Sunday, 31 July 2016

Amazing Countryside On Our Doorstep

I posted this article back in 2008 about a walk I used to enjoy around the Crowden area. Today I came across this video recently uploaded to Youtube which features a family in the same location. I have only been up there once this year and this has inspired me to head for the hills once again.

Mr Ali Shah is doing the right thing by taking his family up to the old quarry. It's quite a tiring walk using the route they appear to have taken. It's important to teach the young the benefits of exercise as those who live a totally sedentary life usually pay the price later in life and far too often these children are not getting the exercise they need.

I have been standing in again for TC recently as he has been unwell. TC is not as mobile as he once was and if people wish to see this blog site continue they should consider sending TC topical articles from the local area which he may publish for purposes of information and discussion.


Anonymous said...

Green and open space like this, in or near conurbations in particular, is vital.
As England's chronic overpopulation (official figure 1054 per sq mile, in reality far higher) grows exponentially, due to out of control immigration and the massively greater breeding rate of certain immigrant communities, it will increase in importance and MUST be protected and preserved.

Other countries population density for comparison:
France: 306 per sq mile.
Poland: 319 per sq mile.
Spain: 238 per sq mile.
Austria: 264 per sq mile.
USA: 85 per sq mile.
Ireland: 176 per sq mile.
Hungary: 276 per sq mile.
Bulgaria:166 per sq mile.

Anonymous said...

Just get on the train, bus if you like that sort of travel and see places no one else as seen.

Anonymous said...

Well the key is, to have regular articles otherwise what's the point in having this blog?