Friday, 5 November 2010

Manchester's most congested road revealed. Solution - build a huge Tesco to make it twice as bad

A nationwide study has confirmed that Greater Manchester has some of the worst traffic jams in the UK.

The report by traffic management company INRIX analysed the movement of motorway traffic in Britain's 25 largest metropolitan areas.

The study identified Manchester's top ten most congested roads with the Mottram section of the M67 the worst bottleneck in the area

Manchester is the second most congested area in the UK, according to the latest research by INRIX.

It claimed that motorists who take a 30 minute commute each morning and evening spend on average 72.2 hours a year in traffic.

But some sections of the Manchester motorway network are responsible for the majority of the commuter snarl ups.

For instance, the worst time and place to travel is the M67 approaching Mottram-in-Longdendale at 5 - 6pm on Fridays where the average speed is just 5 mph.

That means that if you happen to be heading home by car on the M67 on a Friday evening you could conceivably walk the final two miles of the motorway faster than it would take to drive.

Top ten

The top ten most congested roads in Gtr Manchester as follows:

1. M67 - Mottram in Longdendale junction (A57)

2. Princess Parkway A5103 / Mancunian Way

3. M61 - Jct 3 Kearsley

4. M60 - Jct 14 Swinton

5. M67 - M60 Denton interchange

6. M60 - Jct 10 Trafford Centre

7. M56 - Jct 2 Sharston

8. M61 - Jct 2 Walkden

9. M61 - Jct 1, M60 Wardley Interchange

10. M60 - Jct 11 Barton BBC News

And then today we hear; New Tesco superstore for Hattersley gets final go ahead

Controversial plans for a Tesco superstore in Hattersley have been given the final seal of approval by the Secretary of State.

The development, which was given the go-ahead last month by Tameside council planners, has divided opinion across the borough with around 2,000 people writing to minister Eric Pickles calling for it to be scrapped.

Plans were passed to his office for Mr Pickles to consider - a routine procedure for such developments.

But now the Secretary of State has ruled that he will not intervene.

The store, at the junction of Stockport Road and Ashworth Lane, could be open by early 2012 and promises to create at least 450 jobs as well as a 'district hub' including a library and community centre.

Campaigners claimed it was not needed and would cause further congestion on local roads.

The site is jointly owned by Tameside council and Peak Valley Housing.

Coun Jim Fitzpatrick said: "This is excellent news and adds to the regeneration and redevelopment of the area." Manchester Evening News


R S said...

TMBC's boroughwide 'solution' to traffic flow problems is to, put another set of traffic lights in, and has been for the last ten years or more. The truth is the vast majority of these actually worsen the problem. Mini roundabouts, re-painting or re-engineering junctions and putting the emphasis on traffic flow instead of control and restriction is urgently needed, particularly if the council is going to continue to increase the Borough's ballooning population with its insane housebuilding. Finally switching traffic lights off at off peak times and reverting to normal priority is so obvious only a total cretin or someone who WANTED to cause delay, obstruction nd pollution couldn't see it.

Goodbye Sean Parker-Perry said...

Labour knock down 60 units of 'Social Housing' to build the region's largest Tesco in the middle of the region's largest traffic jam.

What they neglected to tell local residents is that the nearby Co-op will be closed, as will both the Hattersley and Mottram libraries once the Tesco bribe money is used to build a 'new' library.

Labour Gone said...

Judging by the by-election result the moron count is exceptionally high in this area.

can I have my tesco points said...

See you all at the check out when its opened, have walk round the area and see the marvellous regeneration, some people think its ok to keep Hattersley residents back in the 60s/70s,Labour dont and our investment in the area is appreciated by many in the area, ask our Janet and the other Labour councillors in the area.

Anonymous said...

What about the huge Cotton Mills residential development on the site of the old Gallaghers cigarette factory on Ashton Rd Hyde. It's already bloody gridlock thanks to the council making it 'The Dukinfield Education Zone' with schools and special schools galore, all ever expanding. They couldn't give a toss about traffic flow or the effect on the existing residents.

Reimer said...

Interesting to see official recognition that the latter part of my commute really is as shit as it seems. I've long been baffled by the seeming lack of rhyme or reason as to quite what makes the awfulness of this route vary from day to day, which serves to make getting stuck in it (if I make a poor call) all the more sapping of the will to live. Despite the apparent recession I haven't noticed a let up in the shittiness. Any jobs going up Buxton way?

aluman2000 said...

Thay need to stop selling halal meat with out tellin us it halal

Karl Roberts said...

Aluman, I Emailed Tesco and ASDA about Halal, the evasive, waffling bullshit they came back with was unbelievable. They know the bulk of the British zombified population, even many of those who profess to care about animal rights, are too thick, ignorant, gutless or apathetic to protest in any meaningful way, i.e. one that would affect profits, so they carry on doing it the cheapest possible way with Halal methods and slaughtermen. Their attitude is, bollocks to honest customer information, animal rights, British traditions, and the employment of British slaughtermen. I shop at Morrisons who, as far as I'm aware sell no Halal meat.

William Ford said...

Animal welfare considerations and Muslims being exempt from British law aside, I don't want to eat meat that's been slaughtered to suit this particular alien, retrogressive culture. I wonder how Muslims would feel about eating meat that's been blessed by a Christain minister without their knowledge. No doubt they would react in their usual tolerant, reasoned manner. As for western liberals kowtowing to Islam's every whim, they are as much the enemy within as this alien creed.