Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tameside Labour Councillor “wishes blindness” on a poorly 86 year old lady

Another councillor in Tameside has apologised after she wished ‘Margaret Thatcher would go blind’.

Ann Holland made the controversial remarks during a Tameside council meeting – where £22m cuts were agreed.

Attacking cuts to the NHS, she listed public figures, including David Cameron and Prince Philip,who had been treated by the health service.

Coun Holland, a Labour member for Droylsden West, told the meeting: “Where did Margaret Thatcher go for her eyes – I dearly wish she’d go blind but she went to the NHS.”

Baroness Thatcher, 86, underwent laser eye surgery while in office in 1983.

Council leader Coun Kieran Quinn said Coun Holland had apologised. Manchester Evening News

What is it with these Labour councillors? Many of them do appear to be genuinely nasty people. Baroness Thatcher may not be everyone’s cup of tea but what a truly horrible thing wish upon her. Tameside Citizen


Scum rulers said...

What a c**t. Typical Tameside Labour. They really are scum.

F**k off four eyes said...

Nasty bitch, how would Ann Holland like it if someone wished extreme ugliness on her...oh hang on.

Execution is the answer said...

Another day another Labour councillor jailed for the most heinous crimes of sexual abuse against children imaginable. The paedophile labour councillor who was jailed today had not only sexually assaulted a schoolgirl but he also had computer files containing sickening child torture hidden on his computer.

The Labour Party being acutely aware that a nationwide link is being established highlighting the epidemic of paedophilia within the Labour Party have gone to great lengths to hide the fact that this vile pervert was a recently re-elected Labour councillor. You wouldn’t think so looking at the council website because like a typical Labour run council with lots to hide they have blanked out his party affiliation. However a little deeper digging reveals he was re-elected as a Labour councillor last May. To make matters worse, guess what council scrutiny committee this paedophilic animal was appointed to? Yep, the Children and Young Persons Scrutiny Committee.

This should be national story on the front of every newspaper but because he is yet another Labour Party Paedophile you can guarantee it will never make the national news.

I really am coming to believe that within the Labour Party there is an organised paedophile ring. It cannot just be a case of the odd bad egg because there literally hundreds of convicted Labour Paedophiles - and they’re just the ones who have been caught! How many more children are being abused by these animals right now?

Aluman said...

Their all blind anyway ? Not one of them can see further than the nose on their face.

Anonymous said...

I am really beginning to think that the Labour Party is a criminl conspiracy.

race riot in Heywood happening now said...

Locals and far right activists have gone on the rampage attacking the take aways involved in the Rochdale grooming case, this could have grave consequences for the local community, Taxi drivers have also been attacked. We need anti fascists to travel to Heywood to decrease the racial tension in the area. 300 locals and right wingers have assembled, this could be the far rights biggest victory to date. police riot vans are in the area, but it appears that the far right have truimphed and are now more devious in organizing activities, and have pulled off a major suprise. It is possible that the far right deceived the police into policing the ajax game, when at the same time planned another event

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nikki Sinclaire: Fiddling expenses said...

ex-UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclair has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud the European Parliament for allegedly claiming road mileage but travelling on a much cheaper flight.

Janice Buckley said...

Roy West, I am new to this interesting blogsite but I do remember reading about you in the local paper. What do you mean when you say we see and hear this all the time at election counts?

shared interest said...

This is unreleated to the ongoing trial of the 47 alleged Muslim groomers in Liverpool. No wonder they all vote Labour.

A SIXTH man has been charged with child sex offences as part of an ongoing investigation into the sexual exploitation of a 14-year-old girl.

Mohammed Imran Amjad (25), of Halifax Road, Brierfield, was arrested on January 17th and charged with conspiracy to rape. He is due to appear at Burnley Magistrates’ Court on February 14th.

Amjad is the sixth man to be arrested and charged in connection with the investigation which is being carried out by detectives from the Freedom Team – a multi-agency unit to tackle Child Sexual Exploitation in Pennine Division.

Five other men are to appear at Burnley Crown Court on March 2nd.

Haroon Mahmood (21), of John Street, Brierfield; Mohammed Suleman Farooq (22), of Berry Street, Brierfield; Omar Mazafer (21), of Halifax Road, Brierfield; Mohammed Zeeshan Amjad (24), of Halifax Road, Brierfield and Shiraz Afzal (25), of Mansfield Crescent, Brierfield, are all charged with conspiracy to rape.

A seventh man, Waqas Khalid (18), of Halifax Road, Brierfield, is charged with witness intimidation. He appeared at Burnley Crown Court on Monday where he pleaded not guilty. He is to appear at Burnley Crown Court for trial on July 4th.

All charges relate to the same girl who was aged 14 at the time. Offences are alleged to have occurred between January 1st and September 30th 2010.

Ann's made it onto Liarsandbuggers said...

Ann's made it onto Liarsandbuggers

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
link said...

Send Liars, Buggers & Thieves details of the latest Labour paedo to be convicted. See link for details.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should remember there are elections coming up and get their mouths under control.

Time to get off the fence said...

'We need anti-fascists to travel to link up with anyone who wants to attack the local indigenous community who have outrageously decided to fight back against the Islamic grooming of local white girls. We in Searchlight/UAF hate the British people and will side with anyone, including foreign, paedophile racist gangs to further our traitorous ends.'

Aluman said...

Hyde tomoz ? should be a good day

conservative estimate using current stats said...

2013 - 3 million Muslims in the UK.
2018 - 4 million Muslims in the UK.
2021 - 5 million Muslims in the UK.
2024 - 6 million Muslims in the UK.
2026 - 7 million Muslims in the UK.
2029 - 8 million Muslims in the UK.
2031 - 9 million Muslims in the UK.
2032 - 10 million Muslims in the UK
2039 - The Muslim population will be increasing by 1 million per annum at this point.
2043 - 20 million Muslims in the UK.
2050 - 30 million Muslims in the UK.
2051 - The Muslim population will be increasing by 2 million per annum at this point.
2054 - 40 million Muslims in the UK.
2057 -The Muslim population will be increasing by 3 million per annum at this point.
2058 - 50 million Muslims in the UK.
2060 - 60 million Muslims in the UK.
2061 - The Muslim population will be increasing by 4 million per annum at this point.
2063 - 70 million Muslims in the UK.
2065 - 80 million Muslims in the UK. (Muslim population will be increasing by 5 million per annum at this point)
2067 - 90 million Muslims in the UK. (Muslim population will be increasing by 6 million per annum at this point)
2069 - 100 million Muslims in the UK.
2070 - The Muslim population will be increasing by 7 million per annum at this point.

Jake said...

Yes, tomorrow in Hyde will be a day to remember. See you there.

Statto said...

...and who could possibly find fault with that fine statistical analysis and projection?

***runs around in small circles frantically screaming "the Muzzies are coming!"***

...hold on, whilst you were looking into the crystal ball of doom, did you see anyone else I should be scared of? I dunno, maybe Scientologists, Sikhs, the WeeFree, Aum, Big Pharma, the Juwes, Cybermen?

Get a move on Evolution, we seem to be in reverse!

SerpentSlayer said...

Islam is a religion based off of the worship of a man who proclaimed that he was speaking on behalf of 'god' who wanted to interpret the Christian and Jewish texts and encouraged his followers to kill people who do not believe him.

That is evolution?

I suggest a visit toe to read Varg's articles on European paganism, a religion that works hand in hand with science and encourages knowledge, as opposed to the abrahamic religions that love ignorance.

not welcome in Hyde said...

EDL been told they cant march in Hyde they can gather on some scrub land and make their protest, cops will herd them into the land and they can make their noises and piss all over the place because most of them will be full of ale.
Been told the BNP will be attending somewhere in Hyde but who gives a shit about them, now an insignificant bunch of wankers leaderless and clueless playing second fiddle to the EDL.

Statto said...

I remember Varg when he used to edit 2000AD, borag thunng Earthlets!

Please don't project support for ANY religion onto me, thank you. I believe that human progress has been held back by religion of all kinds for too long. Look at America, they once put a man on the moon (allegedly, eh?) and now look at them; extremism of any flavour is the refuge of the backward.

Mark Burton (Labour) said...

Dirty Labour Scum!

Aluman said...

The cops will be busy to moz ? man city paying as well

Anonymous said...

Wise words Aluman, Man City are the only ones with the cash to pay for the inevitable aftermath of the travelling circus!

War said...

Statto, according to the last government's official figures, between 2004 and 2008 the Islamic population of Britain increased ten times faster than any other group. But you're probably too busy being whimsical to have an opinion on such trivia.

Traitors Gate said...

Searchlight/UAF work with Muslim agitators to undermine our country.

SerpentSlayer said...

Statto, I can project whatever I bloody well like, you can ignore it if you want to.

The ancient Greeks were deeply religious as were the Romans, the Egyptians and the Sumerians, were they held back by it?

Decline only set in in Rome when the masses were converted into mewling Christians, before that antiquity was a time of cultural splender and wonderful technological achievements.

Their understanding of the natural world was tied in by religion and emended by new information and experiences. Paganism is a religion of science, and understanding, it does not deny science, it only seeks to understand it and to fill in its gaps the way it best can. it always has done.

Conflict said...

Don't waste your time SS, he's just a prick who thinks everything's a subject for whimsy.

Anonymous said...

The speccy moose has got some front to call anyone. What a horror!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, the dullard is rattled again!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll delete this comment like the last one I posted.

But you are turning this site into a Daily Mail loving right wing Tory nut site.

As for Maggie T.I'm sure I wont shed any tears when she snuffs it.
The only people I would feel sorry for is her family.

Tameside Citizen said...

The only comments which normally get deleted contain gratuitous foul language, libellous statements or hints of illegality. I do not recall deleting any comments for any of those reasons recently. When did your comment get deleted and what was it regarding?

I am no lover of Margaret Thatcher either, but the comments by Ann Holland were disgusting and she deserves to be exposed for making such comments.

Scorched earth policy said...

Anonymous 13:27, you're right we need self seeking spivs like Blair as PM, or spendaholic misanthropes like Gordon Brown who spent the country to the brink of oblivion.
Still at least there's the union's stooge, Red Ed Miliband to inherit the 'legacy'.

Anonymous said...

old labour scumbag