Monday, 12 April 2010

Cuddly furry critter or one of the most vicious predators in Tameside?

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been away and very busy over the last the month or so. I arrived back yesterday and found a raft of Conservative leaflets in the mail, but none from any other political party, however I did spot who I believe to be ’K Y Marland’ on the campaign trail on Stocks Lane in Stalybridge South this afternoon; or if it wasn’t Mr Marland it was certainly a look-alike resplendent with a Labour rosette.

So, what’s new? I know Rob Adlard has a real fight on his hands now that Labour have chosen Cllr Reynolds as their PPC for Stalybridge & Hyde. I was really hoping Labour would have chosen a different candidate because I think Rob Adlard would have made a first class MP. UKIP and the BNP are fielding more candidates than in previous elections and we have the curious Shorrock v Shorrock contest in the Duki/Staly ward. Interesting times! If anyone has any election leaflets they want posting for discussion please send them to me via email.

Anyway, furry critter or vicious predator? I took these photos today. The creature in question is a stoat, or is that a weasel? I always get the two confused! Whichever of the two it is; it certainly is one of the most fearsome predators in the wild. These small furry killing machines make most other forms of native wildlife appear relatively tame. Looking at the photos (click to enlarge) you could be forgiven for thinking they are quite large, but in reality they are very small, but that does not stop them killing prey such as rabbits which are three or four times their size. They are also very curious, I was lucky enough to have the camera at hand when this fine specimen come bounding towards me. It didn’t stop until it was ten feet away, then it proceeded to have staring contest with me. Next time you are out in places where rabbits roam wild, keep your eyes open for these creatures stalking them for their next meal.


Crying in Mr Kugows kitchen said...

Just a quick reminder of what the judge said at the trail of racist BNP member West,he used the words Vile, offensive,and distasteful just like the little critter in the photo.

red army keeps blues in stronghold said...

It was the local candidate ky out around stocks lane they were out sunday about eight of them around wheatfield armed with posters and that new mp jonny.. take a look around south ky seems to have the support
this morning they were all over the train station giving out leaflet

p.s dear tc you would not have a leaflet for south living in droylsden unless you to live in the love hills of south in which case watch this space, ukip have been stealing tory vote
its going to be close

we love basil said...

utter rubbish basil has you beat so he did not clean up copley its a shit hole full of non voting labour scum good luck there ky

you never know it could be a red south day said...

then how come Basil and the mob had to give money to copley when was the last time that happened

you make me sick supporting the tennis club again twice in 12 months £800 did not know they were skint what about the other parts of this ward.. typical postcode lottery councillors basil you keep looking after the rich ky will look after the rest of the ward

you may not like him but ten campaigns in tweleve months and he is not even a elected yet take a look around there are poster for Labour poping up all over south.

i dropped my eggs said...

whats going on today i stopped at the shop for my usual bottle of wine and eggs for my salad when i noticed a vote labour poster in the shop on oxford street

what going on this ward has never had that kind of support
ky is gaining ground fast
this ky candidate is making basil look a fool forget mottram get your arse down to the catpark or is that a sore subject seeing has you lied about basil campaigning for it on the web we dont need to lie to beat this little red shit
just get out there and get me a poster before we have a classless councillor in this ward

posters posters everywhere said...

it is indeed a sad day i was driving home tonight and noticed a poster in the millbrook shop window also... Whats going on local business dont support labour not around here anyway

get something done before its to late

its time for change said...

look we know you have gained copley and millbrook but brushes are backing basil and so is the rest of staly south we are not worried about some labour candidate in fact ukip are more of a concern. the fact is that you can try but basil will win win win and you all know it yes copley was a big mistake we should have done something sooner instead of leaving them to the rats and disease but that done with now

i saw ky this morning at the train station with the rest of them what good is leafleting hundreds of people at a train station

100 posters ready to go said...

dear basil i have supported ky since he started and it has been nice to see you panic and run around your own ward talking to voters who you have let down for months reassuring them everything will be ok... well let me tell you this we took out 100 posters for sites across south good luck basil

never a red south said...

you must be joking we have been out canvassing with rob and the tean and nobody even knows who ky is

you are not going to win this ward forget it basil has the backing of the ward even if we dont have the estates

so the shops are supporting ky big deal the rest of the ward are supporting us

i am getting closer tc said...

hey tc where you out in the black track in carrbrook looks very similar

tonydj said...

Would that be the Bernd Kugow who posts on the web how to train dogs to go hunting? who claimed his grandmother died "in the camps"

Would that mouthy judge be Judge Alan Berg,who was a senior partner of "Canter Levin and Berg" until 1994 when he became a stipendiary magistrate.

From the website of the Liverpool firm:-
"On his return from the Second World War, Myer Julius Canter founded the firm of Solicitors which was to become Canter Levin & Berg. Mr Canter (known as "MJ") was an intermediate judge at the Nuremberg Trials and was a close friend of the then Attorney General and chief Nuremberg prosecutor, Lord Shawcross"


God help the letters page editors said...

John you dickhead, West was on trial not a trail you illiterate gobshite!

The Gang of Five said...

The Labour councillor with the criminal record will be exposed before the elections. He is not up for re-election this year, but he will never be able to stand again without the title “HYPOCRITE” being associated with his name. The leaflets and internet exposé will be devastating and long overdue.

Vote for Change said...

This is quite funny when Labour are heading to one of the biggest kickins for a generation at the ballot box they think they are going to turn over 1300 votes in the strongest Tory ward. There is more chance of the Tories taking Droylsden.
Plus the ammount of canvessing Rob and all the team have done we know our support is strong. Hardly anyone saying they are voting Labour even in Labour areas
Godley and Longdendale could be Tory gains this time along side Staly North Staly Duk and retaining Staly South and Werneth.
There is one party worried in Tameside and it is certainly not the Tories

Where's your capital letters? said...

The lack of grammar and the quick succession of posts only go to show that many of the posts above may be the work of just one person - Tameside's propaganda-in-chief.

JT said...

Stop posting under other names or being anonymous,or make the allegations in public, I do not post on here or another blog except my own on the advice of a legal firm who are monitoring various sites and have been for a while.
At 5 30 pm last night they informed me that they had enough evidence to take matters further.

Tameside Citizen said...

I have removed the post regarding an elected councillor and an allegation over “bent driving licences”. I like gossip and scandal nearly as much as the rest of the regular contributors to this blog, but to actually name a person and link them to a specific crime without presenting a shred of evidence is way out of order and very unfair. Please provide evidence or do not post such comments when using a persons real name.

You get the message yet? said...

England's still f****** dreaming it matters not a jot what is written on here. Things will never change the path for this country have been set out over Labour's time in office.
The non-white British population grew by more than half a million between 2001 and 2003, according to official figures published yesterday.

Over the same period, the white British population fell by more than 100,000, largely because of emigration and a low birth rate.

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144,000 asylum seekers allowed to stay in Britain after claims backlog
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UK gives £5m to Zimbabwe
Asylum applications hit five-year high
Italy does not want to become 'multi-ethnic' says Silvio Berlusconi
Betraying the loyal Gurkhas is yet another symptom of moral decay

The white British and Irish are the only ethnic groups that registered a decline, the Office for National Statistics said. While the non-white group had an average annual growth rate of 3.8 per cent, the white British population declined by 0.1 per cent.

U R A MORON said...

Explain how it is possible to be racist against someone of the same race.

Judge Jeffreys said...

JT, the allegations have been made repeatedly for several years and have never been denied, confirmed, or the subject of legal action. Therefore people will speculate. Any legal action will result in the FULL facts coming out which, depending on the accuracy or otherwise of the allegations, will reveal the truth for public scrutiny. People with nothing to hide have nothing to worry about.

Local lad said...

Has this Marland bloke got a fanclub or something? I'm no Tory but Labour have no chance in Staly South.

VVS McDonald said...

TC, re the difference between the aforementioned species: You can 'weasely' tell them apart because they're 'stoatally' different.

JT said...

The false allegations against me may have been withdrawn and I am pleased you feel the way you do about them, I have a copy of them and so do others for action.

Anonymous said...

JT hurry up and get on with it,don't waste time telling us about it on here.

Driving Licence For Sale:Ink Still Wet said...

JT, PHEW! The stench of bullshit or someone crapping themselves is overpowering.

is it a member of the bear family? said...

It looks like a baby bear running along the concrete.

Tnuc a si rolyat said...

'False allegations', what a load of b******s. Take legal action if they're false or shut it.

JCT said...

None of the above post come from me I suspect Mr West is posting under several names once again to gain attention.

Ringleader said...

John, get the thugs and agitators in.