Monday, 3 May 2010

A tale of two Tameside election posters

One is pleasingly situated in England’s green and pleasant countryside. The other tied to a hedge where a citizen has made an appropriate comment.


Tameside Citizen said...

I could think of many other captions to replace the one beneath vote Labour. Can anyone come up with a caption that really sums up what you get when you vote Labour?

John Major said...

A Labour parliamentary candidate has dubbed Gordon Brown the worst prime minister Britain has ever had.

According to the Lynn News newspaper, North West Norfolk candidate Manish Sood said: "Immigration has gone up which is creating friction within communities. The country is getting bigger and messier.

"The role of ministers has gone bureaucratic and the action of ministers has gone downhill - it is corrupt."

Mr Sood added:"The loss of social values is the basic problem and this is not what the Labour Party is about.

"I believe Gordon Brown has been the worst prime minister we have had in this country.

"It is a disgrace and he owes an apology to the people and the Queen."

Coming so close to the election, Mr Sood's comments will come as a major blow to Mr Brown's bid to win a fourth term for Labour.

According to the newspaper, Mr Sood, 38, declared the Tory-held seat "unwinnable" from the start of the election campaign.

In the article, he promised to "get back to basics" and "clean up the system" if chosen to represent the area.

Mr Sood is reported to have said: "We have to get back to basics where people can leave their money outside for the milkman without it being stolen."

Labour no more said...

Vote Labour for the destruction of Britain

Vote Labour for a never ending flow of cheap labour

Vote Labour to keep the rich rich and the poor very poor.

Labour Out. said...

Vote Labour - for a Party that sold its principles to Tony Blair in 1994 to become an election winning machine.
That decision has now caught up with them.