Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Should the bypass be built?

Personally I am opposed to the bypass. On a recent walk in the area on the photograph I was horrified to discover little notices along the drystone wall saying that this land was earmarked for a CPO in relation to the bypass. Any readers comments would be appreciated.


Bypassedwarrior said...

I am against the bypass based on the environmental impact it will have.

I find it awful that no political party wants to announce it is against the bypass. There is no one wanting to represent the majority of Longdendale residents as it is "Roy Oldham territory".

Labour are doing this as part of their whole regeneration bollocks which they create more public sector jobs like they have done in St. Petersfield in Ashton. It still won’t solve the problem of Ashton-Under-Lyne having the lowest paid jobs in Greater Manchester. No wonder EDUCATED people that live in Tameside have to travel into work each day and we will be hit the hardest from the C Charge.

You see what the real problem is through the scum that have been let in to the Glossopdale area through Manchester overspill.

Unfortunately this scum need jobs, so what do TMBC and HPBC do, build fucking industrial estates where there are low paid jobs.

These places are in the middle of no where with poor road infrastructure for the lorries to drive past. Industrial estates won’t take on more jobs because there is no bypass which was promised to them. So no jobs for the scrotes and then they go about in their anti social ways.

So Labour who bow down to the collective of unionist bullies who cost this country millions in wasted productivity and business through going on strike. The only way to stop this culture is to get rid of Labour.

You then get Councillor Shittlehurst who campaigned for the bypass and lost out. She continues to go to public inquiry meetings acting as a "councillor" because she has fuck all else to do.

Just look at Hadfield now since they built Rossington Park and the housing estate on the Brosscroft. They are sending us down the shit hole.

I like Glossopale how it was; I live there because I like the green landscape and the clean air that surrounds me. I don't want a bypass, industrial estates or even the Manchester Overspill coming in. They can all fuck off and so can Labour who have been actively campaigning around HPBC for the bypass and guess what, it's more Conservative and Independent now.

Just why does Tory controlled HPBC continue Labours legacy?

Mancunian living in exile said...


I find your comments regarding “scum” and Manchester overspill insulting. I moved to Padfield to escape the hell that my well to do part of south Manchester has become. We had to sell up when we realized that the immigrants from South Asia that settled in vast numbers had no intention to assimilate to the British way or life or even respect our customs, traditions and even laws in many cases.

I moved here to once again feel as if I am part of a traditional British community, something that is now impossible in many parts of Manchester. I suspect many more will flee the enforced diversity imposed upon us by successive governments in the near future.

I do not claim benefit, I commute to work on the train and I am very much opposed to the destruction of the countryside, especially for such a ludicrous scheme as this proposed bypass. If sanity ever returns to our country and Manchester once again becomes a British city, I will be the first to leave my refuge in Derbyshire and return to the orderly and civilized place I once knew but not the third world hell hole it currently is. Does this make me scum or a victim?

Tameside Citizen said...

You are certainly a victim. The deeds being committed against our country and people by politicians who do not give a damn about the people they are elected to serve is so shocking that most people cannot comprehend the scale of their treasonous crimes. People have been hung for doing far less damage to our country than these paid traitors have done over recent years.

ncb1970 said...

I certainly support the comments made by Mancunian living in exile. I know people who have fled the 'diversity' of Cheetham Hill, Rusholme, Longsight, Moss Side and Levenshulme and are now living in Hadfield, Charlesworth, Padfield, Tintwhistle, Hollingworth and Broadbottom. They want to live in an area that still feels like home and not the third world. People who flee areas because of an influx of third world immigrants are not 'scum' they are part of the sociological phenomenon known as White flight. In other words they are VICTIMS.

Mancunian living in exile said...

Thanks for the support. You really cannot begin to imagine how bad life got in Manchester before we had to flee. I just feel so sorry for the people without the financial resources that I had and who are now stuck in a place that resembles the third world rather than a major British city.

NCB1970 said...

Mancunian living in exile have you considered joining the BNP ?

truth seeker said...

A message to bypassedwarrior:

If you are so EDUCATED, how come your posts on this blog are littered with grammatical errors and swear words ?

I reckon plenty of the 'scum from the Manchester overspill' can write better English than you.

You are a pretentious pratt.

SPP is probably right when he says you are jealous of him. I bet you wish you had a Lord in your family.

Children of Lewin said...
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Anonymous said...

Who will get the back handers in relation to this bypass? we know it goes on. How much will Parker-Perry get?

Anonymous said...

Funny you should say that a recent TMBC training event held in a luxury hotel in Scotland was sponsored by IKEA.

Who knows what Parker-Perry will get or should I say... Sean Perry? A recent blog post on No Mottram Bypass would suggest that it is Carrilion.

tooth fairy said...

This bypass will no doubt go ahead because politicians can and will get rich from back- handers.

Tameside Citizen said...

There was a very good programme on BBC4 in the early hours of Saturday morning. It was the last episode in a series of three programmes about motorways. I was very impressed by some of the methods involving people power employed in various locations to prevent the building of motorways. I think the authorities know they will have a huge battle on their hands if they really do try and destroy our local environment by building this awful bypass.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree TC, it is all down to people power and for it to have gone on for so long, we have all done something right. Lets hope the public inquiry will see the true facts and blow the project into the water.

It is unfortunate that councillors have the resources to attend these public inquiry meetings and can have their voice heard as to the public who have to earn a honnest living.

Oh well Sean Perry is up for reelection this year, and lets hope he gets ousted, doubtful though as you could put a monkey up there and say it is Labour and people would still vote for it.

Anonymous said...

Ex Para

"you could put a monkey up there and say it is Labour and people would still vote for it"

Tell me about it. The amount of people I speak to who still vote for this bunch of crooks is beyond belief. I ask them about various aspects of Labour policy that I know any sane person would disagree with, and then ask; but why do you still vote Labour. The usual sad and pathetic answer is "because my dad and his dad before him did" or even more annoying "well they represent the working class" to which I say "are you insane, they have done more to damage the working class than any other political party in modern history. The founding fathers of the Labour movement such as Bob Blatchford and Kier Hardy would turn in their graves if they could see what the Labour party now represents and if they could see the local Labour berks such as Taylor and Perry they would have said their tremendous struggle was all for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that sean pp is deleted from office - hes a complete plonker and has been abusing his position and using his council office to generate very offensive blogs. Why on earth Purnell and Oldham put up with this moron God only knows.

WAG said...

Oldham is a drunk and Purnell is a shabbaz Goy.