Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The 1st Battalion of the Mercian Regiment marching through Hyde (extended footage)

Thanks to the people who sent me additional footage of our brave lads and lasses marching the through Hyde yesterday. If your computer can handle HD watch the top clip, if not the one below will play better. Please keep the comments respectful and bear in mind a number of Tameside soldiers lost their lives on the recent 1st Battalion tour of duty in Afghanistan.


It's only me! said...

What you thicko's out there need to understand.
People in the British National party don't hate folk because they happen to be a different colour.
No thats not the point boys and girls, it's concern over loss of heritage, bent councillors on the gray train.
Hypocrites (Labour Mafia) pointing the finger at others while riding on that gravy train themselves.
I think, that, freedom of speech is worth fighting for.

aluman2000 said...

wheres my posts gone ? you lot dont like the truth do you

NCB said...

Thanks TC.

Nice to see some of my footage in your video.

I noticed the EDL showed up - there were about 10 of them. There was a rumour that Muslim extremists from Glodwick might turn up to demonstrate against the troops, but luckily none appeared.

Did you see the Labour councillors? They were handing out little England flags (left over from this summer's World Cup) in a pathetic attempt to convince the people of Hyde that Labour is a patriotic party. Lol

Kaiser Bill said...

Why were those two dressed as WW1 German soldiers leading the parade holding that sheep?

It all becomes clear when you understand said...

Does anyone know the origins of Political Correctness? If not here is this answer. These three videos will give an even greater understanding.
Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Support Our Troops Always. said...

If politics is about assaulting people, spreading false allegations in leaflets, sending the police to your political opponents house with bogus allegations, then this is the man for the job.

tonydj said...

Kaiser Bill

the Swaledale ram ("Pvt Derby") was the mascot of the Worcester and Sherwood Forester's Regt. One of the 4 units which amalgamated in 2007 to form The Mercian Regt. the others being the Staffords, The Cheshires and The 4th battalion being a collection of TA companies from several regiments.

The "WW1" germans are in fact wearing Parade dress for cold weather. Consisting of the 1878 Universal Helmet (actualy based on the German Picklehaube) parade greatcoat, white belt from the "Slade Wallace" equipmet and blue trousers with red stripe.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Tony.

Labour til I die said...

Labour councillors organised this march in Hyde ,thank God the BNP stayed away ,bunch of cowards who would leave us defenceless,and don't support our troops.

Joe said...

Yes NCB I saw the Labour councillors who were as ever milking the situation for publicity. I wonder if they appear in the Pravda Advertiser when it comes today showing how much they have done for the troops?

Talking about opportunistic Labour scumbags, what about Woolas the crook? It tells you something when fellow party crooks rebel against the leadership to back him and the lies he told because that is standard practice in many elections for Labour crooks.

Rotten to the core said...

Here in Dukinfield we have a Labour councillor prepared to do almost anything to smear someone.
Making threats to drag new charter housing into his nasty little world of smears and allegations.
The man's totally rotten to the core.

Corrupt and vile methods said...

You people talk about corrupt cllrs and members of parliament.
But until you really challenge them and become a target for their vile methods, then you will really get the picture.
I can't believe what this man has been allowed to get away with since 2007.
His methods are so corrupt and vile in these local elections.
You stand in local elections against this 'Labour Mafia' and see what they are prepared to fire at you.
It's a real disturbing eye opener.

Tameside Blue said...

Come on West stop being a plank. We know he is bent but this is about our armed forces. Show some respect for them and thank your lucky stars it is them fighting the Taliban and not you.

http://www.youtube.com/user/sameoldfitup2008?feature=mhum said...

I want the people Tameside and the whole world to understand, that the police are at the mercey of the Labour party here in Tameside.
There is no freedom of speech because Labour will send the police round to your house.

Let justice be the flame. said...

Tameside Blue even if I was a man of steal and courage, I would never fight and kill Muslims in their own lands.

send the savages home said...

Muslims planning to disrupt rememberance day ceremonies. Watch the video here but be quick before the video gets pulled.

tonydj said...

labour til i die
(soon I hope)

The Army organised this parade and not the Labour party.

And while we are on about supporting the Army I seem to recall that in the not-to-distant past the local Labour party had no compunction in being anti-British forces during the war against the IRA and the cold war.

Remember Norbert (Bert) Ellicot. Chair of Tameside Labour Party and Stalybridge-Hyde Constituency? He was on the local Trades Council ctte when they organised a meeting in support of Irish Republicans in Ashton in 1980.

As Secretary of the Trades Council he burnt an invite to the Queen's garden party during the 1977 silver jubilee.

Then there was the whole CND / Nuclear free zone caper!

Problem Solved said...

The answer to the scum in the video is simple: seeing as he hates Britain and our soldiers so much ask him to leave and move back to his own country. If he refuses run him through with a bayonet and feed him to the pigs.

Tameside Citizen said...

Tony, if you have evidence of open acts of treason by Labourites in Tameside send me the info and I will publish an article exposing their treachery. We can then have a ‘where are they now’ quiz.

Cost Cutting Conservative said...

Look at Tameside Image Archives and search for stuff relating to CND. Here's one of Lord Tom Pendry marching in protest. Where's nuclear engineer Roy Oldham? No where to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Barmy Bert, now there's a blast from the past. Took an interest in wearing German uniforms in later life - you may have bumped into him Tony -big mate of Mike Ballagher. He was booted out of the Labour Party wasn't he? I'd heard he was dead

Barmy indeed but suggesting that the Irish issue had to have a political solution rather than a military has proved right. Perhaps its better to be a bit barmy than live with your head in the sand.

Code of Justice. said...

My local Labour cllr never has any bad intentions against his political opponents.
Justice and fairness is this man's code word.
No spiteful agenda here, never using far-left outside groups to come in and post vile leaflets.
This man is an example to us all, on how to conduct himself in public office.

If you want more Muslims vote Labour said...

So they did do it, the Muslims turned up at the Armistice Day event in London and disrupted the ceremony by screaming "British soldiers burn in hell" and "Islam will dominate the world". They also burned poppies as an ultimate sign of disrespect. How did the authorities deal with this outrage? They arrested the British people who opposed the Muslim outrage.

I hope Jackie Lane and the other Muslim appeasers in Tameside feel proud of themselves.

Read about it in the Daily Mail by clicking here

No wonder the EDL thought it necessary that they turned up in Hyde on Monday.

Tameside Citizen said...

Would the person who emailed me about the bias of The Advertiser please check their spam filter. I have been replying but it appears my emails have not been reaching you.

Justice was not seen to be done. said...

I very much try to understand, why these brave men are fighting and dying in this Muslim war.
Muslims, along with other tides of immigrants are taking over vast areas of this nation.
The writing is on the wall, and the Tories are not going to save this country from Muslim/foreign domination.

I thought Islam was a religeon of peace? said...

Video from the outrageous scenes in London today. The controlled media are not reporting. Watch Muslims burn poppy & Disrupt the 2 minute silence

Anonymous said...

Above-the Muslim protest video.
Thats what you get because of the traitors hand at work in Lib/Lab/Con just imagine if they were the majority of this country?

no lies, propaganda or spin - just facts said...

If sanity does not return to British political life it is a mathematical certainty that the Muslims will become the dominant group in Britain by 2060. They are out breeding everyone else on a ration of 6 to 1. They also have new recruits joining their army of occupation/conquest by the million each year as a result of legal and illegal immigration. If Cam gets his way and Turkey becomes a full member of the EU the complete Islamification of Europe will follow within two generations.

Anti 'D' Notice said...

Youtube are pulling the videos of the Muslims burning poppies and distrupting the armistice events as quick as they go up. Click here to see another version of the video but be quick before the censors pull it.

The establishment are doing everything in their power to prevent the British people from seeing the whole picture.

Joseph Turner said...

Even the ultra liberal/anti-fascist/leftie nutcase brigade are starting to realise the implications of Islamic demographics but the vast majority won't admit it openly yet.
The truth penetrates everything and everyone.

just like us but go to a different church said...

More on the lovers of peace here.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I didnt see the, claimed, 10 EDL at the Hyde March. I saw the village idiot with a scruffy bloke with a beard in his fishing gear - you know the sort, green anorak, matching trousers - plus three plain clothed plods behind them in case they caused trouble

Anonymous said...

In that case you are either blind, ignorant or plain stupid. Watch the video from 8.06 seconds and you will see the EDL.

watch the video before you answer said...

The 'plain clothed plod' were there for the same reason as the EDL, because of Muslim threats to disrupt the event. Did you not see the riot vans parked on Asda car park in anticipation?

You know what, I did not see one Muslim or any other foreigner in Hyde to welcome the troops home - did you?

Anonymous said...

You are a rather silly, sad character. There were no riot police, only in your imagination. There were police transports parked there that had brought the plod and took them away at the end.

I saw considerably more none white faces there than EDL. There was most certainly not "a group of 10" just the two sado's previously mentioned with their escorts. Perhaps if there was less jerking off about being stood near Taylor and more observation you would have noticed that yourself.

tonydj said...

Why have riot vans? I am sure that the "eight hundred fighting Englishmen, the colonel and the band" present on the parade could have dealt with any ragheads!

IDS said...

I intend getting the Lazy buggers off benefits and into work, if the poles and others can come over here and find work ,then our benefit scroungers can find work.
Did you see the woman in the paper this week in Tameside can walk and need lots of tax payers money to live shes very poorly, but shes out singing and dancing in pubs and clubs, my investigators got her,and we are onto others in this area.

UAF said...

We have a big leafleting campaign on Saturday 13th November,meet 10am Concord shopping precinct Dukinfield.
Its a special anti BNP leaflet by searchlight all anti fascist welcome

annonymous councillor said...

I am a labour councillor who was there and i will remain annonymous. I was handing out free white poppys and england flags so anyone there will know who i am. I am against war and jingoistic military displays but i felt it was my duty to be present as an elected representitive in tameside. To be truthfull i did not see any non white people in the crowd and can you blame them. We are guilty of invading there countries so they are hardly likely to come out onto the streets of hyde and cheere the invaders. We live in a multiracial country and we must apreciate people have differnt views and beliefs. The idiots burning poppys in london have created bad publicity for immigrants and give the bnp an own goal. They should have been clever and give out white poppys to show their opposition to the war and the army.

oval drive said...

uaf i thought the bnp were done for in duky?

BERLIN - May 14, 1945 said...

From German living in Dukinfield Tameside.

not on your nelly said...

Total destruction but not a true image of what Berlin was really like in May 1945. For example, no footage of the Bolshevic savages raping young girls, women and old ladies. Nor of them murdering young boys and old man.

I wonder would the surviving aircrews of our bombers who laid waste to Germany feel it was worth it when they walk through Oldham or Rusholme in 2010 or when they see videos of immigrants desecrating churches and burning poppies?

Red filth and scum. said...

German women raped during WWII by the Soviets.

UAF said...

The BNP are finished in most parts of the country election results this year have been devastating for them,our campaign this weekend is a special one it will bring home to many the real truth about the BNP.
They are finished and we will continue to make sure they stay finished.

White man speak with forked tongue said...

Anonymous, you are a rather silly, sad liar, I was there and there were virtually no Asians in the crowd despite the proximity of one of the largest communities in Tameside. Commenting on their lack of attendance is perfectly legitimate, lying about their lack of attendance to big up your PC credentials is pathetic.

Cameron = Yellow said...

IDS, have you found any illegal immigrants/asylum seekers parasiting off the system? No, of course not because you gutless Tory bastards aren't even looking.

Support OUR troops said...

Anonymous labour councillor, 'We are guilty of invading their countries', thanks for confirming what everyone in the real world already knew, they don't regard Britain as their country and their loyalty lies elsewhere. That doesn't stop them claiming and enjoying all the benefits of living in Britain, they just have no loyalty to it whatsoever.

Dresden firestorm said...

Britain's heroic bomber crews had a horrendous 50% casualty rate in WWII and played a massive part in the Allied victory. As Bomber Harris said of the Germans, 'They sowed the wind, now they're going to weep the whirlwind.'
There is a Bomber Command memorial due to go up in London in the near future (65 years too late), any bleeding hearts who try to interfere should be stopped forthwith and treated with the contempt they deserve.

Alan Francis said...

The guy with West at the parade was with Griffin at a demo a few months ago, it was on TV.

Well done the Mercians said...

Anonymous Labour councillor, many of the people cheering our local regiment home disagree with the war in Afghanistan but recognise they owe a debt of gratitude to the brave people who serve in our armed forces to keep Britain secure. Massive numbers of 'British' Muslims have no loyalty to this country or its armed forces and the recent conflicts have made that abundantly clear. Don't come on here absolving their disloyalty and being 'understanding' of it. Labour spent years crawling up to this particular community and many Labourites clearly find it hard to break the habit.

Roy West said...

Mr Taylor.
If you personally come to my door and hand me one of those leaflets.
I'll donate £50 to breast cancer research.
My sister died of that disease.
Have you got the nerve to face West on his doorstep and answer the questions I put to you?

NCB said...

The Stranger by Rudyard Kipling

The Stranger within my gate,
He may be true or kind,
But he does not talk my talk--
I cannot feel his mind.
I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
But not the soul behind.

The men of my own stock,
They may do ill or well,
But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
They are used to the lies I tell;
And we do not need interpreters
When we go to buy or sell.

The Stranger within my gates,
He may be evil or good,
But I cannot tell what powers control--
What reasons sway his mood;
Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
Shall repossess his blood.

The men of my own stock,
Bitter bad they may be,
But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
And see the things I see;
And whatever I think of them and their likes
They think of the likes of me.

This was my father's belief
And this is also mine:
Let the corn be all one sheaf--
And the grapes be all one vine,
Ere our children's teeth are set on edge
By bitter bread and wine.

Rudyard Kipling

if only they knew what they were fighting for said...

So DF, the sacrifice made was worth it? It would have been such a terrible thing if we were forced to speak German but rest assured that will never happen as our future Islamic rulers will ensure we all speak in one Arab dialect or another.

aluman2000 said...

Behave yourself the troops keep our country secured, they done nothing with that illgal war other than make our country unsafe and unsecure, they did,nt go to war for us at all they went to war for your lying, greedy government.

Elections 2011 said...

Fitzpatrick 'Labour Mafia' making political gain out of rememberance Sunday in Dukinfield.

Union said...

Afghanistan is irrelevant, these people secure our nation and deserve our full support. Virually all the Islamic population's priorities and loyalties lie elsewhere and grovelling apologists for this alien creed are no more than traitors.

He who laughs last.................. said...

DF may truly believe the airmen responsible for massacring 130,000 civilians in a 24 hour period in the undefended refugee city of Dresden in an already defeated Germany was a heroic act. He may too believe that Germany started the bombing campaign against British cities. He probably genuinely believes that Germany started the war too.

Ignorance can be forgiven, but falling for long discredited propaganda is another matter. If your main source of historical ‘knowledge’ are television channels such as the History Channel - you should broaden your horizons and do some independent research. If you are reeling off information you were told by your teachers at school you have been genuinely mugged.

Britain declared war on Germany on September 3rd 1939, however the unofficial declaration of war was in 1933 when the brilliant German and non National Socialist Reichsbank president Dr Hjalmar Schacht opted out the international finance system to restore Germanys fortune following the ruinous years of the great depression. Within three years of this move Germany was again a leading world power but the Internationalists of East and West were gunning for Germany and war was inevitable.

Britain entered WWII as a leading world power. The German government did everything in their power to prevent another German/British brothers war, however it was to no avail. The Internationalists who controlled Britain and the Empire had to destroy Germany at all costs so war commenced.

Britain won the war, Germany was totally annihilated. The Internationalist power brokers abandoned Britain and opted for the USA as their new vehicle for world exploitation and the rest is history.

Never in the history of human conflict has a nation gave so much for a cause and got so little in return as the British did in the last war. We went from a world power into a laughing stock who was unceremoniously booted out of virtually every colony we possessed within two decades of the war ending.

We swapped wealth and national pride for post industrial decline and mass third world immigration. We have witnessed historic institutions destroyed, our way of life turned inside out and our standing in the world reduced to status of absolute laughing stock.

As for Germany; what can one say. The Wirtschaftswunder came, Germany overtook Britain decades ago and could buy and sell Britain at their leisure as they do now with the remnants of British industry. Germany achieved her aim of a pan European Reich - we all live in it, it is called the European Union.

William Ford said...

"Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
Shall repossess his blood".
Never was a truer word spoken NCB.

Third Party Fitzpatrick Labour/Searchlight said...

I should have asked Councillor Fitzpatrick if this was one of his council duties, posting third party leaflets in Dukinfield.

UAF said...

Thank you to all the activist who turned up in Dukinfield today to assist with the anti BNP leaflet.
Our members working with Labour activist delivered thousands of leaflets one local fascist came out to greet us,he was shocked at the number of activist working in the area,we had to remind him the reason we are out today is because of his support for the Nazis.

Elections 2011 said...

Remember the great lesson seeing the army of FAR-LEFT cranks, and, of course, gravy train riding Labour Cllrs.
The power of the individual is great in the course of FREEDOM.
They FEAR the one they call the village idiot.

aluman2000 said...

can i ask, where does the money go off these white poppys ?

UAF said...

our aim is to smash the BNP today's work in Tameside will have done them great damage another nail in the coffin.
It is very pleasing to see so many people out when we make the call, four activist came from Liverpool to assist,and seven local residents not party members came to help,it was also pleasing to see members of the green party helping out.

Shop Steward said...

The GMB union paid for the white poppies. We as trade unionists oppose war and war mongers.

aluman2000 said...

UAF scum couldnt smash an egg you muppet

Dresden firestorm said...

He who laughs last, the men of Bomber Command weren't concerned about internationalist power brokers, whose existence now is undoubted, they did what they did with extreme bravery, for their country. The 'undefended' city of Dresden was a staging post for German troops going east and a rail hub. It was bombed for that reason and under Russian pressure. Don't make assumptions about what others know or think about the true causes of World War II. I was responding to the Berlin, May 14, 1945 post and paying tribute to the heroes of Bomber Command who didn't have the leisure or freedom to pontificate and theorise arrogantly, they were too busy doing their duty defending their country. The many undesirable things that have happened in Britain since cannot touch or diminish that heroism in any way.

William Ford said...

Excellent footage of LABOUR COUNCILLORS delivering UAF leaflets and trying to make political capital out of Remembrance day. Well done Mr West for exposing them as the anti-democratic scum they are.

Karl Roberts said...

Re international power brokers/financiers sermon: Largely true, but engaging in political activity (as some of us do) to try and wake people up to such things, as opposed to yakking on internet forums, is the only meaningful and significant way to proceed.

10/10 Roy West said...

Excellent work Roy West. Jim Fitzpatrick and the other vermin attempting to make political capital out of our dead war heroes will soon have their 15 minutes of fame. The video footage is ok but the stills are brilliant.

I'll never give in NEVER! said...

Taylor/uaf cranks/Labour Mafia.

Just remember one thing, and always keep this in mind.
I have absolutlely nothing to lose, I'll carry on no matter what you post.
Politics for people is my game, and to carry on in the Face of your corruption.
You can have a million people posting a million leaflets but I will carry on posting mine.
From now on, I will not reveal further campaign plans in Dukinfield.
But to give in, is not my policy.

oohh arrrhhh said...

Excellent work Roy now get the straw hat on and the gown on sit on the wall and make silly noises.

Cllr Jim Fitzpatrick said...

Stay tuned to read about the money this guy is making with his fingers in the pie.
While people struggle to make end meet, you'll be shock to know just how much this councillor is ranking in.

Democraticus Maximus said...

The only reason creatures like Fitzpatrick and Taylor campaign against the BNP is the increase in votes enjoyed by the latter in the last few years. It scared them that their comfy seat on the gravy was under threat. They've never worked so hard as they have in the last few years. Everyone knows all the smaller parties have had a dip (as they always do) after the general election but Labour are still so worried they organise pathetic days out for the 'useful idiots' and associated democracy hating cranks, for whom the will of the people only has validity if the people's views agree with their own. A purer form of fascism you will never find.

low calibre grunts said...

Maximus, also bear in mind on the whole Labour councillors are very low calibre individuals. Outside the cosseted world of gravy train politics most of these guys would be lucky if they could secure jobs of any other type than burger flipping in a fast food restaurant or security guard work. The money they milk from the system in their role as councillors, committee members etc, way exceeds what they could earn in the real world. It is a pity Tameside does not have a more effective opposition or clued up electorate because the majority of these Labour numpties could easily be unseated if the people really understood what made them tick.

Speak to someone urgently said...

West you numpty have you not yet seen this huge bigger picture that people like Taylor can see with both eyes shut,you do more work to get him elected that he does himself, you will never be elected for the BNP ask someone who knows about politics what you do in his area and others when you stand.
I will not spell it out for you,your party are evil and vile and you do some of strangest things, dont call Cllr Fitzpatrick until you have taken a good look at what your Euro MPs are getting,this is not your average gravy train this is the Tokyo Expess gravy train.
Go and talk to someone who understands election tactics not from the BNP some real people let them explain how you assist Taylor and others when you stand in a seat you can never win

Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh to see these Labour/Searchligt, money grabbing, cllrs in a spin over one guy posting leaflets in Dukinfield.
You get the point, how they are motivated by money and greed. You'll see when you find out about Jim Fitzpatrick's money making interests published for all to see.
With these bastards it's about protecting their money making scams, and not the wish to serve the people.

Elections 2011 said...

Sorry oohh arrrhhh said...not from that part of the country.
Try something else.

http://www.youtube.com/user/sameoldfitup2008?feature=mhum said...

Speak to someone urgently. I also win when I stand.
You are talking like I have something to lose.
I am not motivated by money, I must be elected at all costs.
Try to see the bigger picture yourself.

Elections 2011 said...

Speak to someone urgently said...
693 folk voted BNP last election, very satisfying.
You won't be able to understand that, because 693 people have never voted for you.

Roy West said...

Speak to someone urgently said...
Something to bare in mind also.
The three elections I've stood in Dukinfield, all my own work, one man.
Your hero John Taylor can't do it on his own, he needs an army of outsiders and Labour cllrs to help him.
What does that tell you about John Taylor?
My votes are achieved by me, not by an army of FAR-LEFT cranks mixed in with serving Labour cllrs, helping Taylor/Wild/Lane.

Roy West said...

520, 734, 693, all votes won by my hand alone, no outside helpers like Taylor needs to have, no vast amounts of postal votes from care homes.
My votes, good, honest, fought for votes.
Just like my votes will be in 2011.

For the people, not for money and corruption.

Bloody Meadow said...

Speak to someone urgently, you don't know the meaning of the word evil. You wouldn't recognize it if it was right in front of you because you rely on others to think for you and haven't got the guts or spine to even try to reason for yourself.

Democraticus Maximus said...

Mr West may be infuriating to some/a sponger/weirdo etc but unlike 95% of the apathetic, gutless slopeheads in Britain he takes part in, and takes an interest in, the democratic process. And unlike large numbers of our elected representatives, both local and national, he clearly BELIEVES in what he's doing. Well done on this one, despite your past mistakes.

aluman2000 said...

I,ll tell you what evil is? evil is attacking a country and killing thousands and thousands of innocent men, women and children for no reason what so ever. NOW THATS EVIL.

Colin Evans said...

Labour in Duki still haven't got over the shock in 2008 when West took over a quarter of the vote. I haven't voted BNP YET although I have voted UKIP twice, but if the country carries on like this, particularly regarding immigration and the economy, I may well do in the future. The old parties aren't trustworthy anymore.