Monday, 6 June 2016

Cleaner Required Ashton under Lyne


Anonymous said...

It's the students mess, not all of it but it was like that again today.

SerpentSlayer said...

I think students at Ashton Sixth form especially lack discipline. I was a pupil there and the atmosphere that the people in charge were trying to create was creepy to pupils and teachers, we were encouraged to call our teachers by their real name which nobody liked, tardiness and truancy was basically encouraged, the lack of uniforms helped make class and social differences stark and divisive. As a parting shot I will also mention that I received the maximum EMA (my parents income was in the poorest band) and I never needed it for anything useful, it was mainly spent on pick and mix and videogames, I feel the need to mention this because lefties shout about EMA like it was a human right or something. It was pocket money, this isn't Detroit or 19th century Ireland, if you manage to make it to sixth form you come from a family wealthy enough to pay your bus fare, put some ham sandwiches in a lunchbox with a banana and buy you a few pens for crying out loud.