Saturday, 18 September 2010

Ironwork Stolen in Denton

I can 100% confirm the grids stolen from Cemetery Road in Denton last night were taken before 11pm. I know because the hound and I passed the cemetery around 11pm and they were already gone but were not marked with cones as they were today when I went back. The vermin responsible probably took them after dark which would mean any time after 8pm and before 11pm. Incidentally, Tameside Council have a base on Cemetery Road which seems to specialise in plants and the like. On one recent occasion I disturbed tinkers as I exited the woods and caught them by surprise. They were acting highly suspiciously at the side fence leading to the Tameside MBC base. It wouldn’t surprise me if was them who stole the grid covers.

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aluman2000 said...

See know one gives a shit for the grids