Wednesday, 21 April 2010

At last - a leaflet from KY Marland

It is quite a good leaflet by Labour standards but the photograph of the old boys outside the Labour club could have been better quality - it looks as if it was taken on a low resolution mobile phone camera.

The Conservatives are easily winning the ‘leaflet war’ in Stalybridge & Hyde. The sheer quantity and quality of literature from Rob Adlard is overwhelming the rest. Basil has also been busy with his local literature.

The Greens and Lib Dums have both had parliamentary leaflets delivered by the Royal Mail. Neither are too exciting. Nothing from the BNP as of yet.


They all smerking tabs ont' leaflet said...

Al Murray's leaflet is full of grammatical errors! So, yes, it probably is good by Labour's standards.

Vote For Change said...

Jonny Reynolds election address claiming the the Tories are cutting Sure Start by 20%
This is a blatent lie and you should prove it even Brown wants nothing to do with these blatent lies.
Nothing to offer but fear. Labour Out!

Anonymous said...

BNP have a budget of £25 for the Tameside elections,all resources being sucked into Stoke and Dagenham on Griffins orders.

paul hindley said...

With all the violence thats been shown to mr west in Dukinfield most off my usual leafeters are to worried to leaflet Stalybridge, for fear off violence off other local election candidates, i think this was a disgraceful act aspecially from a man thats apost to repercent the general public, and i am not prepared to risk the saftey off one of my friends or family ponding the streets anyway near these bullys.

Yours Paul Hindley
BNP Candidate for Stalybridge