Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tameside FM explicit lyrics outrage

I know some people who contribute to discussion on this blog site have little time for Tameside Radio due its close connection with and occasional promotion of the ruling political regime within the borough. However, as commercial radio stations go I think it is good and I often listen to it as I find it has a good variety of music and features to cater for all tastes.

Bearing this in mind I tuned into Tameside FM just after 7pm on the evening of Friday 13th 2012 and I genuinely could not believe what I was hearing. Talk of sticking forks in peoples faces, glorification of Manchester as a ‘gun capital’ talk of shattering ligaments in jaws and suggestions of taking people onto the moors with torture or murder in mind.

This was just after 7pm in the evening and there was no prior warning that such depraved filth was about to be broadcast. Imagine if you were in the car with the kids on the way home from football training or something and this come on the radio?

You can listen to the whole show by clicking here but to save you the torture of listening to the whole show I uploaded a sample to Youtube.

After you have listened to the Youtube clip do let me know if I am being ‘oversensitive’ or am I right in saying filth like that should not be broadcast on a community radio station such as Tameside FM?


NCB said...

You are not being in the least bit overly sensitive TC. The fact that you were offended shows you have high moral standards. I took a girl to the pictures the other day to see 'the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', and I was absolutely appalled at some of the graphic scenes of rape and torture. If I described to you what I had to witness you'd be reaching for a bucket. It was the most sickening, revolting and depraved film I have ever had the misfortune to watch.

And guess which ethnic group the makers of the film are from?

Go forth and DON'T multiply said...

The reason some children want to copy the violent, mentally subnormal Afro-American gang culture is its' inherently infantile, and easy to mimic nature.
It has no depth, intelligence, cultural/musical worth or subtlety and appeals to the basest, most ignorant and bestial parts of human nature.
If critics, politicians and the media weren't so terrified of being accused of racism they would have played their part in strangling this 'musical' and 'cultural' monstrosity at birth, or at least confining it to the urban sewers where it belongs. Instead it is given a totally false and non-existent value and significance purely BECAUSE it is ethnic. The creators of this vile drivel glory in their ignorance and brutishness because that is all they have got and without an 'attitood' they would be revealed as the moronic, violent savages they are.

SerpentSlayer said...

This was broadcast on radio stations?

I think this should be compulsory listening for every wet Liberal and Pinko. These people are savages, no more than savages. I suggest our lawmen treat these scum with no mercy. They are armed, violent and sadistic. They talk of killing others.

I think this is justification for mass hard arrests, in the case of known killers, room clearance tactics using special forces.

I won't pretend I have never known of such a 'culture', but that such sentiments are expressed openly on a supposedly normal radio station is beyond disgusting. I thank the retards and leftists at Tameside radio for exposing this ingrained criminality.

I'm getting back into my physical training, imagine being cornered by a pack of these creatures, I hope everybody else gets training too.

Anybody needs exercise advice just ask, I'm near enough an expert on the theory, just don't ask me how you stick with it for more than a couple of months!

Go forth and DON'T multiply said...

NCB, good post but don't use terms like 'morality', as that line of argument is easily countered by liberals with lying verbiage about all opinions/lifestyles being valid, and moral relativism etc.
The FACTS are that the pervasiveness of this worthless, alien filth has played a significant part in the ongoing descent of OUR culture into the worst pits of vileness, depravity, savagery and the worship and glorification of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Instead of simply rubbishing the vile programme send the links to the Chief Executive of Ofcom.
A discussion is not needed simply report the link to Ofcom who recently appointed the new Tameside Radio supremo.

Disgusted from Hyde said...

That really is vile and surely illegal. I am not well up on ghetto talk but towards the end are they talking about mugging and beating a granny in an alley?

Eugenecist said...

Subhuman garbage. Humans are evolving into separate species.

SerpentSlayer said...

Moral relativism is denfensable in the face of the truth. Never drop something if it is right, that only empowers the left.

Karl August Wittfogel said...

This is a classic case of Frankfurt School anti-culture being promoted to demoralise and confuse any non-conformists who have the misfortune to come across it.

80sKid said...

Not my cup of tea, but the show (just checked) is 'urban xplosion'.

This type of 1Xtra rubbish is liked by some people, who think they are 'gangstas innit...'

Usually though they are middle class kids with tory voting parents.

I'm sure the 'song' was probably put together with a lottery grant in a youth club somewhere.

Also Tameside has much worse 'niche' shows than this, have you heard 'The Matinee' on Sundays??
With Madam (really a man)Aries and James Dean doing showtunes!
Whoa that is bad!

Clear blue sky said...

Very interesting and informative link, I would urge people to click on it.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when people advertise their own inferiority.

NCB said...

The lyrics of this pathetic little rap ditty blatantly incite violence against the police.

Wonder what GMP thinks about this?

TC, who runs Tameside Radio?

Your choice said...

The police have become increasingly politicised and anyone joining now has a personal reponsibility to make themselves aware of it. If someone then tries to enforce politically motivated laws as part of their job they should expect increasing resistance from well informed and determined groups and individuals.

Gee Jay said...

Deez rappas need slappas and shudd all be popped,
Or put on a trapdoor and then f***in' dropped.
Dey say no noose is gudd noose but not in diss case,
Dey shudd be strung up, chopped up and scattered all over de place.

Traditionalist said...

Has anyone reported this outrage to Ofcom yet?

Gee Jay said...

Tell da troof it's da yoof,
And for diss (c)rap dey shudd be slapped.
But just a minnit, it's effnic innit,
An' in da House of Parlay dat makes it all A-OK.
So kill a granny, and f**k a white bitch,
Coz da pigs are bought, ya won't go to court.

Urban Yoof said...

Yo man, who u dissin. Dis is kulture, the pinnacle of human achievement.

Gee Jay said...

Tell da troof bro', dey ain't nuffin',
It's da urban yoof I not be lovin'.
It may cost some dosh, but don't be a miser,
Grind 'em all up for fertiliser.

trainee rapper said...

Im a bumpin and grindin and I lickin it sweet. I walk down the road looking at my own two feet. I disrespec the rest coz I is the best. I is Tamesides number one wrapper

Not bad for my first effort at writing rap lyrics is it?

SerpentSlayer said...

If you can rap vocally as well as you write it, you could be a good parody act.

I write this as someone who was pissed off with Weird Al's 'white and nerdy' for pointing out that most of the stuff I love makes me a geek. We need to point out that the stuff many black people like, makes them retards.

Anonymous said...

Complain if you feel it should be investigated why keep quiet