Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tameside Advertiser gets it wrong

You cannot blame Sue Carr for getting the headline in this weeks edition of the Tameside Advertiser wrong. The article was obviously written before the day of the strike because I received the paper on Wednesday as the public sector workers strike was in progress. Judging from all the hype and bluster from the major trade union Fat Cats anyone could have been forgiven for thinking the country would come to a grinding halt on the day of the strike, but as PM Cameron said; it turned out to be nothing more than a damp squib and rather than causing “chaos” it caused little more than minor disruption.


Concerned Bloke said...

Clarkson had it right.

Anonymous said...

Another Concerned Bloke
The Advertiser,MEN,Guardian have been cultivated for years by Labour.
Every local MP has always been afforded space and columns in the Guardian over many years, to enhance their popularity.
Plus the Advertiser took on board Guardian staff to develop TMBC PR.
The links with A.Gwynne MP and press have also been noted seeing that Mr.Gwynne senior has been a sports writer in the Manchester press for many years.

Its the Advertiser Editor who must be condemned seeing she sanctioned the totally misleading headlines this week which you refer to.
Obviously All Tameside local press correspondents inc the Reporter have always shown their closeness to the Labour Party and its endemic in the Greater Manchester media including the spin off Television station.
Once again the Conservatives and Liberals did nothing to address this issue,and now its obvious that the Tameside Tories have become a
set of deplorable pretenders as local Politicians and only interested in their own self preservation who could not give a toss for the 215,000 in Tameside.
When did you last see an exposure and continuing campaign created by Tameside Tories yet they know full well what secrets are held within TMBC.
They are just hypocrites in unison with the Labour Mafia.

Anonymous said...

Tameside Tories have long thrown in the towel don't you think?

Colin said...

What's the difference between the Tories and Labour now, anyway?
They've gone from my area in Stalybridge.

Mark Twain said...

If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.

Anonymous said...

Yes but have you tried wiping your arse with it? Rough stuff.

??????????? said...

Who Are the Real Mad People?

Anonymous said...

The 404?

Anonymous said...

Getting near Christmas its time to watch for TMBC Councillors/MP using the Advertiser/Reporter to release pictures of local Politicians surrounded by children.
You or I cannot photograph even our own kids freely and whether it be in school pantomimes,plays or sports otherwise the balloon goes up.
Lets see at this time of year if TMBC politicians use children as political pawns in local press pictures

so transparent said...

Anon@20.12, it has already happened. Last week The Reporter was infested with local Labour bigwigs posing with children for Christmas. A repeat offender is Cllr Wilde and Gwynne often features too.

Anonymous said...

Wild without the e in Brian. Second in command in the fight against dog shit.

Cretinocracy said...

It's the dumbed down, moronic, gutless, uninformed, apathetic masses who are responsible for the state Britain is in. They have the right to vote but zero responsibility to EARN that vote in any way.
This along with treasonous, lunatic practices like giving full voting rights to foreigners such as Commonwealth citizens who've just set foot in Britain demonstrates the dire and dangerous threat that our modern democratic system now is.
The self-seeking, scum, traitor politicians and establishment can only get away with these things because they're ALLOWED to.

Anonymous said...

so transparent said...
Anon@20.12, it has already happened. Last week The Reporter was infested with local Labour bigwigs posing with children for Christmas. A repeat offender is Cllr Wilde and Gwynne often features too.

Thanks for that,has TC got a link to this in the Reporter because I will seek clarification from the TMBC Solicitor.

Good site this. said...

It's Wild without the e pal.

And I thought he was useless said...

Two days ago we brought you the news about how Gary Tumulty was claiming to be outraged by the amount of money that Asylum Seekers were getting whilst pensioners were seemingly freezing in his borough of Salford. He claimed he was fed up of the amount of money being wasted locally by Salford.

However it appears that Mr Tumulty of Salford BNP is not concerned when it comes to him being the originator of money being wasted and is costing Salford City Council £1000s in spurious Freedom of Information Requests to Salford City Council where he claims to be living and employed by the Council as a Caretaker. Not content with demonising Asylum Seekers in order to stir up racial tension , he has now taken to attacking Local Councillors as well. He is also going to great lengths to cost Salford City Council lots of money :

Tumulty complains about how much money the local council is spending on various initiatives , claiming to be acting in the 'Public Interest' by making various Freedom Of Information requests in the borough.

A Freedom Of Information request can cost anywhere up to £650 in adminstration and clerical enquiries. His first request was made twelve months ago and his most recent being on the 10th November this year.

Gary Tumulty of Salford BNP has made to date a staggering 124 FOI requests! :

The nature of these requests are spurious at best and seem to concentrate on things like trying to find out the ethnicity of HIV+/AIDS sufferers in Salford, the ethnicity of Drug bustees and the ethnicity of those licensed to sell alcohol in the borough (at least three FOI requests on 'Beer' alone) in fact Tumulty seems to be mainly focused on ethnicity , which as a BNP Organiser and Candidate should not surprise anybody

We estimate that Gary Tumulty is costing Salford City Council anywhere between £40,000-£80,000 a year with these spurious Freedom of Information Requests perhaps local residents would like to ask Mr Tumulty why he is intent on wasting so much of the Council's Budgets on asking such FOI requests as 'How many Gamestations have the council bought'

We are sure that local residents of Salford would be very interested in knowing how between £40-80,000 of British Tax Payers Money is being wasted by the British National Party in Salford and where this money could be better spent on Pensioners and the vunerable and needy in the borough as we approach the harsh winter months.

Anonymous said...

Keep those FOI requests coming in mate. They don't like anyone looking for the truth do they.
It's the same everywhere, where these bastards control the area.

They can say what they want said...

Rape And Murder Threats are Fine, but Don’t Dare Use the N Word

nationalist said...


Fuck off said...

The few pounds spent on Mr Tumulty's FOI requests in an attempt to stop the indigenous cleansing of his area would probably pay the salary of one 'diversity' officer.
As for saying the money could have been spent on the elderly, the main parties are pouring a vast and exponentially increasing amount of our money (while all other services are slashed to the bone) into the Third World while OUR pensioners freeze to death. Well done Mr Tumulty.

Towton 1461 said...

18 year old Danny O'Shea chased down by a gang of blacks in increasingly violent 'New' London. They cornered him on his mother's doorstep and slashed his throat. Compare the way this case is played down by the media with the saturation attention they've given the Stephen Lawrence case. Like they do every time a white person is murdered or attacked by an ethnic. That's why their names are virtually unknown.
Whites are massively more likely to be the victims of criminal attacks (black on white rape being proportionally amongst the worst) by non-whites but the establishment/media complex would have you believe that the reverse is the case. Why? Because they've got their own agenda based on pure hatred of the indigenous population.

nationalist said...

it down to the cunts that vote them in

Roy K West said...
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Roy K West said...
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nationalist said...

good lad

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Stewart

Suggesting I contact the local media re Councillors/MP/Children photographs is absolving the requirement of TMBC Councillors to act in a manner which does not exploit
the use of children in photographs depicting TMBC Councillors and Children under 16 years for publicity purposes.
Those Councillors using this method to promote themselves to the public are showing a lack of care and attention for the need of children not to be exploited in this manner.
Such Councillors are knowingly complicit in "allowing the local press" to take such photographs and have the absolute choice of not being photographed with children under 16 years.
Therefore the press concerned are not my first route of complaint because its TMBC who notify where and when Councillors will be available for photographs with children.
I do not accept whatsoever your attitude and reluctance to ignore the responsibilty of Councillors to safeguard the rights of children and their obvious abuse of promoting
themselves whilst utilising Tameside children with possibly no written permission by Parents,therefore TMBC should accept its own responsibility concerning this very
serious matter and not as usual deflect my complaint elsewhere.
I would not permit anyone to photograph me with Tameside children to promote myself in widespread media sources,and I repeat such Councillors certainly have the initial decision
facility not to exploit Tameside children in this manner.
I probably have considerably more knowledge of the increasing numbers of child abuse cases than you Ms Stewart,and I have no intention of accepting your derogatory
response which declines to accept that Tameside Councillors hold essential responsibilities of protecting children from publicity stunts which they themselves obviously accept,
arrange, and condone.
I am fully aware of all the complaints proceedures available to me Ms Stewart,but TMBC is the first culprit condoning such actions whose condemnation I am seeking.
Yours sincerely
John Hall

Anonymous said...

Very good post Mr Hall.
Yes indeed.

Anonymous said...

TC looking at those video on the right on yout blog. You've watched to blokes having a bath together.?

Anonymous said...

Mr hall is trying to make political gain out of the poor kids who are probably cuffed to have their photo in the paper. Despicable. Worse than any councillors actions. Mr (Scrooge) Hall.

Anonymous said...

Mr hall is trying to make political gain out of the poor kids who are probably cuffed to have their photo in the paper.

Its great to see what dross is written when you rattle the Council cages.
Absolutely amazing that nothing
whatsoever of substance is ever uttered by the Labour Mafia members.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall. For your information I have nothing to do with the 'Labour Mafia' as you put it. Why can't you accept that an ordinary member of the public who comes on this site disagrees with your comments. You are no different to the people you criticize and if anyone challenges your comments they are somehow part of the 'Labour Mafia' Why don't you accept you have a twisted mind. Get real because other than a handful of people on this site I would suggest the majority of people think you are no better than the people you criticize. I suppose more insults from you Mr Hall?

Cretinocracy said...

Tameside: A load of self seeking chancers elected by a fundamentally inferior electorate.

Anonymous said...

05/12/2011 18:13

no it's labour making political gain you mean.

Invertebrates said...

Nick Clegg has pushed through a 5% increase in state benefits, whilst workers pittance wages are continually reduced, as the cost of living soars. Meanwhile the country is still being deluged with cheap foreign labour despite rocketing unemployment.
Clegg, Cameron and the government's priorities are to featherbed the workshy whilst doing absolutely nothing about the ongoing onslaught and exploitation of the British worker.

Red Sea said...

We need a bloodbath of biblical proportions to purge the traitors, invaders and human vermin infesting our land.

A. Worker said...

In an increasing number of cases you are now literally better off lounging on benefits than working. If 40 hours doing nothing leaves you better off than 40 hours work, why bother working. And don't mention pride or any of that bullshit as things have changed so much it no longer applies, it's exploitation, end of.
It's time all the parasites, drunks, junkies, welfare witches and assorted semi-human dross were put in hostels, given food vouchers instead of money and the social housing and preferential treatment was given instead to the WORKERS.

Tameside Citizen said...

Anon@16.22, I can claim innocence on this occasion. The video bar seems to have some of my videos as well as videos of people who have subscribed to my Youtube channel. On this occasion I have not been caught out viewing videos of two men in a bath, now if it was two women, that may have been too tempting to resist.