Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hyde Godley Labour Councillor caught distributing propaganda from Communist anti-democracy organisation

Kudos to Roy West, this video is important as it proves beyond doubt that serving Labour councillors are colluding with the anti-democratic Searchlight organisation. This organisation is run by a convicted criminal and it has a long history of violence and political intimidation.


You can run but you can't Hyde said...

Slag Mr West off all you like for his work history, or lack of it, he has provided a public service by capturing the vile Tameside Labour Party delivering leaflets for an organisation whose sole purpose for existence is to subvert the democratic process.
Mr West and the Tameside BNP's excellent results in the last few years, before their recent poorer showings, have led to these appalling acts and not any purported 'anti-fascist' pretensions from the spivs, chancers and parasites who infest the local Labour group, whose only REAL concern is being ousted from the trough they all feed at.

Anonymous said...

They can only win by using smears and outside helpers.
The great Labour party.

Tameside Blue said...

Get up the list of money making interests he's involved with.

Anonymous said...

Surely he must resign or will he be sacked as a councillor?

Benie Madoff's got nothing on this chancer said...

TMBC have pulled the links to his profile page. Check it out now. This guy has got more copany directorships than Warren Buffett.

ex lib dem now labour said...

He's not the only labour councillor out posting these leaflets. Don't just pick on him.

Anonymous said...

Rumour as it. West may have Brian Wild and another Labour councillor on film doing the same.

aluman2000 said...

So much for the cuts ? How much did them leaflets cost and who paid for them ?

Sandra said...

The evil looking bald bloke in the picture is the one who was giving out white poppies at the soldiers parade in Hyde.

Tameside Citizen said...

DB, if the claims you make about ‘the man in question’ and the kickbacks in relation to the Hattersley Tesco development can be proven - you could bring the down the council. At this moment in time I think it would be unwise to publish your claims. If you could email further information it would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I know Labour are dirty fighters but even by their low standards this is bad. They must be worried about Roy West if they are spending so much time focused on distorting the electoral process in his area.

Labour til I die said...

Are you all mad and thick, we made it very clear Labour members would be helping out at weekend and we will be doing more in two other wards very soon.
We support anti fascist groups did you know Mr West was in regular contact with Searchlight last year and asked them to find him a way out of the BNP.
We had at least twenty Labour members out with Searchlight on Saturday its no secret we are proud of our links, take note let me make it clear we will be working with searchlight where ever the fascist operate and we wont be hiding the fact.
I made donation of £50 to searchlight last month and others in the area do the same (money well spent)

Anonymous said...

Tameside Labour Mafia want a no go area for any other political group.
They will employ any method to keep it that way.
They bribe certain Tory cllrs with new cars and money, to keep the Tories from making a real challenge.
Look into the money making interests that these leading Labour cllrs are involved in.
There is lots and lots of money being made by this Labour Mafia.
Look into the money made from new charter housing.
Ever seen that film Casino with Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci?

Anonymous said...

Check out Fitzpatrick's building interests/contracts see where they all lead to.
Check out the new charter housing connection with Ged Cooney's firm.
Look at where the council landscape contracts go, maybe you'll find a friend of John Taylor in that one?
There's 100 ways to skim of the top.

Board Members said...

New Charter Board Members
Mohammed H Rahman
Nasim Ullah Khan
Wizarat J Siddiqi
Aslam Khan
Abdul Quayum

I know your happy Ged. said...

Chair of New Charter Housing Trust, Ged Cooney said: “This is fantastic news for the organisation! There is no large landlord better than us. It shows the strength of staff committed to delivering an excellent service. I want to thank every one of them and the Board of Directors for their efforts.” There’s even better news in the detail. A groundbreaking 60% of all New Charter tenants say they are “very satisfied”. And ratings over 95% were awarded to the helpfulness, politeness and professionalism of staff.

Anti-Fascist said...

Well done Jimmy its got them on the run again, another big defeat on its way just like Longdendale 60 votes down from 450 last time,when we do the same all over the country their vote goes into melt down.
Is it true the man videoing you is a convicted racist the one calling you a gravy train rider and hes lived on benefits all his life.

non voter said...

So let me get this straight, here we have an elected Labour councillor handing out leaflets from a semi-criminal organisation which does not stand in, but attempts to disrupt elections on behalf of others?

~Voltaire~ said...

It is a clever tactic. The Labour Mafia use third parties who do not stand in elections to smear opponents leaving them as the respectable option for voters to choose. This time it looks like they have been caught red handed distributing the third party smear leaflets themselves.

For an in depth analysis of the Searchlight organisation (the leaflets the Labour councillor was caught distributing were Searchlight leaflets) click here.

The essay is written by an academic libertarian anarchist called Larry O Hara. He is an enemy of the BNP but a believer in democracy. It is a lengthy scholarly article which comes in two parts. He shows how the establishment, which in Tameside means the Labour Party use this organisation to smear opponents.

If the people opposed to the Tesco development or a road building scheme become a serious headache it is a distinct possibility they too would be become victims of this type of smear offensive.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Fascist sound like a Fascist yourself.

duky voter said...

Anti-Fascist said...
no, but, I can tell you how desperate you all look worried about one guy in Duky.
I for one can say, that, it makes me all warm inside.

David & Goliath said...

The Taylor/Searchlight idea is to try and overwhelm West. But West will carry on as normal.
In fact, the people of Dukinfield will not fail to see a David & Goliath situation taking place.
And here in the strong hold of the Dukinfield Labour Mafia.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Roy. The Labour Mafia are getting attacked from a few sides, and are under greater scrutiny than ever. Because they run everything in Tameside it may take some time, but their shameful behaviour will be exposed, and their eventual fall from grace will be even more satisfying.

Keep Britain Tidy said...

Concord Way (Dukinfield BNP) (keep Britain tidy)

aluman2000 said...

I see there even using coronation street as a propergander tool to try and justify the illgel war, its very funny how they ramming our so call troops down our throats so much at the minute. Trying to get public support for a illgel war get our troops home now.

KTR said...

Labour til I die (AKA Mike), at the elections next year we'll see what the electoral authorities have to say about the use of third party groups by one party to attack political opponents, specifically to try and lose them votes. There's only one party in Tameside that has admitted to working with, and has had its councillors filmed, working with these groups. The footage proves these third party groups are not acting independently.

Alan Vernon said...

Surely it's an offence for a party to use other organisations for ends that may directly benefit that party. It certainly would be come the council elections.

Anonymous said...

You think they would have enough to worry about with the cuts in Tameside's budget.....but they are much more comfortable playing political games than actually getting on with the job they are paid for.

Barnum and Baily escapee said...

Who is the circus performer at 0.41 in the video?

Elections 2011 said...


Dear Resident
Councillor John Charles Taylor is working with a violent group called UAF here in Dukinfield.
Leaders of this group have recently been convicted for attacking policemen in the line of their duties.
Searchlight, another group working with councillor John Taylor here in Dukinfield. The leader of searchlight is a convicted criminal.
In 2007 councillor John Taylor met the head of a well known criminal family from Hyde, then used allegations in smear leaflets.
In 2008 councillor John Taylor used smear leafLets to spread allegations that I was using a false name, he also sent the police to my house on election day.
During the 2010 local elections, councillor John Taylor was interviewed under police caution after I had reported him for assault.
During the same elections, councillor Taylor used a neighbour's false allegations in a smear leaflet.
The above methods used by this Labour councillor are just the tip of the iceberg in a campaign of smears and allegations against me.
I very much intend to carry on and be a candidate in the 2011 local elections in Dukinfield.

Stitched like a Kipper said...

Roys a great strategist and his great campaigning skills allowed him to catch the Labour dogs out leafleting ,like a sprung coil he pounced on them when they arrived on his doorstep.
Then again he could have looked at Taylors blog or the Citizen blog and worked out that they had pre warned him they were meeting at 10am Concord shopping area, two minutes from his house.
He then goes onto give a councillor huge amounts of publicity and to top all that he shows Hitler and their new glorious leader Griffin together on his video,bet Nicks over the moon with that.
If your a knob your a knob but even a half whit knob could have worked out they were being set up.
No matter what your politics are you have to admit that Searchlights leaflet was a bit special and hit one large nail on the head.
Just look at the reaction on here they will look back and say JOB DONE,

Roy West said...


Dear Resident
Councillor John Charles Taylor is working with a violent group called UAF here in Dukinfield.
Leaders of this group have recently been convicted for attacking policemen in the line of their duties.
Searchlight is another group working with Councillor John Taylor here in Dukinfield. The leader of searchlight is a convicted criminal.
In 2007 councillor John Taylor met the head of a well known criminal family from Hyde, and then used allegations in smear leaflets.
In 2008 councillor John Taylor used smear leaflets’ to spread allegations that I was using a false name, he also sent the police to my house on Election Day.
During the 2010 local elections, Councillor John Taylor was interviewed under police caution after I had reported him for assault.
During the same elections of 2010 Councillor Taylor used neighbours false allegations in a smear leaflet.
The above methods used by this Labour councillor are just the tip of the iceberg in a campaign of smears and allegations against me.
I very much intend to carry on and be a candidate in the 2011 local elections in Dukinfield.

Elections 2010 said...

Lets see how that leaflet goes down with Taylor.
Spelling and grammar better of course.

Gotcha said...

The only knob is the elected Labour councillor caught red handed delivering leaflets from a semi-criminal third party hate organisation. The whole point of these third party front groups is that they do the dirty work for the Labour party. Now old nobby has been caught red handed it proves beyond a doubt what the real modus operandi is. Not only that, it has brought a councillor with very questionable business dealings and company directorships under the spotlight. A dossier on this individual is nearly complete. Questions may very well be asked in a wider arena as to why he was so fanatical when it come the promotion of the Tesco development. In this case their is a smoking gun and just by chance and the courage of Roy West a prime suspect in relation to this gun has found himself propelled into the spotlight.

Roy West said...

Above thanks for that comment about courage. I don't claim that to be that in anyway.
The BNP was set up in Dukinfield because Taylor took the side of the thugs that attacked my family.
As the years have gone by, I've seen how these Labour Mafia operate.
They operate in a vile way of using third party groups.
Many of their leaders now being convicted for assaulting policemen and women.
These types are used by John Taylor and co.

don't get lost inside Vicki said...

I bet Taylor will be crapping himself when he reads this Roy you have him on the run he wont be able to sleep for weeks,I will alert him to your master plan when he returns form his short break in Benidorm.

If the cap Fitz said...

Under electoral law third party groups have to operate independently, not in partnership with other parties to attack opponents and their parties. If Councillor Fitzpatrick had been caught doing this within a few weeks of an election he would have been in serious trouble. The link between Tameside Labour and UAF/Searchlight is established and future interference by these groups, particularly near election time could have serious implications for Labour.

tonydj said...

does anyone know what EXACTLY the company "Home-start Tameside" does?
Incorporated in March this year it's registered office is 7-13 Hazelhurst Road Ashton.

It has chosen NOT to have the word "Limited" in its title (Legal).

The directors (including Cllr Jim Fitzpatrick) give the office as their address (permissable)

The Company documents claim it is a charity.

There are two charities with this name, one registered 24 Aug 1999 and a second one registered 5 May 2010

Cllr Fitzpatrick is a trustee of both, as are Pat Blackshaw and Judith McDonagh
The Charitable aims are:-


"Hattersley and its environs"? Why is it based in Ashton then??? Dificult for people in need to get to?

Anonymous said...

It's funny Taylor's mob ranting on about West being convicted criminal, while Searchlight leader himself a convicted criminal.
UAF leaders recently convicted for assaulting policemen.

Did not vote for this said...

Tories paying out millions to terrorist the yanks detained, they will get more than any injured serviceman who they helped to injure. This country is mad mad mad.

UAF Thug links said...

don't get lost inside Vicki said...
I'm glad to hear it.
It's not what he thinks that matters to me, it's what the people of Dukinfield think when they read the leaflet.

Anonymous said...

"Home-start Tameside": Just what Hattersely needs! Another half-baked charity with Labour Councillors lurking in the background. No doubt creaming off money through the district assemblies.

I reckon there must be one charity or aid organisation per resident.

Anonymous said...

Details as requested on Home-start Tameside

Advertised on TMBCs new employment website (shared with other local boroughs). An example how how these charities use resources paid for by TMBC

"Family Life Can Be Tough Sometimes!

Home-Start Tameside is there to offer support and freindship to families with young children all across Tameside.

We are currently looking for people to join our dedicated team of volunteers who visit families in their own homes to provide practical help and emotional support.

If you are a parent, grandparent or carer and can spare 2-3 hours a week then why not give us a call and help local families give their children the best possible start in life.

Call 0161 339 9747

Registered Charity Number: 1077131"

Tameside needs a fraudbuster said...

These Labour councillors never seem to have real jobs. One way or another they always appear to be leaching off the public purse with directorships of companies guaranteed income by the council or with roles in charities which only seem to benefit those involved in the running of them.

Cheating b******s said...

27500 anti-BNP smear leaflets put out by this third party group during the Hyde Newton by-election campaign in 2009. Now we know who they were operating on behalf of. Thanks Roy.

fair play from Audenshaw said...

The thing that annoys me is the underhand way they operate. If they stand by the allegations made on the third party leaflet why do not they put them on official Labour leaflets. Why don’t you turn the tables on them and put out third party leaflets about them exposing how they are milking the system with directorships of convenience and running charities which they financially benefit?

Why don’t you choose a marginal ward and hammer the ward with third party leaflets exposing Labour’s underhand tactics during an election campaign?

tonydj said...

Anonymous @20;26

Thanks for that information. Interesting point though, the reference number given (10771310)is the OLD charity. The new one is 1135838.

also, the lady is McDonough NOT McDonagh, slip of the typimg finger...sorry

Anonymous said...

How many uaf thugs are awaiting court dates for thuggery now?

Speaking truth is a hate crime said...

Racist or truth?

General Urko said...

UAF aren't worried they've got a secret weapon, Weyman Bennett. What they don't know is he's such a total f*****g liability he's on our side.

General Urko said...

Weyman is a master strategist. He confirmed this a few months ago in Bolton when he was arrested, along with 66 other UAF thugs.

Duki Insomniac said...

Does anyone know how to dispose of an old mattress? Would I be allowed to take it to the tip and chuck it over the wall or is there a special place to take it?

zzzzzzzss while you work said...

Take the mattress to Glenmore Grove there's a lazy sod there who wont work he can use it.

Rotten Borough said...

Bayley Street tip is now "The NASA Recycling Site" with about 25 seperate bays, a totally stupid layout and massive queues. It's so the council don't have to do any sorting themselves, which would cost money, which they need to fund the allowances of 57 councillors.

Elections 2011 said...

They died for his idea of what freedom means.

Gentleman Jim said...

Tonyj will have checked out the charities Cllr Fitzpatrick is involved with and he will know that he receives no payment from any of the charities.
You need to find a few more straws to clutch at, this is the biggest reaction we have seen to a single leaflet ,its encouraging and more will have to posted.

Can I have 1st class ticket said...

Mr West lets have the public money you receive each week detailed on here, a quick guess with all your housing and council tax benefits would be in the region of £450 per week, anyone working would need to earning over £600 per week to take that home.
There are gravy trains and there are gravy trains, some work to catch it and some do nothing to sit in the first class carriage

Don't mention the gravy train said...

Councillor John Charles Taylor. Claimed Back A Cool £31, 791 For His Expenses Last Year.

Plus all the perks on top of that loot.

The Power Of The Individual. said...

It gives me a real sense of personal achievement all this reaction, and proves the power of the individual.
One man campaigning the last three elections in Dukinfield.
And Taylor and co need an army.
Just makes me laugh.
Thanks for all your interest.

no to animal cruelty said...

They're at it right now - slaughtering sheep on Wilmslow Road in Rusholme. Police standing by and not making arrests.

Labour = Scum said...

Mr West's on the gravy train just like the half a million asylum seekers Labour let flood in, plus Christ knows how many other illegals and general third world detritus. But a few quid a week going to a political opponent as opposed to a Labour voter is obviously of the highest import. What a total bunch of f*****g hypocrites.

William Ford said...

Got a grandchild at Primary scool? Before they retire Britain will be majority non-white. These are the findings of the Migration Advisory Board based at Oxford University. That's by 2066. By 2051 the British born population will have declined from 80 to 59%. Between 2001 and 2007 the immigrant population rose by 2 million. Also in this year the ethnic minority populayio will have increased from 16 to 31% of the population. Due to their much larger families these dates will be MUCH earlier for the younger age groups.
Wake up now before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Don't support West but I hate Taylor. West gets the anti-taylor vote in duky everytime.
Speaking to alot of my mates in duky, telling me they'll vote bnp again just to get at Taylor.

Slash and Burn said...

Our Davids on TV defending the housing benefit cuts, some people are claiming £800 per week, only those who dont work can afford to live in these houses.
Nobody can defend a system that is out of control landlords took advantage of the scheme and rents went through the roof because Joe public paid the bills.
Let me inform you of one of the biggest scams still in full swing,you buy the house then get one of your relatives rent it off you, they will be on benefits so the state pay the rent, the rent pays your mortgage for you then you buy another one,and another one.
Housing benefit rules state that you can not claim if the house is owned by your family,so you put the house in someone else's name.
The biggest fraudster involved in this scam are foreigners,in some large properties flats are filled with bogus tenants all with false identity, that's what we have to tackle next.
Tackle benefit fraud and you save Billions and hurt nobody, there is only one country in the world that allows people to sit on their backsides at home being paid more money than lots of hard working people,our David is doing what is right Labours Frank Field and James Purnell wanted to make the same changes but were not allowed to do it,stick with us it will mean the lazy have to work and the sky high rents will have to come down or the greedy landlords will have lots of empty properties.

Cream said...

Don't compare a man of integrity like Mr Field with that grubby little chiseller.