Sunday, 10 January 2010

What is the reason behind Roy Oldham’s 180 degree about turn on the issue of Global Warming

Tameside Executive Leader Roy Oldham is strongly supporting the "10/10" initiative, aimed at cutting energy consumption by 10% during the year 2010. This is a Damascene* conversion to the cause of Global Warming and Climate Change on the part of Cllr Oldham. During the full council meeting of 7th October 2003 the executive Leader referred to the impact on the climate of volcanic activity and stated that climate change was out of our control. He further stated that there was "Not much pollution in 5000 BC and things were warmer then." I am intrigued at the Leader's change of opinion on this matter. The minutes for this meeting are no longer available "on line" but are available on request. the only mention of this subject is the simple comment :- A detailed discussion took place on the content of the report and the Executive Leader in responding took the opportunity to identify a series of new initiatives to be presented to Members shortly.

*Damascene. From the conversion of St Paul to Christianity on the road to Damascus. A complete change in one's beliefs.


Freisler said...

Muslim fanatics are attempting to march through Wootton Bassett but the EDL have prevented them so far. Choudrey has been arrested but other Muslims are still attempting to march to defile the memory of our war dead. UAF supporters have defaced a war memorial and have threatened to murder a lady opposed to the Muslim march.

Threats from UAF have also been sent to fellow campaigner Lucy Aldridge, whose 18-year-old son Will was killed in Afghanistan.

Remember; Tameside Labour councillors, particularly two individuals one from Droylsden and the other from Dukinfield openly collaborate with UAF and associated groups.

tonydj said...

Well done T.C. on your item.

I recall Cllr Oldham having a sceptical view on man's contribution to climate change and making reference to volcanic activity.

Glad to see I am not the only one with a good memory.

One Britain said...

Choudary is an impatient extremist. The 'moderate' Muslims throughout Britain who manifestly fail to condemn Choudary are also the ones who manifestly fail to integrate. THEIR would be route to Islamic rule in Britain is through demographics. According to the Home Office's figures the Islamic population of Britain increased TEN TIMES faster than any other group between 2004-2008.

Roy shot my nan said...

everybody changes look at smoking the medical society used to think it was healthy

Anonymous said...

uaf and the stupid muslim fanatics should be lined up against a wall and shot,shame the march has been called off i had a coach load of tameside folk ready to go down to wootton bassett to disrupt the march.