Thursday, 23 August 2007

What is going on in Dukinfield?

I have copied the text below from the website of Dukinfield ward councillor John Taylor. I know Roy West, who I strongly suspect Cllr Taylor is referring to, posts on this blog, as do other people involved with the BNP in Tameside. What on earth is going on that could involve 'action' from the authorities?
We have been advised to hold back on the delivery of our newsletter for legal reasons we are told an arrest will shortly be made in conection with phone calls and unwanted mail both mentioned in our newsletter , we are happy to work with the authorities on this .
We do know who the scum bags are doing it and we do now know that lots of people have been returning the letters and leaflets to the right wing fascist operating in Dukinfield ,lots of people fed up of getting the same letters week after week and we all know who does this .

Why his party leaders do not stop him from this activity beyond me they must know what he is doing the secret camers installed in the precinct will reveal all soon.


Anonymous said...

He also confirms he is part of an anti Nazi league on his biography.

"Member of the Anti-Nazi league in the 70/80s and have been an active campaigner against the far rights racist fasicts views all my life."

Awww he spells fascist wrong. Get back to school Johnny boy!

It would explain some of the comments from the BNP about Taylor requesting for anti Nazis to come up to Dukinfield.

I am a member of another party, but whilst I am against what some of the BNP say, I must say they have an excellent candidate which is Roy West, and I hope he does knock of the Labour regime in Dukinfield.

I hate it when councillors with their safe seats start laying into the BNP, to be honest it looks crap and desperate. They are frightened by the REAL HEATED COMPETITION.

I had a Labour councillor approach me and someone else asking if we would join forces with them and do a leaflet together against the BNP. I refused to do so on the grounds that it's just dirty tricks to strangle British democracy. Also I wasn't prepared to put any of my money to which would essentially be a Labour party leaflet.

Best of luck to you Roy West. It is a pitty you didn't knock off John Taylor in the '07 elections.

west roy kevin said...

I am confident in saying that 18,000 bnp leaflets have been delivered by myself in Dukinfield, out of which six have been sent back to my home address. It also appears that a certain councillor is giving out my address details to members of the public. If you go down this road of saying that these political leaflets cannot be sent out to homes in Dukinfeild, then you are surely cutting off democracy from the people of Dukinfeil? I think that cllr Taylor wants it that way. The dirty tricks campaign against me in the local elections is just the tip of the iceberg. There is an accusation from one or maybe two anonymous cllrs saying that I am a wife beater, after all that my family have been through with yob-violence, this is a cowardly accusation indeed. If I would have campaigned like this before the local election, then who knows what Labour would be doing now, pulling their hair out. [ well cllr Wild would have trouble pulling is hair out] Local people are very interested in the new politics in Dukinfield, there is a challenge to the old Labour gaurd in my area and John Taylor hates the fact. Cllr John Taylor does not believe that i have a right to free speech and to campaign on my politics, But the people of Dukinfield do. Who sends me the newspaper cuttings relating to domestic violence? [I wonder]
Local councillors should give my family support after all that violence against us at Werneth Avenue, not give out my address details to the public. The support in Dukinfield is growing with people fed up of yob-culture violence, know one feels safe anymore, no faith in the police. The Labour cllrs should wake up and see the reality on our streets.
It seems very clear that the tide is turning in Dukinfield in political terms. "Action This day"

west roy kevin said...

What would councillor John Taylor do with the 520 people that voted for me in the local elections? When I gave my few words after the count at Dukinfield Town hall, Taylor and the Tories turned their backs on me and walked away, This sums up what Taylor is all about. This mob turned their backs on the 520 people that voted for me, also on democracy. English people do not like dirty tricks, Well, the good people of Dukinfield will surely come to learn just how low these Labour and Tory cllrs will go to keep their council seat. It makes me want to deliver a Million leaflets. A Personal dirty tricks campaign aginst me will be seen by the people of Dukinfield, people are already talking about what Taylor has been saying on his website for the last six months. His recent remarks that a strange man claiming to be from the bnp is hanging around Dukinfield park, the police have warned parents. This is what we are talking about,what Taylor is really like and just how low he is prepared to go. I have faith in the people of Dukinfield to see what is going on at the moment. Action This Day.

Support Free Speech.

Anonymous said...

Taylor should be calling for an investigation into the violence directed at Roy West and his family instead of putting crap on his website. You are a disgrace scumbag Taylor.

truth seeker said...

Is our mystery blogger Colin Grantham by any chance ?

Anonymous said...

No I am not Colin Grantham.

Doctor John said...

Nice photo of local nazi kev known in Dukinfield by the name of KK Kev - KLUELESS KUNT KEV .
Wheres my leaflet this week Roy have you got a job and cant deliver them.
Lets have another one about all these black people you are going to throw out of the NHS.

west said...

Sorry, not very keen on the kkk.

stone wall jackson said...

Saw you at the count at Dukinfield Town Hall, Taylor shitting yourself my boy.



Martin Luther King said...

I have a dream that one day Roy West will walk to the promised land and become a Dukinfield councillor.

Anonymous said...

I actually take back the comment about Taylor being OK to give out your address.

He is using your address as a tool for political intimidation. You can complain to the electoral commission about that.

Johnny Taylor admits to being in the anti Nazi league on his biography page on his personal website. If you have evidence of him trying to rally support against you which is to cause vigilantism you could have a major press story at hand here and take him to the police.

Obviously as part of the Labour fascist party in Tameside, he will get away with it, and the North West Liberal Press will do fuck all either.

SPP didn't use his real home address for a while, so I don't see why you shouldn't be able to get away with it unless you have something sinister to hide from the electorate.

west kevin roy said...

I have nothing to hide, but what has John Taylor got to hide? John Taylor is worried about my growing support in Dukinfield see his website to understand. He puts pictures of skinheads on his website-that have nothing to do with me. People in Dukinfield have met me in the streets and Taylor is getting desperate-because I am not a skinhead Nazi. I am bringing politics back to local people in Dukinfield. Representation is my campaign. Real politics is about representation for the people. Self-interest has become the cancer of New Labour-people have been left behind.

Anonymous said...

Update: "The newsletter is now being sorted for delivery our teams will be out delivering this week . enjoy the reading .

A sneak preview again

John Taylor Labour Party Leaflet Link

More Nazi scum bags in court this week and we are told there will be next week ,memoril plague scum bags also in court our local party will be organising a visit to court when he next appears in person .

He appeared via a video link this week maybe they think its to dangerous for him to come back here I think they are correct .

This man and his mates want to run your country and local council which party do you think he belongs to ."

memoril plague?

He has cut off some info off that leaflet.

Go Roy West! Get down to and fucking leaflet before John Taylor does!

Anonymous said...

On a different topic, someone was telling me that there is a Labour councillor in Tameside who I can't remember his name, but he can't read or write very well. He requires a PA to write his speeches and to put the end of a sentence in red so he remembers to breathe.

Only a Labour government would have a spastic on it's team. If you are in politics and can’t speak because you need to have it on paper is one thing, to have someone else do it at the tax payers expense is a complete shambles all together!

Anonymous said...

oohhh KK Kev have you seen the leaflet Taylor and his gang put out today is this man one of yours ? do you dump rubbish then clean it up ,and what about this post box issue .
Will you be doing another one what is going on in Dukinfield .

Anonymous said...

What about this CCTV outside Taylor's house then? Is that to keep the nasty Nazis away.

Anonymous said...

Is this CCTV paid for by TMBC like Uncle Roy's?

west roy kevin said...

Message for our crime fighter Cllr John Taylor.
Concord way full of litter this weekend did your secret CCTV see me picking it up? Local people in the area did.

Tax payer said...

KK Kev why dont you get a job street cleaning then get off benefits reduce my tax bill to pay for you,and all the other lazy cheats who can work .

canal street said...

Hey, Taylor have got a secret fetish about tattooed men?

west roy kevin said...

What do you know about my situation Taylor? go and get in your box till the next election.

Anonymous said...

Hey Taylor, I've got a tattoo on my arse bring your camera.

Cllr Taylor said...

What time can I come round to see your tattoo ? I'll make this a priority, I am available any time day or night.

PS. If the tattoo is a swastika I'll come right now. Give me 2 minutes while I get my camera.

Dukinfield Resident said...

Has anyone considered the local Tory candidate? She is far better looking than Roy West and Brian Wild!

I spoke to her whilst she was leafleting, a very nice girl indeed!