Monday, 3 May 2010

A video message from the Stalybridge & Hyde Conservative Party candidate

A very well put together and professionally produced video. Good luck to Rob Adlard!


tonydj said...

Rob Adlard lives locally in Broadbottom, a local man for the Constituency, good! But what of the Ashton Conservative candidate?

This is Seema Kennedy, born Seema Louise Ghiassi.

She is a solicitor

QUOTE "Seema spent her earliest years in Iran, leaving there during the time of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. She grew up and went to school in Blackburn, Lancashire" UNQUOTE

She was/is a councillor in St Albans, Herts$1373368.htm

Evidently the Ashton Tories are not in favour of a local candidate.

NO CHANGE there then.

norbert cleaverhook said...

pass my a bucket i am going to be sick. as somebody who has been impressed by your leaflets rob the video made you look at bit of a goon old boy.

Harold Faber said...

Who's covering his paper round?

no change here said...

leaflets videos blogs , whats missing real canvassing ,get your victory speech ready Johnny the real local candidate.

Behind the mask said...

Above: F**k off Taylor.

Vote for Change said...

Canvassing? Let me tell you what people have been telling Labour when canvessing "F*ck Off" and don't pretend they haven't