Friday, 23 April 2010

Labour gain in Stalybridge South

This could be one of the headlines on May 7th if KY Marland carries on producing and distributing leaflets of this quality. I do not intend to demoralise any Tories who may read this but really - you have a real fight on your hands in Stalybridge South and Basil needs to raise his game if he is to retain his seat.

This latest Labour leaflet is by far the best Labour leaflet I have seen in ages. If the Greens were not standing in Staly South, KY Marland would almost certainly gain the Green vote by highlighting his opposition to hunting. Added to that he does seem quite a rare exception in Labour circles these days, maybe because he has never been elected and corrupted while at ‘the trough’, but he does actually seem interested in helping the community in which he hopes to represent. If he did not represent such a truly vile organisation as The Labour Party, if say for example he was an Independent or a representative of a non traitorous Party, I would almost certainly vote for him.


Basil by a country mile said...

The Cat Park claim is once again another Labour lie. Plans were well advanced on the Cat Park before Al Murray turned up.

I also see he's cleaned up graffiti the Labour council couldn't be bothered to clean up, and misguidedly coerced a couple of young lads to clean up contaminated waste with him (as per the Reporter a few weeks back). Here's hoping they don't contract HIV or hepatitis.

As for fox hunting, it would be interesting to know how many hunts have been held in Stalybridge South? Isn't the answer 'none'?

Cleaning up Labour sh1t said...

"Campaigned for a cleaner Stalybridge town centre"? With the help of your Labour pals you failed!

Another Labour liar said...

Not bloody fox hunting again! What is Mr Marland's position on barbaric Halal slaughter. I'll answer for him, " ."

Safe speed said...

'Campaigned for extra speed cameras', what a dickhead.

Anonymous said...

TC I can't believe you are so gullible.
1 Cat park:
What can I campaign on Kevin? (chairman of DA)
Oh The Conservative Cllrs have been complaining about the Cat Park infact Doreen had Mike Round out on a site visit get in there before they make it public.

2 Copley church yard
A total mess Conservative Cllrs been trying to get it cleaned up for ages, Labour again not working. Get up there with a few lads I know.Let the press know i'm going, give the lads a few cans of Stella( This is what the lads say they were paid) have the photo taken jobs a good un.

3 Fox Hunting
not really a campaign
more a piece in the press.
Think the countrys got more to worry about at the moment.

4 Campaign for speed signs and pedestrian crossing
Again ask a couple of questions and call it a campaign GIVE ME A BREAK

5 Cleaning graffiti
This again is the The Councils problem, people on the Council get paid vast amounts of money to sort these problems out,the job is actually getting Them to do it.

6 Dog fouling
1 Police man, 2 PCSO 1 Patroller for each ward with youth annoyance, burglarys, assults,tyre slashing,car thefts these people really have time to patrol the streets for people who let their dog foul.Again campaign for tougher penalties, he doesn't need a campaign his party is in control and has been for 30 years, they set the penalties so all he has to do is talk to his comrades
I have never read so much crap in my life and you TC along with others no doubt have fell for it the common name is


basil you dont like the fact ky is right said...

Maybe once there is a candidate who has really hurt the tories in this ward, you have to admit that ky has given them a battle as good as he can get.. the tories try and justify donating 800 pounds to the tennis court on mottram road and leave the rest of the ward to the dogs

give this lad a chance he may actually benefit this ward in every party their is a need for change and maybe this ky is just the man

well done and good luck

Anonymous said...

Desperate Labour crap.

How about getting our potholed roads filled in? Oh, that's right, Labour scum don't drive cars - would rather spend the benefit cash on White Lightning and getting little Kylie's ears pierced.

you traitor tameside citizen said...

you have a nerve TC backing this little shit how dare you. you of all people should be a shamed are you a complete moron, i have pounded the street with basil and co and they have not heard one person say they are voting for ky

get really you TW*T

basil will win this ward you will see

ky wins over millionaires row said...

I have lived on Mottram road for 20 years and in that time I have seen Conservative posters all over

but i have never seen until today a vote Labour poster.... maybe it is time for change even TC is backing ky

we still have the same problems said...

Ky came to my door the other day whilst canvassing in millbrook indeed Basil also had a conversation with me the same day also it was good to let off a bit of steam a both parties who i am not so happy with or trust however, it was what ky said that got my attention Stalysouth is a postcode lottery where certain parties only look after their own and after reading basil election leaflet i was a little disappointed he said he became a councillor to sort out the problems in the area but then admits they are still here after fours years
my point what has he done to address them nothing it appears his own addmission
the tories are admitting that they cant do anything to improve the area then step aside and let somebody else do it

we love basil said...

utter rubbish have you been bought? TC why did you even publish this leaflet you have damaged Basil campaign.....

ky will never never never never never win stalysouth and if by grace of god he does I will sell my house on Burnside and move to saddleworth

Lady Fiona Pendry said...

Dear Basil by a country mile, i suppose you can also catch hiv from a toilet seat. get real the catpark a tory plan yeah is that why basil and the antihill mob had years to do something and have not bothered not quiet where their votes are i think

we know Lord Tom might have fallen favour with the soon new MP but he is displaying a poster for ky and he is backing him all the way

odds are ky' s going to win said...

as somebody who like to read between the lines I feel that this ky has worked well and deserves a chance to represent the ward of Stalybridge South. Ten campaigns in tweleve months and the train station campaign. it was ky i beleive who got that waste of space Purnell to take a ride on the local train was it not? look on tameside eye it is him stood with james. well done you


at last even you TC have to admit that ky has done what he sey out to do and that was attempt to win the unbeatable tory seat poor basil he must be shitting himself with all the resources going to rob he must feel so left out we seen him this morning in brushes leafleting the area for the second time good luck ky you might just pull this one off

Tamesider said...

Labour have got no chance in Staly South. It might have been fairly close but for the BNP standing. Labour have spent the last thirteen years utterly abandoning and backstabbing the British working class and the BNP have been hoovering up Labour support nationwide. That's why Taylor keeps losing it. Forget all the bullshit about 'Nazis' and 'racism', it's the genuine threat of being booted off the gravy train that's getting to him and the rest of the Labour mafia.

Basil we love you said...

"Basil it's Doreen".
"Yes Master what do you need me to do?"
"That Labour candidate Ky, he has just been around knocking on doors asking them to sign a petition to get the catpark cleaned up".

"The Catpark Doreen, where is that?"
"It that shitty bit of land near my mansion basil, you know the one we cant be bothered cleaning up."

"Oh that bit of land I now where you mean, I would not worry about that it is not in our main voting area"

"Give me strength Basil, if it's not you its the others, do I have to think for all of you all the time. we need to do something and fast, I know we will let everybody know it was you who campaigned and got it clean up."

"That's genius Doreen we so luck to have you it's a shame your not our Parliamentary candidate, I never stabbed you in the back for that pretty boy Rob."

" I have told you before not to mention his name, anyway I will prove the Party right, I told them not to try and push in an outsider but would they listen, anyway get the rest of the gang and meet me at mine we need a cunning plan."

"Shall I invite Dorothy and Clive Master"
"your going to have to Beefy is out posting his daughter's leaflets seeing as nobody else will."
"what about Dominic?"

"Who is that."

Fake Campaign said...

There will be at least 800 votes between KY Jelly and Basil.
Deluded Labour Muppet

never a red sky in south said...

is this planet on some sort of drug there is no way on gods earth that Ky OR the BNP or going to win Stalybridge South, Basil has already won. won won won won
so you have won over the estates who cares about them, we have the upper class of Mottram to keep Basil safe, better buy a lottery ticket, that's the only way you are going to get out of your post code lottery ha ha ha

Tally Ho Basil and Chums said...

who cares if we spent £800 pounds on the tennis club, what else did you expect us to do, when rob wins we are going to knock down the ridgehill surestart and build a polo club there

Basil by two country miles said...

Who is Al Murray kidding?

Shit in the church yard, shit in the canal, no pedestrian crossing on Mottram Road, shops closed in Stalybridge, and council estates starved of funding - welcome to Labour's Tameside!

I've just received Basil's leaflet this morning, and it is quite clear that the Tories spend their time clearing up Labour's shit all over Stalybridge South.

It always makes me laugh when I see Labour politicians cleaning up the shit that their own council won't clear up. The answer is simple, kick these chancers out.

Keep up the good work Basil. The Labour joker doesn't stand a chance!

PS: The Labour poster in the corner shop on Stocks Lane has mysteriously disappeared. Must be ashamed of Labour's liars.

Labour's shameful lies said...


The Conservatives have further exposed Labour’s scare tactics by producing twenty-three examples of Labour’s scaremongering leaflets.

In the TV debate last night Gordon Brown denied that he had any knowledge of the lies and scare tactics his MPs have been using in their campaign literature.

At a press conference today Eric Pickles and Michael Gove published 23 examples of Labour leaflets peddling lies about Conservative Party policies. The examples of leaflets containing Labour’s shameful lies include no fewer than five Minsters plus Gordon Brown’s own Parliamentary Private Secretary.

Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles said Labour have been “caught spreading poisonous lies about the Conservative Party”.

“Gordon Brown denied giving the go ahead for these leaflets, but with his own ministers using them in their local campaigns his comments are shown up to be complete and utter rubbish.”

“Last night, when he was confronted over these lies, the Prime Minister said that he had not authorised these leaflets”, said Michael Gove. “But today we have the proof that shows he was talking nonsense”.

“Labour have been peddling these allegations against the Conservatives for years and we now have the evidence that his own ministers were at the forefront of this smear campaign”.

Gove called on Brown to “rebuke his colleagues, insist that these leaflets are withdrawn and apologise to the electors in these seats”.

“Labour’s campaign has so far been based on fear and smear, they have nothing new to offer the British people and, on that basis, they have forfeited the right to govern.”

The scare tactics have also featured on Labour’s website and in a Labour election broadcast.

No leaflet from Labour said...

I've had no leaflet from the Labour candidate for Stalybridge & Hyde. Why?

wheres our wall beefy said...

I had a small leaflet from Reynolds but it was not impressive. Locally Labour are in disarray over the PPC selection process.

green gone red said...

Having a labour candidate backing green issues really makes me smile and happy to know their is hope at last perhaps if ky wins he will work with us

no to foxhunting tories

Anonymous said...

Benny from Crossroads can bleat about fox hunting all he likes. It is one big smokescreen for Labour's miserable failings. Ask David Heyes - he even admitted Labour had failed over the past 13 years in power at a question time event in Ashton.

Look around Tameside. I don't see fields strecthing on for miles (because it is all being developed on) with men in jodhpurs riding around on horseback shouting tally ho across the way. No.

People on the doorstep are more concerned about how the UK may end up like Greece through Labour's obsession on spending with public sector "services".

Plus it's Staly South. You are shouting out in a wilderness of nobody listening.

No surrender said...

Dead right about overdevelopment. Constant house building is turning Tameside into an overpopulated, residential concrete jungle. The demand is caused by people leaving other areas such as Oldham, Levenshulme, Longsight, Openshaw, etc etc etc that have been culturally 'enriched' by the government who didn't bother to ask the British people if they wanted the 'benefits' of this enforced alien invasion. I'm not ashamed to say I'll be voting for the BNP at the forthcoming council and general election. Perfect they may not be but at least they're going to DO something about the attempted destruction of our country.