Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Is Rob Adlard a ‘committed’ Euro sceptic? If so, UKIP may be of assistance in your campaign

UKIP to back Eurosceptics in other parties
The UK Independence Party have said they will not campaign against election candidates from other parties who are "committed" Eurosceptics.

Speaking at the party's manifesto launch in London, leader Lord Pearson said UKIP will actively support six Tories and one Labour candidate.

He would not feel guilty about stopping a Tory government because it would mean "five more years of integration".

UKIP are fielding 550 candidates in a bid to win their first MP.

The party, which campaigns for withdrawal from the European Union, want to transfer two million public sector jobs to the private sector, cut taxes and get rid of National Insurance altogether.

Lord Pearson said that without withdrawing from the EU, the UK would be unable to tackle "the deplorable and very worrying state of our economy".

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that EU membership cost the country "colossal figures on the economic side", with some estimates suggesting a figure of up to £120bn a year.

Lord Pearson said his party would not run for Westminster seats against other candidates that were genuinely Eurosceptic, and would put up billboards urging people to vote for them.

The BBC's Brian Wheeler, at the manifesto launch, said that meant standing aside in contests against six Tories, one Labour MP, and two Independents.

In Stroud, held by Labour's David Drew at the last election, the UKIP candidate has in his election address asked people to vote for Mr Drew if possible.

The party said the Conservative candidates they will not campaign against are Philip Davies in Shipley, Douglas Carswell in Clacton, Janice Small in Batley and Spen, Alex Story in Wakefield and Philip Hollobone in Kettering.

Neither will they challenge independent Bob Spink in Castle Point.
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Collective Madness. said...

The Observer, Sunday 3 September 2000.
(The last days of a white world.)

We are near a global watershed - a time when white people will not be in the majority in the developed world, Britain included.

Last year net immigration to Britain reached 185,000, an all-time record. The Immigration Minister, Barbara Roche, recently announced plans to attract migrants to fill specific skills shortages, such as in the computer industry.

Last month Edmund Stoiber, the premier of Bavaria in southern Germany, called on Germans to have more babies as an alternative to more immigrants. 'We are having too few children - to a worrying degree, the significance of which is scarcely recognised,' he said. His calls echoed those of a fellow Christian Democrat who earlier this year stood on a platform of 'Children not Indians'.

In Britain the number of ethnic minority citizens has risen from a few tens of thousands in the 1950s, to more than 3 million - or around 6 per cent of the total population. While the number of whites is virtually static, higher fertility and net immigration means the number from ethnic minorities is growing by 2 to 3 per cent a year.
Do you think Tameside UKIP care about the above?
The United Nations predicts that 98 per cent of world population growth until 2025 will be in developing nations. That means more immigration into Britain and Europe.

Anonymous said...

Did any of the jokers posting these first 5 responses actually read the original post?

TC raises a serious point, and you dopes just post your usual rubbish.

It was raised on here a week or two ago that 'vote UKIP get Labour' was a real possibility. It was smacked down by some UKIP folks who now we see are out of touch with their Party Leadership.

Anonymous said...

Of course above post: but did you know that John Cooke (Tameside UKIP) is a FAKE Ukiper, he's a Searchlight operative. He talks the talk of Searchlight. Check out his posts on the BNP they come straight from the pages of Searchlight publications.

False flag said...

UKIP are megapopular and people are queueing up to stand for them:
'Allo, is vat UKIP Tameside?'
'I wanna be a candidate?'
'What do you think of the Party's policies, and what can you personally bring to our campaign?'
'Keep the Pound innit. An' I've got a pen and someone wiv me who can read and write to 'elp me fill the forms in. 'e says e'll show me what to write.'
'OK fine, do you want to be Chairman?'

Blood and mud said...

The above points lack relevance but they are not rubbish. They are deadly serious.

NBF said...

UKIP exist for one reason; to force a referendum on our membership of the EU.
If this is your sole concern vote for them. Otherwise I suggest you weigh up the other Parties' policies - you'll find REAL political Partys have a FULL range of them - and vote for the one that is closest to your views.

Tameside Citizen said...

I have removed the first four posts because I consider them to be spam.

ukip said...

They were not Spam, they were racist. I fully support UKIPs stance on BOO campaigners, This is a clear case of a party putting the public interest before their own, a principled stance.
The comments about Searchlight are beneath contempt.I hold the BNP and Searchlight in the same regard, they are both violent Socialist organisations. As for being a party without a clear manifesto I have posted a link below.

UKIP: A wasted vote said...

At the last General Election the UKIP candidate for Stalybridge & Hyde also stood in:
Ashton under Lyne,
Heywood & Middleton,
Manchester Central,
Rochdale, and

The real JT get us out now said...

If I was not a Labour party member I would join UKIP, we need to get out of Europe and we need to ditch the human rights legislation , we dont need it.
If your a career criminal a terrorist or even a immigration cheat its a good piece of legislation, and lets not forget the poor old lawyers they did need the cash.

Anyone but the waste of space UKIP said...

A vote for UKIP is a vote for nothing. Outside the European elections they are a wasted vote.

Anonymous said...

The real JT, Why ARE you a Labour Party member when you disagree with Party policy on virtually every major issue?

tonydj said...

Does this mean that UKIP wll campaign for the BNP who are totaly opposed to the EU?

Immigration, by the way, is not the issue. THE issue is COLONISATION.

An immigrant wishes merely to LIVE in a country, a COLONISER wishes to rule and / or change the laws to suit them.

Now, whisper to me, have we immigrants or colonisers?

Hyde/Godley said...


BNP Members who fought the nazis. said...

Yes tonydj the reason I agree with you on that comment, follow the link in blue. men like these are for the BNP.

ukip said...

UKIP are opposed to the EU because we believe in freedom. I am afraid that does not apply to the BNP.
So you oppose the right of a democratically elected British citizen to rule/legislate based on their country of origin? Nobody who was not born British should be allowed to stand for election?
I realise you are alluding to Muslims, I am afraid this just displays the BNPs racist paranoia.
Please do not bother with the Islam is not a race canard you usually use.

Anonymous said...

So does UKIP have a problem with the Islamification of Britain or is that something we should all celebrate, after all; they (Muslims) are just like us but their church is called a mosque?

Anonymous said...

You must remember what the local ukiper is, FAKE and a set up spoiler in elections. The UKIP party is Fake,not all members.

Kurt Redkin said...

UKIP, the reason you're pleading for no-one to point out that Islam is not a race is because it isn't.
On many previous occasions you've got yourself into arguments on here and been comprehensively defeated.
Stick to, 'Keep The Pound' and 'We Want a Referendum on the EU', they're statements and don't require the ability to construct a reasoned argument.

The enemy within said...

Cooke, will all those new candidates be out working their socks off. If so, for which Party.

False flag said...

Is Lord, 'where's my monocle' Pearson's offer to disband the Party if Cameron gives us a referendum on the EU constitution still good?
No serious political Party with any principles whatsoever would make such an offer. A single issue group dressed up as a political Party however, would.

referee said...

I heard they were trying to persuade gauchi to defect, due to her super activism .

ukip said...

Kurt,we are all aware the BNP use Islam as a cover for their hatred of anybody who is not Aryan. You use the Muslim religion as a proxy for racism.
I do not recall ever being beaten in debate on here.
I have no intention of trying to convert the BNP posters on here, I merely try to put UKIPs views in case any normal members of the public chance by.

tonydj said...

Whether Islam is a race, religion, cult or political cause is irrelevant.

When I left school in 1973 the first Asian shop had just opened on Wilmslow Road in Rusholme, now it's "Curry Mile".

That's colonisation.

"So you oppose the right of a democratically elected British citizen to rule/legislate based on their country of origin?"UNQUOTE

"RIGHT"?? They have no right to rule or legislate when the rules and legislation are alien to this land of ours (not theirs).

If it was wrong for us to colonise other countries then in turn it is wrong for us to be colonised. I demand the same rights under the UN charter for indigenous peoples as have the Amazonizn Indians

St Pius X Dennison Rd said...

I was a pupil at a local school when Rusholme Chippy in the area now called the Curry Mile, opened in 1977. All the kids in my class went because chips and a can of pop was free on that first day. It was still a white area then. Now it is unrecognisable. You are right we are being colonised but why are the politicians not interested?

ukip said...

How about China town, or is it only Muslims who can colonise. How about the predominance of Afro Caribs in Moss side? or the Jews in Cheetham hill.
You appear to have an unhealthy obsession about Muslims and race in general. I suppose that is why people call the BNP racist, thanks for confirming it.
Our country is full, we cannot absorb any more immigration, but to single out one religion or race is a form of mental illness.

tonydj said...

"St Pius X" I was an old Xaverian lad so I know where you are coming from. You are right.

UKIP. It is not just a matter of being full it is the effect on our culture which is my main concern.

I think that Dr Frank Ellis best summed it up, if I may paraphrase. "Such is the adverse effect of mult-culturalism and immigration on the UK that it is not for those who oppose it to prove their case (though they may do so easily) but for those who support it to justify theirs."

Come on UKIP, stop hurling insults like "mental illness* (what an arrogant comment, you an expert are you?) or "obsession" and justify your stance.

ukip said...

We can see the problems mass immigration causes all around, with over crowded schools,roads, not to mention mass unemployment. But, where is the cultural problem? 60 years ago people went for chippy take away, 40 years ago they went for a Chinese, now they go for a Curry. We have always had places of worship for different religions,They have always advertised their presence with adornments on top, now we have a few different ones, So what?
I truly cannot see why the BNP get their knickers in a knot over this. Live and let live. Perhaps if you got to know some Muslims you would understand they have the same problems and lives the rest of do. They worry about their kids education, fuel prices and mass crime the same as we do.

Kurt Redkin said...

You're using statements and abuse as a substitute for reasoned argument again. If a million white Muslims turned up from the Balkans and started colonisation tactics the BNP approach wouldn't change from their current one. The only reason UKIP won't criticise Islam is because they're terrified of being accused of racism.
You then mention Chinese, Afro-Caribbeans (blacks I think they used to be called, but you're terrified of even using that word) and Jews and then accuse the BNP OF BEING OBSESSED WITH RACE, you're the one who keeps raising the subject and trying (and failing) to use it as a weapon. Unlike UKIP the BNP are not afraid to differentiate and say that Chinese immigrants for example, on average, integrate far better and abide by our laws than Muslims, who, by their deliberate separatism and rampant overbreeding cause massive and rapid social change and social unrest. Everyone is aware of this but some individuals and Parties are too craven to even mention it.
Your utter ignorance of Islamic demographics in Britain and the direct threat they pose to the survival of British culture and identity is absolutely manifest. According to the Home Office's own figures, between 2004 - 2008 the British Islamic population increased ten times faster than any other group, that rate will increase exponentially unless something is done.

ukip said...

Sorry Kurt, please try to leave this discussion to the adults. I am prepared to discuss this issue one on one with TDJ, so long as it is online, with every answer made public.

tonydj said...

Kurt Redkin...I thought your posting was excelent and to the point.

It is not just a matter of numbers but of the change those numbers are bringing to British Society.

UKIP and others. Let me pose a hypothetical case. Suppose you were to travel back in time to VJ Day and were the PM Mr Atlee but with the knowledge that you have of Britain during the intervening 65 years.

Would you address cabinet with the words..."I think that the UK is too white . As we give our colonies independance we must encourage the inhabitants to move here"
Or would you say, "Gentlemen, over the next 25 years as we slowly give our colonies independance we must ensure that under no circumstances do our former subjects move here to the UK. "

In short, if we could turn back the clock would you actively work towards a multi-culti UK?

Kurt Redkin said...

UKIP, the non-adult is yourself. I'm sure you have some talents but the capacity for independent thought (one of the key signs of mental maturity), and the ability to construct a reasoned argument are not amongst them. That's why you use abuse as a substitute and belong to a single issue group instead of a proper Party, that has the courage of its convictions to stand up against the onslaught of political correctness on issues such as immigration and the threat Islam poses to this country.