Saturday, 27 August 2016

Eye deep in Stepping Hell. Two weeks in a geriatric ward.

As regular readers may be aware I was unable to produce this blog for a couple of weeks earlier this year. This was due to a serious infection requiring two weeks in hospital. During my time in the hospital a combination of infection and prescribed drugs led to vivid and sustained hallucinations.

I was consequently regarded by the staff as one of the "usual" geriatric patients and not someone who  would soon be released back into real life. My treatment at the hands of many carers was appalling.

The patients were all dressed in nappies at about 8pm to 10 pm. They were not changed until the following morning. They were ripped off by staff who had a technique of punishing patients they disliked by rolling us onto our sides and then continuing the movement so as to strike the safety rails around the bed.

We were thus obliged to lie in soiled nappies  until the staff got around to doing their jobs. If we complained we were "Just Geriatrics" who didn't know what we were doing.

We were actively discouraged from exercising. being largely confined to bed but a few trusted patients were allowed into the bedside chair! The difference in the way patients were treated when relatives were there and when they were not there was quite amusing.

Several times the ward was left unsupervised by staff, who had to rely on more ' normal' patients raising the alarm when less aware patients wandered off!

Altogether a very unpleasant fortnight.


Reimer said...

Marvellous. The shadow cast by actuarial trends and the growth of the state.

What must Tameside Hospital be like?


Anonymous said...

People who love to plant negative seeds seek out those who will reward them for this behaviour, perhaps unwittingly, by giving them the attention they crave. So negative people like this can't lead a happy life because they are always seeking out a willing audience for their negativity, so to speak.

Mike Calverley said...

Thanks for highlighting this. Not good.