Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dukinfield IT expert turned down for 1,500 jobs

A computer expert says he fears he is on the scrapheap at 21 – after being turned down for more than 1,500 jobs.

Daniel Smith sailed through a college IT course and started looking for work – applying for an average of two jobs a day. After hitting a brick wall, he quickly widened his search to other jobs – but the rejections continued to pour in.

More than two years later, Daniel has been knocked back for posts in everything from cleaning and catering to shop work. He said: "I feel that I’m stuck in a hole with nowhere to go but deeper in the hole."

The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in Greater Manchester hit 82,000 in December, up by 10,900, or 15.3 per cent, over the past year. The jobless total included 26,000 out-of-work young people, aged 16 to 24 – up 4,800 in a year.

Nationally, the number of unemployed 16 to 24-year-olds hit 1.04m in December, the highest since records began in 1992.

The full article can be read on the website of the Manchester Evening News

I know a young man in a very similar position to Daniel Smith. Young, highly qualified and unable to get any meaningful paid employment. This country is in a total mess and why oh why are we still allowing record numbers of immigrants to permanently settle in the UK?

At one time we were told we needed immigrants to “do the jobs we were too lazy to do” but now it seems there are far too few jobs to go around so the immigrant arrivals will either be competing in the already oversubscribed jobs market or if they are unable to find a job they will be claiming benefits. Which ever way you look at it, it’s bad for Britain but sadly the issue will not be tackled because people are petrified of being branded racist, despite immigration not being exclusive to any particular race. Total madness! Tameside Citizen


The Madness of King Dave said...

Well said. As for bringing more people like Somalians in with their 90% unemployment rate, double madness. Poles have a 90% EMPLOYMENT rate, the diametric opposite.
Regardless of race, bringing people in from countries and cultures with a total inability to integrate or virtually no likelihood of finding employment is literally madness.

Aluman said...

So lets see if i have this right ?
You do a college course and your a expert at the grand old age of 21 ? KO This is what has gone rong in the UK its now full of girly men ? GO be a man and do some mans work

Worth a go? said...

There was a flyer in Ashton library asking for people with IT skills to help older folk access computers and the like. Voluntary, and not exactly high end work.

However, it looks better than nothing on a CV and could help someone in a similar position get on with a temp agency in a more relevant area, where they can demonstrate what they are really capable of.

Not a perfect plan, but in order to impresss anyone with your IT ninja skills, you must surely be in a better position if you are out there actually doing something in a more IT related area than the wooden canal boat shop?

Aluman said...

every ones a it expert in the uk these days and thats why the UKs fucked . get some work done you useless cuns ? take your computers off you lot these days and your fucked ask you to change a plug and you get a panic attack can none of you lot weld build engines and gear boxes make proper windows and doors by hand fit kitchens and bathrooms can you put up 200ft steel chimneys can you line furnesses can you diecase metal,i guess not well i can do all this and much much more and you IT people think your intellegent and this is why the countrys fucked. I am 44 and you will never have an ounce of a real education like i have, like my dad had and like my grandad had and if i might say most people in them days because you have been dumb down by the left wing astablishment in it a good job that us thickos have got the brains to be able to build all the componants that make your computer and all the wires that run it anyway you lot stress my napper out because you so thick.

Cj said...

People with your type of skills will always be needed Aluman, but so will the people who can design plan and ultimately provide the jobs for you to do in the first place.

Don't knock the lad just for learning different things than you did - the country will always need the geeks as well as the muscle.

Aluman said...

i dont agree atall ? The 21 year old expert . and when the shit hits the fan in the UK how will he be then ? IT thickos

Mixed economy said...

Aluman, you make some good points but it's obvious you've got a chip the size of Gibraltar on your shoulder.

SerpentSlayer said...

I sympathise entirely, though I lost the enthusiasm to apply for countless jobs only months after college. I now do the minimum the "job" centre ask for and nothing more.

I will start a degree later this year, but I do not intend to stay in Blighty long after it's completed. I will most likely join a foreign military if nothing keeps me here.

There is nothing for British people here at the moment. The people need the rug taken from under them before they will do owt.

Still there's work to do... said...

I believe there are quite a lot of vacancies for lorry drivers. He should get some money together from friends or relatives and put himself through the test. Better than sitting on your arse. I know several lorry drivers from their 40s to 60s and none of them has ever been unemployed in decades of work.

Aluman said...

Ha Ha HA he dont wont to do reel work

thank the almighty for immigrants said...

The contribution made to this country by immigrants cannot be guaged by simple ecenomic factors. Immigrants have a high birth rate and are helping create the Britons of the future. In centuries to come people will realise that it was the immigrants who kept Britain alive when the native Brits stopped producing enough children to populate the land.

Reimer said...

Aluman - rather intemperate of you but I wish I'd had the guidance to enter something like Engineering when I was young enough to get in the door.

In other news, an old friend of Tameside bloggers has caught the eye of Guido Fawkes's blog -

Tameside Citizen said...

Aluman, you misunderstand how useful IT experts are to the UK economy. Do you think a Type 45 frigate would have been possible without IT experts? I think not!

Manufacturing is crucial for our future if we are to survive as a first world nation. The biggest crime of the Thatcher government was the de-industrialisation of Britain which saw millions of first class engineers demoted to the scrapheap.

If anyone thinks the de-industrialisation of Britain was a good thing think again. It was good for the extremely wealthy who benefited massively from the asset stripping of our former manufacturing giants. They made fortunes on exporting our industries overseas and then selling the land of industrial complexes as brown field sites. The people who suffered were the workers and the economy as a whole.

The lie that Britain could not compete in manufacturing with developing nations is just that - a lie. Look at Germany, the worlds number two when it comes to the export of manufactured goods. They are a first world country and in a different league to poor old downtrodden Britain. Their advantage over us is that may still manufacturer as a nation whereas we on the whole rely on services to create wealth.

Aluman, by all means contribute to sensible debate but any more swearing and I will delete your comments without further explanation.

Mr. Chatterbox said...

Such ignorance of economics is astounding. But what would you expect from people who are so colour blind they can`t see what's blindingly obvious to many people. It`s not immigrants that cause unemployment - the USA and Australia are bulit on it - it's the capitalist market system. Unemployment is rising in the UK because consumer demand is falling due to uncertainly about jobs, tax increases (VAT), falling real wages and spiralling energy prices. In addition, the CONDEM government have no strategy for growth. Their policy is all 'goal keeper and no striker'. There was mass unmployment in Britain during the 1930s and hardly any blacks or asians. How do you explain this?

Aluman said...

TC dont talk crap ? these nowt you can do on a computer that cant be done on paper ? a computer is just a cauculator and every move you make on it represents a number . So how did we design all the plane, tanks, bombs, guns, bullets, that we,ve congered 3quarters of the world with ? the conbustion engines, trains, railways, and in fact everything in the entire world ? it was the brain that did all this not no IT expert and your computer was designed by mathermations not IT experts and thats where this country as gone wrong, its full of girly thick so called MEN.

Mine eyes! said...


The stupid, it burns!!!

In the 'good old days', was there no difference in skills between draughtsman and boilermaker? Between Barnes- Wallace and the chap who pumped up the tyres on the bombers?

Not better, not worse, just different...

Anonymous said...

Aluman calling people thick.

Jobs or benefits said...

What's the betting Mr Chatterbox has never had a real job and takes his living from the public purse? Probably a politician on the gravytrain or a public sector layabout.

El Lefto should read this article but it will not changed his blinkered opnion.

ukip said...

There is no doubt that unemployment is a terrible thing for the victim and also their families,.It destroys confidence and self esteem.
It is also a great blight on the country, as we have a welfare system that requires taxpayers to pay to support others, meaning they have less left in their wage packet. It also harms industry because when the economy does pick up, many of the unemployed no longer have the up to date skills or motivation that employers will need.
Mass immigration is not the only reason for the large amount of unemployment, But I would say it is probably the largest reason for it.
We must stop mass immigration now, and remove many of the foreigners who should not be here. This is not based upon race but purely common sense.

Anonymous said...

Removing foreigners?

Paul Brennan said...

Mr Chatterbox, such ignorance of the effects of mass immigration on unmenployment amongst native Britons is astounding.
One in five under 24s unemployed and the latest government inquiry proved the 'bleeding obvious', at least one third of those people would be in employment but their jobs were taken by imported, cheap foreign labour. The same reason wages have been chronically suppressed and 'capitalist' employers have got a stronger whip hand than they could have ever dreamed. This mass importation was introduced under New Labour (the party founded to protect the interests of the British working class, what a f***ing laugh) 2000 - 2008 and the coalition has done next to nothing about it.
As for Australia they have strict criteria for entry and don't actively seek to import the dregs of the world. Do you think they'd let in, and keep letting in, massive numbers of Somalians with their 90% unemployment rate?
Every immigrant arriving from the Indian subcontinent brings in 22 dependents on average, many of whom will be elderly, illiterate, unemployabe etc. Once here they can all claim everything going, ponce off the NHS etc etc despite having contributed precisely nothingm, so much for thanking the Almighty for immigrants.

ukip said...

Yes foreigners, People who are not British and have no permanent rights of residence and are also not covered by asylum rules or work permits.

Aluman said...

Mine eyes ? I can tell you have no skills to speaker off ? come no tell me what you can do ? are you trying to tell me that the engine was invented by a draughtsman ha ha ha the engineers designed everything when they need drawings they did their own as i do the draughtsman was the start of jobs for the boys same as your IT crowd and the likes.

Chavsterminate! said...

You're better off on the dole than the minimum wage. Until that changes, the chavs will continue to lounge on benefits.
A lot of them ensure they've got a kid or three as this entitles them to more benefits, reduces pressure to get work, 'I'm raising a kiddee', and gives them a convenient excuse.
The vast majority of these children will turn out like their parents, lazy troublemakers and criminals who exist only to leach off the responsible and inflict themselves on society. It would be a lot better if they were never born in the first place. That also goes for several million existing adults.