Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Tasty Woodland Mushrooms?

While walking the dog today I came across these mushrooms. They look edible and I could imagine frying them up with broccoli and oyster sauce in a wok but there is a possibility they might be poisonous. Does anyone have any idea what type of mushroom they are and if so are they poisonous?


SerpentSlayer said...

Even experts get it wrong. I have a book called food for free that offers handy advice. I advise everyone buy a copy, its a tiny wee book, costs five pounds and made by Collins gem. May save your life the way the country is going.

Alf Garnett said...

Yes TC, their yellow mushrooms and they will give you yellow feaver

Anonymous said...

Broccoli and oyster sauce??
You must have a cast iron, teflon coated stomach.