Saturday, 2 October 2010

Lost dog in Denton - £300 reward if found

You have to feel sorry for this lost dog. 15 years old in human years equates to 105 in dog years. I have never met or seen this dog but I do feel for him - missing teeth and all. It must very traumatic getting lost at that grand old age. He may have canine senile dementia and just wandered off not realising what he was doing or where he was going - bless!

Male Jack Russell

15 years old

Tan & white

Missing bottom teeth

If found please contact Janet on 07825 177912


Anonymous said...

They must be barking mad. you could get a new one for half that price.

tonydj said...

It's called "Loyalty", something you probably don't understand!

let me know if he threatens you said...

Tonydj you must stand up to West you are the only descent person in your local party,do what Taylor did and stand up to him he is a bully.
You know what hes like he picks on vulnerable people people who he thinks cant fight back.
We have seen it all women , young kids in the park,pensioners,single mums,and now someone with a genuine disability the mans a coward.

1921 Committee said...

This week you will see the big decisions our party will make when we outline the plans to transform the welfare state, scroungers and benefit cheats will not like the proposals.
Going to work must be made a better option than staying at home and living on generous hand outs, those who need benefits because they cant work must be looked after and we will do that.
More investigators will be employed to track down the cheats and a review of all claimants will take place on a regular basis just a little snippet of what will be announced.
Enjoy the conference we will, dont listen to the moaners and groaners going on about cuts, we will only cut out the waste and deal with the benefit cheats to save the country billions.

Jerome Hellman said...

let me know if he threatens you. Ok we'll send out that advice by urgent communication.

Big mouth, small b***s said...

1921 Committee = big talking s**thouse, because the Tories will do f**k all about the half a million failed asylum seeskers who are parasiting off the our country. British people are an easy target though aren't they. I've yet to hear Cameron even mention any SERIOUS proposals (I'm not talking about tinkering round the edges) on this problem or immigration in general. England's population density is 420% higher than France's (bearing in mind the Tories have got virtually zero support in Scotland and Wales), what are the Tories' plans to deal with that?

Roy West said...

This is my song for the months ahead posting leaflets, newspapers, Christmas cards, in Dukinfield.

Rover said...

Did they have this dog on a lead, looks like they didn't what can you expect,but I hope the do find it.

Another one bottles it. said...

What a tosser Osbourne is no child benefit for someone earning over £44,00 and an even bigger one for his next announcement £500 the weekly limit for someone on benefits.
I wonder how many people in the north west are earning £44,000 and £500 per week on benefits ,Ill have some of that.
No F*****g wonder the ports are full of illegals trying to get over here they wont earn £500 in a month where they live,just checkout the jobs page this week see how many are offering £500 pw and how many offer £44,000 per year.

Rolyat Kcuf said...

Yes and was the lead more than two metres long (a crime that in Tameside will soon carry the death penalty), because as we all know length of lead is the vital factor in whether people pick their dog mess up, not whether they're pig ignorant wankers who've been allowed to get away with it by the local authorities for decades.