Friday, 5 November 2010

A mean, selfish and inconsiderate woman

Today at 13.33 driving along Mottram Rd I encounter an idiotic woman who decided she would stop to take a phone call on her mobile. Did she look for somewhere safe to park where she would be of no danger or inconvenience to others? Nope, she parked up for ten minutes on a dangerous stretch of the road marked with two pretty white lines painted down the middle of the road. Now who knows what the highway code rule is concerning these type of white lines? This woman obviously does not - or she does and does not care that if a bus was coming up the hill and a lorry was coming down they would have no room to pass each other with her blocking the road which could lead to her getting shunted. I gave her a piece of my mind for being so stupid and she is lucky I am feeling charitable in so much as I have only included her car in the pictures rather than her on the phone.


Race attack on grieving family... said...

A mum and daughter paying their respects at the Cemetery were subjected to a torrent of racist abuse by a gang of up to 20 Asians.
The 39-year-old white woman, who was with her 11-year-old daughter, was going to lay flowers at her mother’s grave.

The mum and daughter had just been dropped off at the Pilgrim Crescent entrance while the woman’s husband went to park up.
It was at this point that a gang of Asian youths gathered and began taunting them.

They were called “white slags” and “white trash” as they laid flowers on a grave only yards away.
The woman, who asked not to be named, said her daughter was reduced to tears and added: “She was shaking. I had to hold her hand to keep her calm. “I was frightened and thought we were about to be attacked. Thankfully they stayed by a wall near the cemetery gates.”

The woman, originally from Westtown, had travelled from Hull with her daughter and husband to visit her mother’s grave.
They had just been dropped off by her husband at around 3pm on Sunday when the incident happened.
The husband realised what was happening and drove back to pick them up. “My husband could see that things were not all right,” said the woman. “Our daughter had drawn a picture for her gran and was putting it on the grave.
“She couldn’t understand why these youths would be so abusive and I don’t either. My mum died only recently and things are still a bit raw. “Westtown used to be a lovely area when I lived here 20 years ago. I don’t know what’s happened to it. There’s just no respect any more.”

A Police spokesman said the victim made a complaint after returning to Hull and would be interviewed by Humberside Police. He urged people to report incidents as soon as possible and added: “We take any form of hate crime extremely seriously. “Such incidents should be reported to us as soon as possible so that we can get to the area and deal with the offenders.”

Not in my back yard. said...

Shocking news, but you get what you voted for.
Let it get worse for me.

Slasher Osborne said...

Looks like we are going to have some very clean towns in the future,the work shy and scroungers are being made to litter pick to earn their hand outs, told you George and Nick would deal with this issue of benefits for nothing.
I can hear the Liberals and bleeding heart brigade now, well if they don't like it lets have a better solution from them,community work is the norm in many American states "no work no pay" its called workfare.

Anonymous said...

Above why not put a stop to all the immigrants heading for Britain, save some tax-payers money?

Karl Roberts said...

Slasher Osborne, AKA loudmouthed Tory shithouse, when is Yellowstain Cameron going to have a crackdown on the half a million failed asylum seekers still parasiting off us all in the middle of a recession, none of whom had any legal right to come here in the first place. Plus the two million (at least) illegal immigrants, plus the asylum seekers, illegals, Euro scroungers from shitholes like Romania, Bulgaria etc still flooding in. His response is to enthusiastically welcome 78 million Muslims from Turkey into the EU - more cheap labour to be exploited, and INCREASE intra company transfers from India etc, plus all their dependents and assorted hangers on, all of whom will be given benefits immediately and full citizenship shortly after. How many of ALL these foreigners are the highly skilled immigrants we DO need? 5% would be an extremely generous estimate.
Cameron and his pseudo Tory cabinet have no intention whatsoever of doing anything MEANINGFUL on immigration. The so called immigration cap is a sop that will make virtually zero difference to the cultural annihilation our country is headed towards. Meanwhile IDS can have his crackdown on the BRITISH scroungers because they're an easy target.