Friday, 12 February 2010

Labour is guilty of a sickening act of national betrayal

Of All Labour’s many crimes against the British public, the worst has been the destruction of our national identity. Since coming to power in 1997 the Government has engaged in a gigantic conspiracy to refashion society, using mass immigration and state ideology to transform us into a multicultural country.

Labour has always denied the charges of social engineering. When former Downing Street aide Andrew Neather revealed last autumn that the Government had deliberately promoted immigration as a means of diversifying Britain, ministers carried on their deceit.

But now the truth has been revealed in official documentation. Thanks to diligent campaigning by the independent pressure group Migration Watch, Whitehall has been forced to release papers clearly showing that labour did indeed have a secret plan to relax border controls in order to promote its goal of changing Britain. One of the reports, a memo written for Tony Blair in 2000, shows that the Government’s strategy was to “open up migration” so that labour could achieve its “social objectives”. Tellingly, Ministers instructed that statements like this be hidden from the public.

Even now, in the face of this incontrovertible evidence, Government policy remains cloaked in dishonesty. The Immigration Minister Phil Woolas had the nerve to claim that the Government had actually “tightened immigration rules” a decade ago. It was a patently absurd boast given that 2000 was pre-cisely when the Home Office began to dish out passports, work permits and student visas like confetti, while making little effort to tackle illegal immigration.

Labour’s enthusiasm for mass immigration is a remarkable change in outlook. It used to see itself as the guardian of the traditional working class, fighting against ruthless employers or foreign competition. That spirit of patriotic concern was epitomised by such figures as Ernie Bevin, the former trade unionist who became one of Churchill’s most successful wartime ministers.

But today’s socialist politicians are very different. Reared on the radical left in the Seventies and Eighties, filled with Marxist self-loathing for their own country, eager to celebrate every other culture but their own, they have used unfettered immigration and the dogma of multiculturalism as battering rams against a society they despise. In effect, the party of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown has been waging an undeclared war against the British people over the past decade. The weapons in this sinister campaign have included propaganda, bullying, oppression and duplicity.

The rest of this fantastic article on the criminal conspiracy known as the Labour Party can be read on the website of the Daily Express by clicking here.

And as unbelievable as it may seem these crooks are still trying to promote the idea that they are somehow patriotic. Now that is what you call real Chutzpah.


Lakes Road said...

This is the false flag leaflet, they put out in some areas of Dukinfield today. It's only because of West and the danger he poses to them.

Roast beef, kebabs and curry said...

Surely that leaflet is not for real? Traitors have been hung, drawn and quartered for doing far less.

Odin said...
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Anonymous said...

Labour at its best, dirty, dastardly tricks and all. What is there to celebrate about turning Britain into sell out city? They scheme and scheme again to make the British people subservient to their socialist dogma and the ever tighter grip of the nonsense that is the EU.

The fact is that Labour blindly forces multiculturalism and such likes upon us in order to dilute our national identity and force us into deeper ties with the phoney Euroist dream that Mandleson and others are so madly in love with.

Boot these lying and cheating charlatans out of office before it's too late folks, don't say you weren't warned.

Odin said...

Leo Mckinstry never points out that the methods being used to subvert Britain are the same as those recommended by the Marxist Frankfurt school of social research.

The Frankfurt school recommended (amongst other things):

1.The creation of racism offences.
2.Continual change to create confusion.
3.The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children.
4.The undermining of schools and teachers' authority.
5.Huge immigration to destroy national identity.
6.The promotion of excessive drinking.
7.Emptying the churches and the undermining of Christianity.
8.An unreliable legal system with bias against the victims of crime.
9.Dependency on the state or state benefits.
10.Control and dumbing down of media.
11.Encouraging the breakdown of the family.

Sound all too familiar? Yes - Great Britain 1997 onwards

Albert Cookson, Hyde said...

Odin, if such an organisation exists could you pass me a reliable source where I can do more research. I have recently found out about a similar sounding group but they are called Common Purpose. Have you ever heard of them? By the way, Labour have destroyed this country and I do not think the damage they have done can ever be repaired.

Follow this blue link to hell. said...

This is all you need to know to understand why there is a call to action.

AC, Hyde said...

Watching that video has just ruined my day. I will never vote Labour again and should they ever come knocking on my door I will tell them what I think.

Serving WPC said...

Dear Mr West.
You must explain to the residents of Dukinfield the full extent into the police raid on your property, what they took from your home, and the personal distress to your partner and her son. I am fully aware of the directions to intimidate your political campaign. This resulting with the directions from above, to advise residents to remove BNP posters from their windows. You should note carefully, that the police have been directed to allow political extremists into the area. A very distrubing thread runs through the whole situation in Dukinfield, it starts with residents being advised by the police to remove political posters from their windows. It's up to you now Mr West.

Odin said...

Albert Cookson

Here is the best website on the Frankfurt School.

I am well aware of Common Purpose, it is an extremely sinister force within the EU which sends top officials in the police, NHS, local authorities etc on training courses to prepare them for the coming EU superstate.

Odin said...

For all those seeking a better understanding of the criminal nature of the EU; read this pdf.

What a coincidence said...

That Jackie Lane is being used on a leaflet produced by Tameside Council and distributed when she is up for election.

AC, Hyde said...

Odin, why are they promoting the radical policies which they know will destroy our nation and identity? If we go down, they go down with us also.

Odin said...

"Why are they promoting the radical policies which they know will destroy our nation and identity? If we go down, they go down with us also."

Who are "they"?

Mottram Tory said...

Harriot Harman's 'equality bill' is the latest attempt to discriminate against indigenous white males.

We see the consequences of all this politically correct posturing here in Tameside where we have women in top jobs who are completely unsuited for their respective roles and who are fairly useless to boot.

Examples in Tameside of women who have been promoted way above their talents as a result of so-called "positive discrimination" include:

Christine Green - Chief executive of Tameside council.

Sandra Stewart - Borough solicitor of Tameside council.

Janet Calendar - Former chief executive of Tameside council and current chief executive of Trafford council.

There are,of course, many others. It's a shame that people look at these high flying women and think they are only in their positions on account of their gender and not ability.

Mottram Tory said...


Christine Green is chief executive of Tameside Hospital.

AC, Hyde said...

Odin, 'they' as in the pupils who attend or attended the Frankfurt School. If they destroy Britain surely they will they will destroy themselves?

RTB said...

Ac, don't look for reason amongst the insane.

tonydj said...

Whatever happened to the "Demingistas"? Those senior officials who implemented the teachings of W Edwards Deming and who traveled the world to preach his philosophy?

Refresh your memories:-

QUOTE "Mike Greenwood, the Chief Exec was appointed in 1994, coming from a
large rural county in Wales. In the early 1990's, Mike was attracted to
W Edwards Deming's teachings and resolved to implement the teaching's
spirit as well as the practice in Tameside MBC. No other local
authority in the UK has invested so much time and money in learning
about Deming ......Erika Wenzel is an Assistant Finance Director at Tameside MBC, with 4
managers and 120 staff reporting to her. In 1995, she was one of the
first senior officers to attend the course, and has repeatedly, and
simply, stated that it was the best course she has ever attended. Her
staff say the same when they return from the in-house versions"

So, is Deming in or out of favour?

Odin said...

The Frankfurt School was an institute of social research originally based in Germany in the 1930s, but as all the intellectuals involved in the institute were Jewish and Marxists, the Nazis forced them to leave the country. They subsequently fled to America from where they helped to foister cultural Marxism (political correctness) on the hapless American people. It started in the universities and spread to the 'American' media, eventually filtering down through the entire culture, so that today political correctness is the dominant ideology.

4 who made a revolution:

1. Herbert Marcuse
2. Theo Adorno
3. Max Horkheimer
4. Erich Fromm

To answer your question, after this international tribe has destroyed a country they simply move on to another.

AC, Hyde said...

This is truly fascinating. Many thanks for opening my eyes to this sinister organisation.

Alan said...

AC of Hyde, surely the evidence is more in your FACE years after the first predictions from Mr E.Powell.
They call you racist because you oppose this madness. Watch this video, what more eveidence do you need? It shows the course set by the traitors of England.

Odin said...
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This slaughter really did happen said...

Never forget the murder of Dresden which happened 65 years ago this very day. Mass murder on an industrial scale, a true rather than makebelieve war crime from that terrible era in European history.

a church i wont be going to said...

west failed in his bid to take over the bnp but he has now set up a Dukinfield chapter of the World Church of the Creator

Whirlwind said...

The bombing of Dresden was carried out exactly 65 years ago. It was the justified bombing of a major military and industrial target. It was a highly important rail transportation and communications centre and also housed 110 factories and 50,000 workers.
This was reason aplenty but it's destruction was also designed to seriously hamper Germany's ongoing war against the Russians by causing maximium devastation, disruption and confusion in a vital area of organisation and military distribution.

Wood End Lane resident said...

I had a young Tory canvassing at my door today. First time in years I have actually had someone knock at my door to talk politics. He was a well presented and polite young man but sadly he reminded me why I no longer vote Conservative. I asked a couple of easy questions relating to the EU and the immigration crisis, needless to say he failed to answer either in the way I was hoping. I will be voting UKIP or BNP when election time arrives unless the Conservatives call again and give me a valid reason rather than a vague answer as to why I should vote for them.

???????????????????? said...

Well, I know who I'll be voting for.

The House That Jack Built said...

The Jews did not like me filming in their area today, they called the police and they sent the helicopter.

György Lukács said...

What do youy mean by the Jews you fucking prick? You mean the residents of the area where you were filming. If you were filming in Glossop and someone complained would you say the Christians didn't like you filming?

North Salford said...

No, it was the Jews that stopped me today in their cars. You must remember, that I grew up amongst Jews in the 70's. Nothing against them, but they called the police on me today just for filming where I grew up.

Longwood in Salford said...

We are all looking back to the way things were in these troubled times. I went back to see the old place today, I did not expect to be stopped by Jews in cars and then followed by the police.

This England said...

Today in Salford, the police recorded me taking pictures in Higher Broughton. It followed the incidents of Jews in cars stopping me asking me what I was doing in the area. You can hear the police helicopter above me in this video.

Tom Hatton said...

Wood End Lane resident,

I canvassed your road today but I don't remember if I was the person you spoke to. The Conservative Party has some very firm policies on the EU and immigration and the PPC, Rob Adlard would be happy to discuss your concerns with you further should you wish to do so (

Alternatively, you can email me and I'll get back to you!


Anonymous said...

Tom my concerns, are that all the main political parties piss in the same pot.

THe BNP is no longer 'racist' said...

The establishment truly detest true democracy. Reading this hysterical and hate filled piece from todays London Evening Standard tells me the BNP is winning the battle for the nations hearts and minds despite everything the state attempts to do to thwart them.

To compare the BNP to Sinn Fein/IRA shows just how much they fear the real voice of the British people.

Anonymous said...

Just 'laughable reporting' fron a traitors in the state run media.

Labour/Tory all the same Tom said...

Tom there's no difference Labour/Conservative. The two parties believe in mass immigration. Went to Manchester yesterday, wow what you see is what you get.

Britain First said...

The Evening Standard piece is typical of the media's stance on the BNP. One of the reasons newspaper circulations are plummeting is because they are massively out of touch with the views of the British people.

Anonymous said...

Lib Lab Con all the same end of story, sadly for this country it's more to come of this lot.

free lance said...

Has anyone got info on the ethnic on white attack on Sinday night where taxi drivers cut a white youths ears off?

I'm a trained journalist but bent as f**k said...

Check the Tameside Ethniciser, they're s**t hot on publishing this type of story. They also run totally impartial BNP stories on a regular basis.