Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy St Georges Day

The Tameside Council initiative at promoting St Georges Day appears to have been a massive success. Barring major football events I can never recalling seeing so many England flags on one day. The chap in the mobility scooter really summed up the essence of it for me. I saw him near Windmill Lane resplendent with his flags and silk red rose - he looked ever so proud flying the flag for England.

Looking at the flags and associated regalia I could not help think if rekindling English nationalism is a wise move in a multicultural society. For over three centuries since the Acts of Union English nationalism has been dormant. Prior to that I suspect the Scots, Irish, Welsh and French would have testified when English nationalism wakes and becomes rampant nobody in close proximity is safe.

The recent phenomenal rise of The English Defence League can, in my opinion, be directly attributable to the promotion of English nationalism by those intent on breaking up the United Kingdom.

The problem for multiculturalists is; if English nationalism ever takes a hold, the task of selling their dream of ‘multicultural utopia’ will become infinitely harder because thanks to Labour anyone from any part of the world can gain a British passport and become a British citizen but one thing they can never become is English. In Ivory Towers they should remember this saying: British By Birth... English By The Grace Of God!...


Anonymous said...

This was John Taylors idea and he should be given the credit for it,we saw him today on the town hall steps and out in Dukinfield later giving away flags,well done Cllr

Where was the Tudor Rose? said...

Don't they know the national symbol of England is the Tudor Rose (red and white) not the red rose they were gleefully handing out today in the midst of a General Election?

The words "p***-up" and "brewery" come to mind. Either that or Tameside Council deliberately decided to hand out silk red roses because the red rose has also been stolen by the Labour party.

This had little to do with St. George's Day, it was more a political stunt paid for with taxpayers' money.

Rhyming slang said...

John Taylor = political stunt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous why does Councillor John Taylor not allow comments on his blog. I think maybe his past his being questioned

Anonymous said...

it was nice to see the flag flying so high for st georges day next year the bnp are having burn an immigrant day and will be giving out burning cross outside the town hall

we know who directs the shots said...

Watch this courageous lady confron Taylor and Quinns private militia.

KJH said...

Anonymous, infantile abuse is your substitute for reasoned argument.

Tamesider said...

Well done Tameside for St Georges day I dont care who did it, I am no fan of John Taylor or many of his Labour friends but Friday showed the rest of the country what we need and I support their campaign for a public holiday to recognise St Georges day.

Smell the coffee said...

They did it for political purposes. Because of BNP pressure on their core vote they have to try and 'look' patriotic. Labour's actions in national government over the last thirteen years however show that they are Britain hating traitors who are trying to destroy our national identity.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the 2 local papers will be full of shots of labour councillors for the next 2 weeks.
Tameside Labour = Political Stunt

Anonymous said...

Last year Mr Brown's instruction that public buildings in England should fly the flag on 23 April were undermined by the production of a European map drawn up in Brussels that wiped England off altogether and replaced the country with a series of EU regions.
MOST PATRIOTIC COUNTRIES IN EUROPE (level of patriotism marked out of 10)

Netherlands 7.18

Scotland 7.1

Wales 7.06

Italy 7.01

Ireland 6.72

Spain 6.57

France 6.44

Germany 5.81

England 5.80

Anonymous said...

Just one thing about the "British by birth, English by the grace of God" comment. Bullshit!

I'm English by birth, and English by the grace of my English ancestors - end of!

You can shove the state-created identity of Britishness, which can apply to any tom, dick or ahmed.

Our English identity is exclusive to us!