Thursday, 4 February 2010

Which little piggy MP from Tameside took too much from the trough?

And now must pay it back? Read through the BBC list of shame to find out.


turn them into bacon said...

I just cannot understand their greed. FFS, they are already earning over £1000 per week yet still they want more.

Vote Conservative for national suicide said...

Tory leader David Cameron has “pledged” to flood Britain with homosexual African “Asylum seekers” — even though medical research has shown that they are ten times more likely to have AIDs than the heterosexual African population.

Speaking in an interview with the homosexual magazine Attitude, Mr Cameron said homosexuals should be allowed to stay in Britain if their life would be in danger if they were sent home. This was an obvious reference to Africa, where in many countries homosexuality is illegal and even punishable by death.

The internationally acclaimed medical journal The Lancet, in its Volume 374, Issue 9687, Pages 416–422, published on 1 August 2009, revealed that male homosexuals in sub-Saharan Africa are “more often than not infected with HIV than the general adult population” on that continent.

The Lancet’s report, in the form of a paper published by researchers from Oxford and entitled “Men who have sex with men and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa”, examined all available AIDS related studies conducted in sub-Saharan Africa to analyze the spread of the HIV virus amongst homosexuals in Africa.

The conclusion was that homosexual Africans are ten times more likely to be affected with HIV/AIDS than the general adult population.

Nonetheless, Mr Cameron told Attitude magazine that “rules should be changed to give further protection to people fleeing persecution because of their sexuality.”

He said: “If you are fleeing persecution and that fear is well-founded, then you should be able to stay. As I understand it, the 1951 Convention [on the rights of refugees] doesn’t mention sexuality, but because it mentions membership of a social group, that phrase is being used by the courts, rightly, to say that if someone has a realistic fear of persecution they should be allowed to stay.”

Mellor Road Mincer said...

The report is heavily flawed. James Purnell isn't going to pay a single penny back. How? He has a "bizarre" rent agreement with his former fiancé and claims near enough £2,000 a month on a London apartment.

He shouldn't be claiming ACA if he has nominated his Broadbottom shed as his primary residence as he hardly, if ever lives there!

I have written a letter about Purnell's expenses to Parliamentary Standards and I shall be doing a blog post about this soon.

tonydj said...

During my time working in South Africa the "Gems of Wisdom" imparted by the new leadership and local sangomas (aka "Witch doctors" aka "traditional healers") included:-

AIDS didn't exist, it was a "White plot" To get the Africans to wear condoms and reduce their population.

AIDS can be cured by beetroot.

It can also be cured by sex with a child of two or younger

One stunt by the government on St Valentine's day was to distribute free condoms.....STAPLED to Valentine cards!

Anonymous said...

In physics, thermodynamics (from the Greek θέρμη therme, meaning "heat"[1] and δύναμις, dynamis, meaning "power") is the study of energy conversion between heat and mechanical work, and subsequently the macroscopic variables such as temperature, volume and pressure. Its progenitor, based on statistical predictions of the collective motion of particles from their microscopic behavior, is the field of statistical thermodynamics (or statistical mechanics), a branch of statistical physics.[2][3][4] Historically, thermodynamics developed out of need to increase the efficiency of early steam engines.[5]

Roy West said...

National Suicide indeed, where this GREAT Anglo-Saxon culture will SOON be overtaken with floods of Africans with AIDS. Foreigners bringing crime and drugs to our communities. Saxons, second class citizens in their own country! It's wrong to be flooding Britain with all these foreign criminals and AIDS victims. I don't hate Africans with AIDS, but why should England have to take them all in? whats wrong with other nations?

Pericles "equal justice" said...

Ok, so four of the worst offending MP’s/crooks will face, criminal charges but what about the rest who are also guilty? Just because they have paid back the money they stole does not mean they should be exonerated. If I went into Asda and stole a bottle of Whisky and then offered to pay after I had been caught would that mean I wouldn’t face charges either? This proves exactly what most people know: the British political establishment is riddled with opportunistic money grabbing careerists who have no loyalty to anyone other than themselves

With regards to Purnell not appearing on the list; that really does stink! I wonder what has gone on behind the scenes to prevent his inclusion.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday’s Legg report proved conclusively that the old parties — Tory, Labour and Lib-Dem — have degenerated into a nest of thieving criminals who have enriched themselves mercilessly at the expense of the taxpayers.

In his report, Sir Thomas Legg revealed that more than half of all MPs, 360 in total, had made “wrongful” (i.e. fraudulent) claims. However, not even this tells the full story, as almost 50 more MPs have made separate repayments. This means that a grand total of 410 MPs have been named as swindlers — fully two thirds of the entire House of Parliament.

In addition, three Labour MPs and one Tory peer will face criminal charges over their expenses, Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer has announced. MPs Elliot Morley, Jim Devine, David Chaytor and Lord Hanningfield will be charged under the Theft Act.

Odin said...

The fact that Gwynne has stolen over three grand from British taxpayers won't reduce his chances of getting re-elected. 20,000 bovine teletubbies will still vote for him in May.

tonydj said...

Regretably, Odin, you are absolutely correct.

Local Note. Weaver Vale MP MIKE HALL who announced this week that he was standing down due to ill health after being told to repay £12,500 is from ASHTON.

Born in 1952 he attended St Mary's primary school (I was there two classes behind him) and St Damians. (I made it to Xaverian in Rusholme)

Odin's Vikings said...

The British get what they deserve my brother Odin will confirm the same thing. The British are doomed to corruption and traitor's selling you out. Here in Norway, we see the same shit being forced upon us. Hope you like the Christmas tree we keep sending you each year.

Corrupt labour said...

Do you think this mob is corrupt. What information do the corrupt busters have on this lot?

no spamming please Mr.West said...

The one on the far right looks dodgy.

Anonymous said...

Fancy letting an old drunk wander into the picture.

Regime Change said...

Labour's regard for their potential voters can be gauged by them parachuting a 28 year old London woman into the Wavertree seat in Liverpool. A former head of the Labour friends of Israel at university, Luciana Berger didn't know when asked who Bill Shankly was and appears to know little or nothing about Liverpool. The actor Ricky Tomlinson, a member of Arthur Scargill's Socialist (i.e. real) Labour Party, is so incensed he has said he may stand against her at the election.

Anti-Semitism is everywhere claims Jewess said...

Two articles in today’s papers regarding the odious Ms Berger. Read about her in The Mail and The Guardian. The Guardian article is particularly interesting. Good luck Ricky Tomlinson!

Rosegrove resident said...

Labour also did this in Burnley after the retirement of Peter Pike MP. They parachuted in ‘Blair Babe’ Kitty Usher to represent our town. Usher was clueless about Burnley as she was a signed up member of the Labour Islington set in London. The Neanderthals who would vote for a pig if it wore a Labour rosette turned out en-masse to vote her in as their MP; a decision they soon lived to regret as she devoted little time and even less effort to representing the people of Burnley. She was outed for flipping mortgages in the expenses scandal and will not stand for re-election this year.

Bastards said...

The Liberal Democrat-controlled borough of Brent in London has reached a new low (even for that party) with an announcement that it seeks full British citizenship for the estimated 20,000 illegal immigrant invaders living within its boundaries.

According to the 2001 census, Brent has a population of 263,464, which means that another 20,000 illegals will add 8 percent to the total population.

A motion put to the council — many of whose members from all three parties have surnames that clearly identify them as ethnically not British — last week backed the “Strangers into Citizens” campaign, making Brent the sixth council to support the extremist cause.

According to a local news report, councillors from all parties “backed the principles of the Strangers into Citizens campaign” which calls for the naturalisation of long-term “irregular migrants” in Britain.

The “Strangers into Citizens” campaign was launched in 2006 with the backing of church leaders, trade unions and “migrant support groups.” It wants to legalise all those invaders who have managed to swindle the system and break immigration laws for four years or more.

James-Allie-LD-BrentLib-Dem councillor James Allie (pictured), responsible for housing in Brent, justified the rewarding of these criminal lawbreakers with citizenship by claiming that “most of these people will never be expelled from the UK.”

It is estimated that up to 950,000 “visa over-stayers” and “failed asylum seekers” are currently resident in Britain. This means fully 5 percent of the current residents of Britain are here illegally.

George Orwell was a genius said...

All criticism of Jews is anti-semitism.
All criticism of homosexuals is homophobia.
All criticism of ethnic minorities is racism.
All criticism of women is sexism.
All criticism of indigenous males is entirely justified.

Roy Oldham said...

Record numbers of British elderly folk have become insolvent due to inadequate pensions — but the Department for International Development (DFID) has just announced an investment of $1.1 billion in the Asian Development Bank which is aimed at “helping the poor in Asia.”

According to news reports, a record number of pensioners were plunged into insolvency last year and projections are that the number will rise even higher this year.

War Criminal exposed for evil. said...

War criminal Tzipi Livni: I'm coming to Britain.

Jews your weapons said...

Gwynne and Purnell will meet her at the bank...sorry airport.

Damocles said...

Were these traumatic scenes filmed in Britain's second city or a third world cesspit?

Third world cesspit? said...

The 40 most common languages spoken in London (apart from English) are Igbo (Nigeria), Bengali & Silheti, French-based Creoles, Panjabi, Tagalog (Filipino), Gujerati, Kurdish, Hindi/Urdu, Swahili, Arabic, Lingala (Congo), English-based Creoles, Albanian, Yorubu (Nigeria), Luganda (Uganda), Somali, Ga (Ghana), Cantonese, Tigrinya (Sudan), Akan (Ashanti), Tamil (Sri Lanka), Korean, Farsi (Persian), Pashto (Afghanistan), Amharic (Ethiopia), Vietnamese and Sinhala (Sri Lanka).

Just don't be English or ya F*** said...

A racism row has broken out after taxi drivers in Southampton started displaying stickers in their cars saying they are 'English speaking'

But the flags have been branded 'racist' by trade representatives, councillors and racism campaigners who have demanded they are removed.

Taxi drivers have hit back, claiming the stickers are simply a protest to force the council to make sure new drivers can speak good English.

The stickers were placed in the cars after drivers received complaints about the standard of spoken English among them.

There have also been complaints from passengers about drivers using sat navs and over-charging.

On your bike said...

Re Damocles link, who would they have supported if England had got to the final? What if Pakistan is pulled full scale into the Afghanistan situation, who would they support then?
Norman Tebbit was right when he talked about the 'cricket test'.

Britain First said...

Why should the taxi drivers have to speak good English? If multiculturalism is so wonderful why not multilingualism. 'Oh no but that would cause division and communication breakdown', which of course is exactly what the insanity of multiculturalism causes.
Never expect a reasoned argument from those who have lost their reason.

Odin said...

If you would like an opportunity to vote for someone who will put the indigenous Brit a long way in front of the EU, the UN, the PC Crowd, the bankers, the warmongers and their bought politicians, you might consider voting for me.

I will be standing as a BNP candidate, possibly in Hyde.

Ali Dizaei: one of the many! said...

How many years have we been saying Ali Dizaei and many other of his ilk are there for reasons of Marxist PC rather than the wellbeing of the community?

Multi-Racial hell hole Britain said...

He I'm living in shit hole England take a look and follow the link in blue!!!

Jornalists unite to crush the BNP said...

Follow the link by clicking the blue if you still think we have a free press.

Labour = Corruption said...

Labour breaking election rules yet again.

Mottram Tory said...

Harriot Harman's 'equality bill' is the latest attempt to discriminate against indigenous white males.

We see the consequences of all this politically correct posturing here in Tameside where we have women in top jobs who are completely unsuited for their respective roles and who are fairly useless to boot.

Examples in Tameside of women who have been promoted way above their talents as a result of so-called "positive discrimination" include:

Christine Green - Chief executive of Tameside Hospital.

Sandra Stewart - Borough solicitor of Tameside council.

Janet Calendar - Former chief executive of Tameside council and current chief executive of Trafford council.

There are,of course, many others. It's a shame that people look at these high-flying women and think they are only in their positions on account of their gender and not ability.