Wednesday, 28 December 2016

(Probably!) My Last Rant Of 2016

Age brings wisdom, or so they say, but in my case it also brings grumpiness. One thing, one of the many things, which makes me frown when I am out and about enjoying the great outdoors is inconsiderate dog owners. Dog owners who go to the trouble of bagging the mess left by their dogs, but then instead of disposing of it by placing it in a bin. they either leave it on the ground or worse, hang it from trees as if it some kind of religious offering. These people are disgusting and I have yet to catch anyone actually doing it, but should I ever do so I will make them aware that what they are doing is not only disgusting, but also inconsiderate and plain wrong.


SerpentSlayer said...

Bit of a shitty article TC

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the 'great outdoors' while you can. The plans for massive numbers of homes on OUR Greenbelt and countryside are an appalling indictment of our ruler's total failure to manage population density and establish ANY control over immigration.

Anonymous said...

After some considerable research into this problem, I have found that there are a high number of people,resident in Tameside,who appear to be worshipping the Great Deity Quinn.
By leaving these "offerings" they are expressing what they think of the Council,the majority of Councillors and their ineptitude in dealing with the running of Tameside,on a day to day basis.
By the state of things these displays are going to get a lot more frequent.
But I wish they wouldn't, they could always vote in a different party instead!
The Blue Knight.