Monday, 11 January 2010

Two major awards for new affordable homes in Ashton-under-Lyne

A scheme built by housing regeneration specialist Lovell in Ashton-under-Lyne, for The Regenda Group, has received two major awards.

The development, in the West End area of Ashton, Tameside, Greater Manchester, was a winner in the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) awards for its transformation of four brownfield sites with 43 new affordable homes.

The Regenda Group was presented the opportunity by Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council to develop and regenerate the derelict brownfield land with the new housing project for local families.

The scheme, designed by architects Denovo Design, took first place at the NHIC awards in the category for most outstanding development using recycled urban land or buildings. Housing Minister John Healey presented the award at a ceremony in Whitehall.
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west ender said...

Its pretty obvious who these homes are being built for.

we allways win said...

Adams,s pub has gone.Let this be a warning to our local facists that we will destroy you like we have adams.

I.D. said...

Why is he dead? You've achieved nothing except to motivate your enemies who are increasing in number and determination by the day.

Open your eyes said...

You can see who is in the minority group on that leaflet then.

Labour celebrates diversity said...

Asian News editor Shelina Begum met with PM Gordon Brown during a visit to No 10.

The Rochdale journalist was invited to a reception to celebrate Labour's achievements for black, Asian and ethnic minority communities.

High profile Asian media and TV personalities also attended along with Baroness Pola Uddin and Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham.

Mr Brown, who was introduced by Bend it Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha, said: "The Labour Party is proud of the fact that Britain is a multi-faith and multi-racial society, from the high court to the armed forces, from the senior civil service to the top of British business, from the police force to out universities, in every part of the country, from every walk of life, from all faiths and none, black Asian minority ethnic communities are aspiring to and reaching the top."

Said Shelina: "Mr Brown told us he valued diversity and even though we have black, Asian and Muslim MPs, there was still a lot more work to do to get more people from these communities actively involved in politics. We will know Britain has become a truly tolerant and diverse country when we have our first black or Muslim PM and I personally cannot wait for that day to arrive"

Labour celebrates diversity said...


Evil Fascist indoctrination of children said...

They should be exposed and then flogged until they beg for mercy for attempting to brainwash innocent children like this.

Local lad said...

10 out of 16 of those photos are of non-whites, although white British still make up 90% (but not for much longer) of the population. Pure anti-white racism. When will someone stand up for the rights of the indigenous population?

ABC said...

The attempted politicisation, brainwashing and corruption of Primary School children is being carried out by the same people and groups who want to 'educate' them that men sodomising each other and people having their genitals surgically removed is normal.
The idea is that once these barriers are removed anything goes.
You don't have to be religious to realise that there is such a thing as evil and that these are acts committed by its' smiling face in the guise of 'doing good', 'education' and 'tolerance'.

Lost Faith, Lost Heritage. said...

So whites are in the minority here in this leaflet. If your happy with that, then ok man enjoy your future.

the future is coffee coloured all we need is a big melting pot said...

Whites may disappear from this land but England will always be England. My house is my house but when I am dead and gone it will be the same house but with new occupants. Celebrate diversity and embrace change.

It will happen again, cos this change is to destroy said...

No above, this change is not for the good of England and the white man, this will happen again. People won't have it..........Hold on tight to your heritage!!

Death to traitors said...

The future is coffee coloured. Not in Nigeria it isn't. But that's not racism is it.

Britain First said...

That's because no-one in their right mind, who couldn't afford private security, would want to live there. That goes for virtually all of sub-saharan Africa. They want to come here to escape the hellholes of their birth, and the more of them there are in Britain the more Britain will become like THEIR countries of origin.

You are losing your liberty and don't even know it said...

We should all be very afraid about this. This is how genuine dictatorships begin. When the jury has gone the military show trials can begin.

Russia Today TV said...

Celente speaks to Russian TV giving his prediction for 2010. Worth listening to - he talks sense.

tonydj said...

There are strong, draconian laws in the UK against "racism", "hate crimes" etc. These all date from the 1960's. Why?


There are no laws against eating bad apples, rotten meat or beer that is "off" because there are very few- if any - who wish to do so.

But opposition to multi-racialism is widespread and so must be forcibly suppressed.

How many of you reading this avoid the words "Paki", "wog" * or "nigger"** not because you don't like the words personally but because you run the risk of prosecution if you use them?

* Freely used in the film "Lawrence of Arabia" by British Officers, and Lawrence himself, to describe their Arab allies.

** The name of Wing-Commander Guy Gibson VC 's dog in "The Dam Busters"

"Professor Frank Ellis

No successful society shows a spontaneous tendency towards multiculturalism or multi racialism. Successful and enduring societies show a high degree of homogeneity."

Roy West said...

I reported the garage on Concord Way Duki, being used for a drinking den by kids. PC Edwards ignored my report about this issue, the yobs set fire to the garage last night.
Yet PC Edwards was never away from my neighbour's house during the time of the famous argument.

Three lone men attacked in Bolton (GMP) said...

Three men were attacked in separate incidents in Bolton.

At about 9.45pm on Monday 11 January 2010, a 41-year-old white man was walking along Davenport Street and passed a group of black men in their late teens or early 20s.

He walked on to Beta Street and noticed that three men from the group had followed him.

They started punching the victim in the head and accused him of being a racist.

He tried to walk away but the offenders continued to punch and kick him.

They demanded that he empty his pockets, stole his mobile phone and cigarettes and walked off.

The victim was taken to hospital with cuts and bruising and is awaiting test results to discover whether he has a fractured eye socket.

At about 10pm the same night, a CCTV operator noticed three black men punching and kicking a man lying on the ground in Duke Street North, School Hill.

Officers attended and found a 29-year-old man with minor facial injuries.

At 10.30pm, a 44-year-old man was walking along Topping Street when three or four men came up behind him and dragged him to the ground.

They punched and kicked the victim in his face and back, searched him and stole the rucksack from his back and all of its contents.

The victim was taken to hospital and treated for cuts and swelling to his face.

The offenders in this attack have been were described as Asian in their early 20s.

Detective Inspector Andy Cunliffe, from Bolton CID, said: "All of these attacks were entirely unprovoked.


Five men from Greater Manchester were cleared of gang rape said...

FIVE men from Greater Manchester were cleared of gang raping a woman after it was disclosed she had fantasised online about group sex with strangers.

The woman claimed she was sexually violated after going to the house of one of the men, who she met on the internet.

Judge Robert Brown ordered the jury to return not guilty verdicts against Kelvin

Chinakwe, 26, of Brook Hey Avenue, Bolton; Olatunji Owolabi, 28, of Bradbourne Close, Great Lever; Afolabi Sanyaolu, 29, of Laburnum Road, London; Senthil Venkatachalam, 30, of Wigan Road, Deane, Bolton, and Funsho Bello, 26, of Atherstone, Rochdale, who were all charged with rape and conspiracy to rape.

A sixth man, Ganiyn Conteh, 32, of Abbeywood Avenue, Abbey Hey, Manchester, was formally cleared of conspiracy to rape.

BNP HQ said...


Is it true you have left the BNP for good?

War law said...

Re TC's garden bird feature. Went to Morrison's yesterday and for a few quid bought 1 large packet of peanuts; 1 large packet of wild bird seed; and 1 fat ball feeder complete with four fatballs. I put them out last night and the birds have been all over them today. Well done for highlighting this essential, cheap and simple task. We've all got a responsibility to look after our nation's birds.

Tameside Citizen said...

Don’t be starting me on the bird theme again because you know it will lead to more photographs and videos appearing. Lol..

Seriously though, it is an important task at this time of year especially during the recent snow where birds such as blackbirds who feed on worms cannot reach their food. I find watching the birds feed very therapeutic, but every now and then the tranquillity of the bird table is disturbed when a killer such as a Sparrowhawk appears then there is a mad dash for cover before it claims a victim - which more times than not it does.