Friday, 10 June 2016

Land For Sale - Dukinfield

It seems that every spare piece of land, however small, is up for grabs in the borough of Tameside. This small piece of greenery on Birch Lane in Dukinfield is no exception.

It would be fascinating to see a chart with a simple graph showing the number of new residential properties in Tameside over the last decade. If you take Hyde Newton as an example, think of the number of residential dwellings that now exist compared to ten years ago, that number must surely exceed 1000 when you think of the vast number of properties on the old industrial sites such as Castrol, Christies etc.

If you prefer less green spaces and more housing, traffic and pollution you have an opportunity to ensure that continues to happen by voting Remain in the E.U. Referendum on June 23rd. If on the other hand you prefer green spaces and a sustainable population your only option is to vote Leave.

The E.U. has been a wonderful thing for the wealthy and speculators. If you were sat on a pot of cash you could snap up the little piece of land on Birch Lane, you could then employ an army of cheap and exploitable labour (of which the E.U. has ensured we have an endless supply) to build you an apartment block of twelve flats and then you could sell them to native Britons fleeing the inner city or rent them to anyone the Council will pay rent for. Which ever you look at it you win and by the time the population has reached 120 million and life has become totally unbearable you will have long since retired to roads that are sandy and therefore not your problem, as for those remaining, well they could have prevented this nightmare scenario but they couldn't be bothered to turn out and vote leave in the E.U. referendum on the 23rd June 2016.

Good to see TC is back in action so this is the caretaker signing off for the foreseeable future.


Anonymous said...

That means the same again I've removed loads of links promoting this blog.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of article that's been missing from the Citizen for such along time. The articles we've been getting are not really relevant to local people.
What's the point in having this blog when it falls silent for months at a time?

Anonymous said...

Only a few hundred yards from a proposed large residential development on green space bordering Johnsonbrook Rd.

SerpentSlayer said...

So we have a TC and CT. Where to even begin with the EU. Think Tameside council given more money and power but keeping the same calibre of people with the same lazy and entitled attitudes.
What's worse I how quiet the EU has been recently, it is usually bombastic, only a few months ago it was talking about Turkey joining, merging with the African union in a few years (freedom of movement intact) and of forming an EU army. Suddenly it has gotten a lot quieter and voices around Europe are crying out for their country to leave this failed marxist experiment.
It looks like Brexit is ahead in the polls, and I suspect it always was truthfully, so let's ensure that this horrible old dragon terrorises England no more on June the 23rd.

Tameside said...

Thanks for the help and hard work during my absence, caretaker.

Anonymous said...

If I did all those things, then why is there no record of any of it on their 24 hour CCTV cameras? That's why they have kept me on bail for three years because they don't want me to have access to Justice! and that's the top and bottom of it.
It's uncomfortable reading for some because they know it's the TRUTH. You can't ignore the FACT that there is no CCTV recording of any of this alleged campaign of harassment despite being covertly filmed at our former home. They can't keep me on bail for ten years but you'll never change the FACT that there's no CCTV recordings of any of this supposed daily campaign of harassment.

Anonymous said...

This blog reminds me of Nick Griffin "Flogging a dead horse" comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Hello is there anybody still here?