Friday, 3 February 2012

One buzzard disappears and two arrive

Strange goings on in Buzzard Woods. The new buzzard which recently appeared at this location has not be seen for five days. The branch where it usually sits waiting for me to bring food has been vacant and the food I have left has been untouched until the nocturnal visitors, i.e. the fox and badgers arrive, that was until today. I put out some meat this morning and to my surprise not one but two buzzards arrived and started eating and squabbling over the food.

I am 99% sure that the buzzard with the head which seems to be able to rotate 180 degrees is the buzzard which used to visit this spot up until mid-July last year. It then vanished without a trace and there was hardly any buzzard activity at this spot until the immaculate and brightly coloured youngster arrived in early January this year.

My theory is: The young brightly coloured buzzard which appeared in January was the chick of the two captured squabbling in the video above. I think they may have allowed the youngster to have their nest which is located close by and they moved on to pastures new, but now they have returned and they have driven the youngster out of what they still consider to be their territory.

I am not a seasoned bird spotter, just an all round nature lover with an interest in urban dwelling buzzards. Would any bird spotters who may stumble upon this article say my theory is plausible or am I completely wrong?


Tameside Citizen said...

Any petty bickering regarding fringe political parties or between members of such groups is not welcome here and any such nauseatingly boring posts will be deleted without further notice or explanation.

Buzzard Liberation Party. said...

Eagles are crap.

Eagle Democrats said...

Buzzards suck.

Anonymous said...

Are TC contributors watching the daily serious rhetoric originating from Israel across the Globe.The
"Drudge Report" is a good start based on my regular trawling.
Its now seriously hotting up with Israel stirring the crap big time with comments such as Iran can now strike at the UK,as well as America.
We need to start "right now" reports Israel taking Iran on with military action.
Obama should be assassinated if he
continues to halt an attack,(that was a Jewish Newspaper)
Also gaining momentum are the reports that the CIA and Israel have been and are increasingly hell bent on covert ensuring instability
in the Middle East so that Countries become sold on the idea of attacking Iran.
Now the Taliban has secured its objective in that they will become a major player in the Afghan Administration within 2 years,its time the World and Tamesiders began
recognising the New World Order with Israel dominating the saga whilst creating increased financial influence.
The UK Education Secretary of Sate Gove has just awarded £2 million to the Jewish discriminatory Education
system to "improve security for Jewish Children".
What about all the other faiths in the UK don`t kids there need safety.
Here we go again its time for the annual Jewish method of penetrating the brains of non Jewish children with the Holocaust information churned out in Schools in Tameside.
I deplore what Hitler carried out,but why don`t we have an annual brain washing lesson in the British invasions of lands to create the British Empire which still exists.

It was all foretold in The Protocols said...

Good point and don't forget the Holocaust propaganda that is constantly fed to our children at school. This is part of the Zionist plan of global domination. The logic goes like this; you oppose Zionist attrocities around the world, therefore that makes you an 'anti-semite' and by being an anti-semite you are somehow responsible for the Holocaust. They have it all worked out and they know most Western people are so stupid they fall for these smoke and mirrors tricks every time.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE The Armenian genocide, the first instance of “ethnic cleansing” in the 20th century, was conceived and carried out by Ottoman Turks in 1915 who attempted to eradicate the empire’s Armenian population. The genocide fell short of its goal. Some 1.5 million Armenians were killed, 500,000 were uprooted from homes and properties they had occupied for more than two millennia, and deported.

The genocide is a historical fact rigorously documented—except in Turkey, where it is documented in the country’s archives but officially denied in its histories and politicians’ public declarations. There, official Turkish policy since 1923 has been not only to deny that a genocide ever took place, but to punish those who claim that it did. Those who make the claim of genocide in Turkey may be prosecuted under Turkish law for “insulting Turkish identity.”

Nevertheless, the definition of the Armenian Holocaust as a genocide has posed a problem for recent American presidential administrations. Ronald Reagan in 1981 and Sen. Bob Dole in 1990 did not equivocate, calling the genocide by its name. But presidents since – the first George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush—have refused officially to call the genocide as such except while campaigning for president. Once elected, they dropped the word from official diplomacy out of fear of alienating Turkey, a staunch (if temperamental) ally and a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. END QUOTE

Imagine the outrage if Germany were to enact laws that prosecuted anyone who so much as hinted at the possibility of German excesses in WW2. The German people would be ostracised internationally and universally denounced for refusing to recognise their evil past. But islamic Turkey remains flavour of the month with the likes Cameron and co who are as eager as ever to bestow 'european' status to a nation of 70 million muslims.

Audenshaw high went all-out recently to mark 'holocaust memorial day', with more than a helping hand from the Holocaust Memorial Trust. The holocaust was a terrible crime, as were the dropping of nuclear bombs on civilian cities, and the last several decades of the persecution of the Palestinians by the racial supremacist state of Israel. Then there is the fact that militant leftism was responsible for the slaughter of far more people than any other politically motivated campaign in the 20th century.

The reason why the holocaust is singled out in Tameside schools has nothing to do with numbers. The real reason is that the holocaust (like slavery) is a stick that the left can use against any white man or woman who does not welcome the liberal one world one people agenda.

Enola Gay said...

Good point but the atomic bombs used against Nagasaki and Hiroshima stopped the war in its tracks when the Japanese had no intention of surrendering.
The bulk of the Japanese army still existed on the sacred homeland and they and tens of millions of civilians would have fought on, with the verminous Emperor and his cronies encouraging them in the hope of a deal with the US.
The Americans had only just suffered 65,000 casualties in the invasion of one small island, Okinawa, and President Truman and the US armed forces commanders knew that many hundreds of thousands more GIs would have been killed in the invasion of the Japanese mainland. Hence the correct decision to destroy one, or two if necessary, major Japanese cities. It worked.

we're all Palestinians now said...

The certain members of the local political establishment are up to their necks in promoting Holocaust propaganda as a way of silencing opposition to their support for a Greater Israel.

Double headed evil said...

Don't forget, we've got to deal with the 'farmers' who sowed the seeds of mass Third World immigration AND the burgeoning inner city crops we see all around us.

Anonymous said...

@enola gay

The percieved rights and wrongs of hiroshima/nagasaki are one thing. But the fact will always remain that when your own side deliberately and indiscriminately slaughters hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children (for whatever reason), you really shouldn't spend so much time and energy (decade after decade) obsessing over the crimes of the other side. That's the underlying point.

Dresden was another case in point, a necessary evil perhaps but an evil nontheless. It was a dirty war, and that some may have had cleaner hands than others is no reason to still be finger pointing at the Germans some 70 years on. Perhaps the Germans should start annual rememberances for the victims of the Irish famine, the Brtish concentration camps in the Boer war or the atrocities against the American Indians. Give up the ghost I say.

The reason the holocaust has (recently!) assumed a particulary special place in the nation's psyche is because the liberal-left establishment regards it (and the trans Atlantic slave trade) as a convenient means to an end. That end is to emotionally and ideologically cattle-prod us all in the direction of accepting their recent (and on-going) fundamental transformation of our country. Don't be brainwashed people !

Freedom for Palestine said...

Zionism and the Holocaust Card

BBC Local News said...

Black and Asian communities in Greater Manchester are being urged to sign up for the organ register to combat a shortage of donors.

About 26% of people in the area needing transplants are black or Asian.

Only 2% of people from the two communities are on the national Organ Donation Register.

Jane Monks, an organ donation nurse, said a transplant is "much more likely to be successful" between donors and recipients of the same ethnic origin.

She said: "It is vital that more black and Asian people join the NHS Organ Donor Register.

"The message is quite simple, more black and Asian patients will have the opportunity to receive a life-saving transplant if more people from those communities join the register."

You can learn a lot through statistics which slip beneath the establishment brainwash radar. According to this report over one quarter of people in Greater Manchester awaiting organ transplants are from minority communities. Does this mean minority communities now make up aver a quarter of the total population? I think you will find it does but politicians and the Establishment will do all in their power to keep the demographic holocaust figures under wraps until it is too late for the indigenous to save their birth right and pass on a first world country to future generations.

We are being literally displaced and earmarked for minority status in our homeland and very few people even care.

First Buses Reprimanded said...

Rip-off First are in a spot of bother over the punctuality of their buses in Greater Manchester. This is hardly news to anyone who knows how it feels to wait for a bus and three come at once. And here's the punchline....

"Bus firms must ensure that 95 per cent of their services are no more than one minute early or five minutes late."

That is just laughable. For years and years many bus services around Tameside have been deplorable, esp. Stagecoach.

First are an absolute rip off. It now costs me £2 for a 5 minute journey out of Hyde bus station. It's cheaper to go to Manchester and back by train than by bus.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese horror camps tortured
many British.Australian and others
and read the vile methods of torture
carried out.
How many buy Japanese Cars/Goods etc ??? is that not a betrayal of those killed in these camps.
No-one anywhere bombards its children through School Visits and Trips to the German Camps etc.
How many Jewish people buy Japanese Goods.
Somehow this depicts the persistant brainwashing agenda carried out year in year out by Israel and its vitriolic supporters.
Lets have an annual day for the British soldiers killed by the Jewish fanatics in Palestine in the 1940`s.

Race matters said...

I'd never go on the organ donors list as I don't want the would be colonisers of my country to have my organs if I'm dead. They're getting more than enough help with the ongoing bloodless genocide of Britain, from the British government and its international paymasters.

Toothless tigress said...

Insiders know that FirstBus' priority is the share price. Vehicles, staff and passengers come a distant last. Look at the shit they put on the road and all the services they drop.
It's the local transport authority who have ALLOWED them to get away with being this bad for a long time.

SerpentSlayer said...

Nationalisation of public transport is the only way forward. We will be the shareholders, we will judge if they are fulfilling their duty.

I have to get buses all the time and they are consistently late, or in many cases early (never when you are at the stop, sod's law intit)

I was charged 3.80 to get a first bus one way to Oldhamistan from less than 20 minutes away in Ashton-under-sharia to see a prosecution lawyer playing poker with a bad hand.

Anyway I have to get ready, i''m off to pay the shareholders and arrive late at where I want to get to.

Moshe Pitt said...

Nationalisation as the way forward?

Y'mean you can't trust private companies to be more into making a profit than providing any sort of service that actual human beings depend on?

It's a good job our priveleged Oxbridge educated overlords of all political persuasions have not got the same in store for anything REALLY useful, like education or the NHS, isn't it?

Mixed economy said...

Moshe Pitt, if you're talking about the NHS it's more like bottomless pit. Like virtually all state run industries it's a monument to inefficiency, waste and lack of accountability.

Tameside Deathhouse said...

Hospital managers where MRSA etc outbreaks have been allowed to get out of control through management failure should get ten years in prison for every person proven to have died as a result. If this was law I guarantee hospital cleanliness would improve out of sight immediately.

Emma West Returns said...

Well not quite, but another video has emerged on youtube showing a white English woman hurling 'racist' abuse at non-white passengers on a London underground train. That is fourth of its kind to come to prominence, and police are (once again!) promptly investigating this very serious incident.

Now I'm not necessarily condoning such actions and behaviour, especially when children are present. Though in defence of Emma West, I would argue that (like many Britons) she was probably extremely angry at what our governments have done to our cities and our nation, and felt very depressed at no longer recognising the place she once called home. As such, her particular case should have amounted to nothing more than a minor public order offence warranting nothing more than caution.

To illustrate the utter lunacy of our new 'hate speech' laws... if a slim black man hurls abuse at a disfigured white man because of his face, and the white man retaliates with abuse back about the black man's skin colour, the white guy is arrested and prosecuted and the black man let off scott free.

The other week a man utd fan was put in front of a court for allegedly hurling racist abuse at a player, the story reported in all the mainstream press and treated with all the seriousness it deserves. Then there was John Terry, Sebb Blatter, Suarez... you have to wonder who the next martyr will be who falls foul of New Labour's legacy on the statute books.

Racist Attack in Hyde said...

Meanwhile, police are investigating a savage (and truly serious!) racist attack on a 17 year old youth in Hyde. He may now lose the sight in one of his eyes. (Warning: link to MEN article contains graphic image of the boy's badly beaten face). Though no racist comments were actually made, police are still treating it as a hate crime.

Could I also take this opportunity to request that councillor John Taylor feature this local case of violent race hate on his blog. As someone who has capaigned tirelessly against racism, I would fully expect him to waste no time in vociferously denouncing this particularly vile case of anti-white violence.

One Eyed Jacks said...

Taylor lives in the class war 70s like the rest of old Labour. Mass immigration never happened.

SerpentSlayer said...

Anti-Racism is Anti-White. It will be used to hammer us relentlessly into accepting our colonisation and our demographic decline.

Our only hope is that from the remnants of our race, a bold hero arrives to lead us to our salvation.
Unfortunately, such men are rare. I have faith though that our last weapon of self defence is being sharpened as I type.

When the Danes were threatened by the reptilian Grendel and it's mother, Beowulf, the son of an exiled warrior surfaced to slay them both and perform great deeds.

Indeed history is littered with great Aryan heroes who managed amzing feats of courage and determination against the hostile forces at work on this middle earth.

Not long ago the Germans found themselves beset by hostile forces from within and without, the son of a clerk, Adolf Hitler rose victorious from the streets of Vienna to spare their existence but for a few more decades, perhaps buying time for the next hero of our blood to secure our existence on this planet.

Whatever we were created for, soon will come the day of judgement. We shall live or we shall perish.

Expose the lies used to justify our slow death. The can seem at the moment as though we are bound to inaction, but short are those days. Prepare for the end, it comes surely and will not be noticed at first but by the vigilent and those who straddle more than just this world.

White dog poo, flares and Spangles said...

You could be onto something there, cyclops...

Didn't that other intellectual powerhouse, Michael Gove use the old 70's favourite, 'Trot' to describe some people who failed to agree with his privatised vision of the future for the nation's children?

In fact, with the recent gung- ho talk of the Falklands again, perhaps 'retro' is the new force in national politics.

If it worked once before, maybe Britons are just stupid enough to fall for it again?

One eyed Jacks said...

Maybe, because they were certainly stupid enough to vote Labour in three times and look where that led.
As for Mr Gove's 'shocking' comment that the teaching profession is filled with lefties - it is.

All the same... said...

Don't think he was referring to the teaching profession...

Have you seen the photo of Mr. Gove on the NUJ picket line back when his own job at the time was under threat?

Yesterday's Lefties are today's Tory ministers.

One Eyed Jacks said...

Some of the teachers at Downhill Primary, the school he was referring to when he made the Trot remark, are part of the campaign to stop it being turned into an academy.
As for his former NUJ activities and his views now, it's called growing up.
Anyone trying to undo the near ruination and mass dumbing down of thirteen years of Labour education policy should have the support of everyone who wants the best quality education for British children.

Slopeheads UK said...

Mass immigration, poor parenting and a chronically substandard education that totally failed to prepare them for the outside world, are the main reasons for high unemployment amongst the young.

SerpentSlayer said...

Teachers are a bunch of lefties, they are the exact reason that I hold my political views.

It only takes a few slips in their false ideology before you realise that they are lying to you about some of the most important people and events in history.
Reading an article about David Irving not long after being told that there were far worse genocides in the twentieth century than the one we had spent nearly a year learning about and been subjected to in countless tv shows and films for most of our lives was the final tipping point.

Anonymous said...

I was at Hyde Technology School in the early 90s and it was full of reds. Given the ethnic make-up of many of its pupils you might say that was rather appropriate. Teachers are supposed to keep politics out of the classroom, but one or two there were quite brazen in abusing their position to bend the minds of children. Typically it would take the form of anti conservative remarks, other times it was more ideological. I remember one guy who looked like some 60s hangover you might have seen on the Open University condemn outright any and all forms of patriotism.

I've recently been attending a night course at Tameside Tech and the walls are plastered with leftist propaganda ("we are one race" etc etc...). There have been 13 years of New Labour since I was at secondary school, and I cannot imagine what school kids are now having shoved down their throats.

I Spit On Your Grave said...

The leftist mantra that many people in positions of power and responsibility now promote was spoon-fed to them in universities that had been taken over in the 60s by Marxist internationalists. In many cases the deliberate spread of drug use weakened the brains of students and made leftist ideology easier to implant and digest.

EDL Coming to Hyde said...

In the wake of the racist attack in Hyde, the EDL are to march in the town on sat.25th feb.

SerpentSlayer said...

Best of luck to the EDL, though I can't support their support of Zionism.

I'ts good of them to help expose what would otherwise go scarcely reported. I believe my niece knew him and it's sick that such a thing can go ignored by the press when every verbal 'racist' insult to a non-white is treated as if it were a shocking and heinous crime.

Unwanted Ultras said...

Scarcely reported?

The poor lad's face has been all over the news, both TV and print. I hope the scum responsible are caught and dealt with soon.

However, the last thing this area needs is EDL involvement. They are as bad as those 'Socialist Worker' bandwagon jumpers, highjacking any event for their own ends (which seem to be kicking off either with the police, each other or that other bunch of jokers the UAF). I suppose you should not expect much else from hoolies though, it is after all their chosen pastime!

If they do show up, how much of a bill will the taxpayers end up with for the extra police and damage etc from all 'sides'?

Not needed, not wanted.

Ooh, no violence! Give the country away instead said...

The difference of course is that the EDL (however 'direct' their methods) want to stop the increasing Islamification of OUR country, whereas the UAF want to destroy the very idea of British national identity.
Just a small point to fencesitters like yourself I know.

SerpentSlayer said...

I haven't seen it reported bar online, maybe I should take more notice when reading the paper. The Racial element wasn't mentioned when I read it.

The other way round the nature of the attack would be in the headline.

Unwanted Ultras said...

No 'fencesitting' from here, I think a demonstration by any of the groups alleged to be coming to Hyde or indeed any of their opposing numbers would not be of any benefit to the local area.

Just suppose they actually managed to get at any Asians this time (as opposed to shouting from behind police cordons, before being bussed away at public expense).

Would another fight really 'send a message' or make a difference in any way? Or is it more likely to galvanise yet another group of angry young men who will want their revenge after the great White saviours have gone home?

Better a bang than a whimper said...

Whatever their respective methods they are opposites. One group wants to preserve Britain, the other destroy it.
Your philosophy seems to be, sit on the fence, hope for no trouble and whatever happens don't provoke the would be destroyers.
As Churchill said, 'An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.'

Anonymous said...


Unwanted Ultras said...

Please provide any evidence of 'appeasement' in anything I have actually posted, rather than from your own imagination.

Or was it just an excuse to shoehorn the irrelevant Churchill quote in once more?

If you really think that some form of violent demonstration will help matters, will you actually be taking part yourself, and if so, what form will your own involvement take?

Defence is no crime said...

Evidence of your appeasement: 'Or is it more likely to galvanise another group of angry young men who will want their revenge.' In other words don't demonstrate against the increasing Islamification, violent anti-white racist attacks, and destruction of Britain for one 'reason' - it might make trouble and cause unpleasantness, classic appeasement.
Provide any evidence of my thinking that 'some form of violent demonstration will help matters'. Violence should be avoided when possible but that avoidance should not be put on a pedestal as the unarguable and supreme goal in ALL circumstances. If the EDL turn up and are allowed to march peacefully without the provocative counter demonstrations of Muslims and their UAF friends there will almost certainly BE no trouble.
The EDL aren't perfect and do attract some trouble seeking elements but at least they're prepared to do something about the ongoing destruction and Islamification of Britain.
I don't know if there'll be a fight or whether 'another fight' would make a difference or not, but at least a march would show some people actually care about the survival of our nation, as opposed to the chronic, endemic apathy and desperation to 'avoid trouble' at all costs currently in vogue. In all events it's better than doing nothing. Only a pro- multiculturalist or fencesitter would treat these two sides as equivalents, I'm not one.
My involvement or lack of it is none of your business.