffic and improve Reddish Bridge lights. congestion sorted.

Darrell Oates

One Way Equality said...

I am just renewing my car insurance and was going to add on breakdown cover because it's cheaper than the AA who I am currently with. As I was updating the form a nice informative banner appears to let me know that the breakdown cover gives priority to female drivers which means if I break down and ring for assistance and then a female driver also rings she will get service before I do. Bollocks to that I say, I will stay with the AA.


A real man sorts his own car out

Shut it honkey! said...

What, in the middle of nowhere with a major engine fault.

Driven Mad said...

To be fair it will take a woman driver several hours longer to get home afterwards.

Animal Welfare Before Political Correctness said...

The sanitary risks linked to halal slaughter. By Alain Peretti, Doctor of veterinary medicine.

We always evoke the problems in the matter of suffering of the animal and the financial tax of Islam for the consumers. These problems are of course, real. There is another that concerns us all, and has the merit to be evoked. An essential question. The sanitary aspect, the security aspect, in fact, let’s remember that in halal slaughter, the animal is turned towards Mecca, bled without being stunned, a very large incision from the throat to the vertebrae sectioning all organs from the jugular and the carotid but also the trachea and the esophagus. This practice brings on anato-phisiological consequences.

These are as follows:

1. A regurgitation of the contents of the stomach through the esophagus which is anatomically beside the trachia

2. The animal continues to breath very hard from the agony that can last a quarter of an hour. Let’s remember that it inhales fecal matter, rich in germs of all sorts.

3. This matter that was inhaled all the way to the pulminary alveoli distributes the germs in the blood much more easily because the membrane there is very thin and the circulation, let’s remember, is always working during this period of agony and even accelerated by the stress at the level of essential organs.

4. Enormous risk of contamination in the depth of the meat is consequently there.

5. We observe also from the intense stress, two physiological phenomenon which conjugate the fall of all immune systems. And the concentration of blood in the essential organs, you can say that the animal retains its blood. This is a natural process of survival that brings on also a bleeding that is not as good. This is opposing the allegations of people doing this practice. There is in fact, a greater production of toxins.

6. The longer the agony finally brings on violent convulsions accompanied by defecation and urine, all of it splashing the whole slaughtering area.

We clearly see the consequences for the nutritional well being of the consumers. It is true that the European rules, CEE853-2004 in it’s annex chapter 4 titled, ‘hygiene of the slaughterhouse’ paragraph 7 line A says: “The trachea and the esophagus must remain intact during the bleeding (with a derogation for ritual slaughtering) the problem is according to recent estimates apron. 50% of the meat consumed is now halal.

Because even if Muslims are still minorities and do not consume certain pieces, we cannot leave the rest of the carcass. The industry finds it simpler and more profitable to have one line of slaughter so an entire beast will be consumed out of the halal market. They are nevertheless strangled according to this Oriental ritual.


We infringe the sacred idea of the precautionary principle to respect an exotic practice that is irrational, unsustainable on all plains. Based on a superstition from the middle-ages that is observed. In these conditions, the actual derogations to the European rules permitting ritual slaughter, are they acceptable? The multiplication of cases of toxic infections was predictable… and will touch mostly non-Muslims that are not conscious of the risks that are not controlled and of the culinary habits that makes consumers eat meat that is much more raw. (than Muslims eat meat)

The following video is very harsh. It is on how meat is slaughtered for Halal. The opening scene is modern methods. Then it cuts to halal slaughter. It is very hard to watch. Link (NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED)

The Joys Of Enforced Multicultural Enrichment said...

A playground row sparked a street battle between rival clans of Roma gypsies. About 20 men and youths fought with meat cleavers, cricket bats, golf clubs and sticks in the daytime fracas in Levenshulme.

Schoolchildren and shoppers looked on in horror as a man was stabbed in the neck before pulling the blade out and chasing after his attackers.

Carloads of reinforcements raced to the scene, with one vehicle driven into the thick of the crowd.

The violence erupted in Matthews Lane in July 2010, Manchester Crown Court heard.

The court was told that a minor incident sparked a long-simmering feud between the Tanase family and local rivals the Calin clan, gypsy families from Romania who have settled in south Manchester and sell the Big Issue.

Rally to the flag! said...

Join the state payroll, police or local/national government etc and play YOUR part in securing and expanding this 'enrichment'.

A Lesson in Thought Manipulation said...

A millionaire footballer tragically collapses during a game; wall to wall media coverage, fans crying and celebrities tweeting. On the same day a British soldier fighting in a pointless war gets both his legs blown off; one page news item on teletext.

SerpentSlayer said...

I thought footballers were supposed to be super fit?

Maybe the Premier league, especially rubbish clubs like Bolton, Wolves, Wigan etc. need to stop importing African players as if they were zoo animals.

We need to do more to raise home grown talent, you only need look at the 'England' squads performance in recent years compared to countries such as Brasil, Spain, Italy and Germany (Whose leagues have few foreign players)

For one I recommend more footballing facilities for all ages and sexes (more women in shorts and tight tops please!) Sport should be made a big priority, it keeps people healthy and busy.

Shun Celebrity Culture said...

The media coverage of this unfortunate event is totally over the top. I hope he gets well soon but I do detest the media when they create a false hysteria like this. He was a wealthy and fit young man who sadly had an unexpected heart attack. How can it be justified that his misfortune is getting wall to wall coverage. He was a footballer not a national icon or hero. By all means feel sympathy for the man and his family but try and objectively study the media manipulation at work. We have real heroes in the armed forces and nursing profession who suffer misfortune every day, but they barely get a mention.

Do your job or get another said...

Yes and we have some nurses who stand by while old people dehydrate or lie in their own filth. Why? Because they work for the state sector where there is virtually no accountability. How often do you hear about a nurse being sacked for gross incompetence? And yet there are numerous and growing numbers of reports of mistreatment and abuse of the elderly in NHS hospitals.
Soldiers whose standards dropped to one tenth of this level would be pulled up very short and held to account (as would BUPA nurses).

Wide load said...

BUPA wouldn't employ all those fat pigs. Have you seen the size of some of them.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

For Darrall Oates re
Build an overpass for M67/A57 traffic and improve Reddish Bridge lights. congestion sorted.
No chance of that assisting because it would not reduce traffic volumes,especially as three lanes are released onyo the A57 from the interchange travelling towards Manchester,this then becomes two lanes within .25 miles
then having passed Reddish Bridge on route to Manchester lo and behold everyone has to jockey into One Lane as you approach the overhead rail bridge.
How can anyone stop congestion occuring from the M67/M60/A57 interchange before the single lane
only route shortly after Reddish Bridge,dont forget you also enter into the equation traffic arriving from Reddish & Stockport travelling up to Reddish Bridge and joining the Manchester route as you compact everything into one lane under the rail bridge.
Answers as to possible solutions.

Paul Harris said...

The cycle lane at the narrowest point in question was introduced to increase congestion.
The 'reason' is that many people in positions of authority and responsibility are mentally unsound.

Goin' home said...

Is PC Mohammed learning about Christian awareness?

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

DONT WORRY ? its only a picture for the papers

Anonymous said...

They've already got one.
A man gets upset by poppies on a wall, and British flags.


Can some one tell me what ukip think about HALAL SLAUGHTER ?

2012 UKIP Candidate said...

I would prefer not to eat it if non-halal alternatives are available but I cant ask if its halal or not because the waiters might think I am racist. As a party we believe the state has no right of interference in minority ethnic religious matters. We say live and let live and if you dont like halal just avoid eating it.

green candidate said...

"ukip joke freak party"


Well i say we dont kill like that in the UK ? if you want Halal meat go live in a islamic country

2012 UKIP Candidate said...

But we will soon be an Islamic country. When I was in Hyde a couple of weeks ago to show solidarity with the local community who were under threat from the EDL and BNP we discussed the future and the iman at the mosque told me more people now worship on a regular basis at mosques than at churches. He said when Muslims rule the UK all faiths will be allowed to practice their faith freely. So despite not being a fan of halal we better get used to it because its here to stay.

Whatever you say master Muslim said...

UKIP's official party song is:
'Cluck cluck cluck cluck chicken,
Lay a little egg for me.'

Fly-Tipping In Ashton Under Lyne Tameside said...

Report On Fly-Tipping In Ashton Under Lyne Tameside

Neil Arnison said...

There's rubbish everywhere you go in the borough now.

-BNP man jailed for a year said...

The actions of a Gainsborough man were blasted by a judge as he was jailed for displaying posters in the front window of his flat.

Darren J Conway covered the window of his flat with posters, literature and photographs which attacked the Prophet Mohammed and the Muslim religion.

Among the slogans on show from his ground-floor window were ‘Jihad works both ways’, ‘no surrender’, ‘Muslims are the most hateful of them all’ and a letter confirming that he was a member of the BNP.

In Conway’s defence, the court heard how he had no history of racism and he was a carer for his ailing, elderly father who had suffered from multiple strokes.

When sentencing Conway, Hon Judge Heath slammed his behaviour.

“You put 17 offensive pieces and posters in the window of your ground-floor flat where they were there for all to see,” he said.

Judge Heath continued: “There is no place in a civilised society for conduct of that sort and the only sentence is an immediate custodial one.”

FECK YOUR DYING FATHER SAYS THE JUDGE, OFF TO JAIL FOR A YEAR FOR DISPLAYING UN-PC POSTERS IN YOUR WINDOW. The same judge gave a paedo convicted of creating 17,000 pornographic images of children a suspended sentence two weeks prior to the jailing of Mr Conway.

Does anyone still believe we live in a free country?

SerpentSlayer said...

It is a good sign, the system is coming to an end. It would not lash out so wildly were it not facing it's impending death.

It will notbe long before National Socialism lives again.

Anonymous said...

I certainly want multiculturalism
to thrive in the UK with English,
Scottish,Welsh,and Irish and that`s
enough for a small island.

take him away said...

That must be disturbing for West. If that bloke got a year long sentence for his first offence, how long will West get when convicted?

Anonymous said...

19/03/2012 12:03

Big difference in cases you should know that?
Sent down for having poppies on a wall a a few flags in the garden.

Longdendale Siege Comittee said...

Word is filtering through that the by-pass is getting funding through a new government/private sector initiative and the beginning of the end is in sight.

Anonymous said...

19/03/2012 12:03 posting about West

Remember that the court in the West case will be dealing with hearsay evidence. West also has a witness to the events on the day.
Convicting someone on such a lack of evidence, will not look good in the eyes of the public. Not to say, British Justice.

I'm not offended by flags of this nature, so why are people offended by my Country's flag? said...

I'm not offended by flags of this nature, so why are people offended by my Country's flag?

Bugger off said...

Degeneracy is now classed as 'normal'. Disagree with this institutionalised lunacy and you'll be criminalised.

If we stopped immigration and deported the illegals non of this would be neccessary said...

Mr Cameron said he was ready to ignore "furious objections" to make sure the country has better transport links and enough housing.

He admitted there would be “costs and protests” about the construction projects.

He has also faced fierce criticism over the Coalition's new planning reforms, which campaigners say will give developers a "licence to build" on unspoilt countryside.

However, the Prime Minister said short-term unpopularity was a price worth paying, as Britain so desperately needs new towns, motorways and airport capacity to stay competitive.

Changes to the planning system to encourage more development are expected to be unveiled this week in the face of opposition from groups such as the National Trust. the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and almost 40 Conservative MPs.

Anonymous said...

And what Cameron is saying is that to progress we need to ignore the hysteria that comes from people like Mr Hall. Yes the health of the nation is important but our life expectancy is improving as in Denton West, one of the best rates in Tameside. The country needs to improve it's infrastructure and build more homes. The likes of Mr Hall will be ignored


WHAT more homes for the immgrants ?

Anonymous said...

Anon said:
And what Cameron is saying is that to progress we need to ignore the hysteria that comes from people like Mr Hall. Yes the health of the nation is important but our life expectancy is improving as in Denton West, one of the best rates in Tameside.
I find the persistant infantile suggestions from another Anonymous
person not insulting but more expamples of "discredit the truth"from those who have serious
intentions to shut down democracy.
Whoever resorts to such childish
behaviour should
1 Announce themselves properly
2 Denote what organisations they
are involved with.
3 Explain where their unfounded
assertions originate from.
4.Validate where they gain their
information from.
5.Offer to support a Tameside
Public Forum citizens unhindered
democratic system.
6.Plus of course take a course of
how to resort to "having some
The only participation without having any agenda on TC is to show
the truth gained from an ability to research,dig out,clarify,and substantiate every word I state.
I refrain from just chattering on subjects important as they may well be,but I prefer to continue to find specific 100% proofs of how Tameside MBC is run and the tentacles it has throughout many administrating organisations where the barricades are built to stifle
the facts which lead to many parasites whose agenda is self
preservation with ego`s to expand their infiltration and hinder the democracy the public should have
as a "right"
Why on vital important issues do strings of Anonymous posters allow their inadequate findings to be
Please never doubt that the discovering truth about Tameside is my objective and therefore it lifts stones for many anonymous people who reside there.


J Hall supporter said...

Bravo Mr Hall, the faceless sideline snipers could never fave you head on. Keep up the good work.

1023 per sq mile said...

Anonymous 07:19, England is already one of the most densely poulated countries in the world and is, for example, 340% more populous than our nearest neighbour France.
This issue needs dealing with as a matter of urgency by methods like repatriation and no child benefit beyond the first two children. The problem of the aging population is a pinprick compared to what could happen when the birth rates of Muslims living in Britain really starts to kick in in a few years if something urgent isn't done.
England is already massively beyond its optimum population and this impinges upon its people more every day.

Anonymous said...

LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR said is Paul Hindley, and he is no freind of any nationalist.

Britain2050AD said...

Above link for one of the best articles yet on the islamisation of Britain on BNPIDEAS. Here's one particular stand-out quote....

"Samuel Huntingdon was not necessarily writing about Britain when he penned his prescient book, The Clash of Civilisations, but one particular theme he raised very much applies to my poor old country where he refers to the dying of civilisations and the lack of concern amongst their native people, due to what he terms the “Illusion of Permanency.”

No one in Britain expects tomorrow to be very different from today. No one really expects things to be particularly different this time next year, or the year after that. People find it inconceivable that the future could possibly be radically different to the recent past, but certain things have happened in Britain over the last 50 years that will make the next 50 years a period of total and utter transformation."

Unknown said...

Well isn't this what the people of Tameside continually vote for. What's the problem? I hope it gets lots worse. The locals need a wake up call. But sadly it'll take more than this. Saw a 'flock' of what looked like Mogadishun muslim tribeswomen in Duky today. Who's assisted them here I wonder, travel costs for halfway round the world? Bet the locals say 'Best neighbours I've ever had'. LOL

Anonymous said...

Unkown yet another account for the retard pest.