Sunday, 22 July 2007

War heroes remembered 70 years on

Hundreds of men from Greater Manchester who lost their lives in World War I have finally been remembered for their ultimate sacrifice.
The 300 men, who came from the villages of Millbrook, Carrbrook, Heyrod and Heyheads, never had their names put on the local war memorial in Stalybridge.
Their relatives were supposed to submit their names for inclusion on the memorial in 1919.
Now, almost 70 years on, a new memorial book has been dedicated to them. There were numerous reasons why their names had originally been missed off the memorial.
Some no longer had relatives left in the area; some had emigrated and others had died in the influenza epidemic.
Others had mistakenly believed that their loved ones' names would be automatically added to the memorial.
A memorial book containing the names of the 300 men has been compiled by local author Kate Booth.
The book, which was dedicated to the deceased war heroes, was unveiled in a ceremony in Stalybridge on Saturday.


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I'm absolutely disgusted. 10 weeks since this article was posted and one lousy comment. These brave souls gave the ultimate sacrifice and you'd rather remark on Parnell & co. Visit the memorial (not just on Remembrance Sunday) to pay your respects.