Sunday, 22 July 2007

Tameside MBC Discussion Boards

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Anonymous said...

They are bias, you want to dish some shit on their crap Labour councillors and they refuse to publish it.

What makes me laugh is that they say they own the forum. No they fucking well don't, it is us as the council tax payer.

Tameside Web Team are complete shite who wouldn't get a job elsewhere if they were to leave AND they know it, so they rim Roy Oldham's anus each morning before Paul Douthwaite goes to fuck his tight bottom.

Paul Douthwaite ex director for IT services or something or other on around £60-£80k retired not so long back to go back as a "consultant" for TMBC, he is now standing as a contender in Ashton Hurst for Cons Richard Ambler's seat.

Dear oh dear, something stinks there and it isn't the Oldham's alcohol fueled breath either.