Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New Conservative Leaflet for Longdendale

I have heard the Conservatives have been very busy in Broadbottom. Three leaflets so far from the Conservative team. Local residents are said to be very impressed by the high calibre of Conservative activists. The Tesco issue is of great concern to many as is the on/off saga of the by-pass.

I know Labour are going for a complete canvass of the ward. If the Conservatives do not do likewise I fear they will lose. Labour only have to mobilise the non-thinking brain dead in any given ward and by canvassing they can easily identify and then eliminate the thinkers to give themselves maximum time to work on the zombie voters who will vote Labour with a bit of encouragement.

The other parties are always going to struggle to outgun Labour through sheer numbers of activists on the ground. After all, virtually all Labour activists are on the payroll either as councillors or party employees. Other parties cannot afford this luxury and as a result they must put in a lot more individual effort if they hope to win.


JT said...

This leaflet can only be delivered on a fine day or a warm dry night.

Reformed Tory Car Clocker said...

Ok JT thanks for you imput on our leaflet.

F**k Labour said...

MORE traffic lights? Only a complete moron (i.e. a Labour voter) would be in favour of this store in this location. As for 'punishing' drivers who use Ashworth Lane, that proves many elected representatives are mental cases.
It's easy to spend all your time leafleting when you've got f**k all else to do.

Residents in Labour mutiny said...

Yes, an excellent leaflet by Rob, and there's an excellent letter in this week's (2nd September) Reporter mentioning it. Can you post that as well TC?

Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks RILM, I will post it tomorrow.