Thursday, 10 March 2016

When will the real dirty-tricks against BREXIT start?

Does anyone opposed to Britain's continued membership of the EU still think that the referendum campaign and  the voting will be fair and honest? I for one do not.

This Blog has in the past carried postings vividly describing the extent to which the establishment has lied about the true nature of the EU (left click HERE ). So what can we expect?

Expect embarrassing stories about BREXIT officials and activists. Remember the state authorities will be backing the government. In 1999 it was revealed that MI5, the police, the DSS etc would be used to find evidence against the BNP to 'smash' it! Shortly afterwards a well orchestrated campaign led to the removal of the lesder John Tyndal.

Expect defections from Brexit of high profile supporters. Probably with stories of "Racism" amongst members.

Watch out for election fraud and postal ballot fraud. The state has long experience in these matters fightig against the BNP amongst others. The infiltration of left-wing groups by the police is the subject of a judicial enquiry at this very moment. Do you not think that a cause as dear to the establishment as the EU will be protected by similar methods?

I urge all genuine BREXIT supporters to be on their guard against 'dirty tricks'. and state infiltration. The things to be wary of are :-
Former servicemen. A large proportion of infiltrators and provocateurs fall into this category.. I know this is a provocative statement but experience proves it is true.
Beware of people with a van who are always free ti give lifts etc. Especially those who are unemployed.
Beware of people who seem over keen to ask questions about personal matters. Who do you know? What have you been a member of?

I realise that there are those who will mutter "He's paranoid". Well, I will simply reply "Just wait"


Anonymous said...

Of course there is going to be dirty tricks from the Europhiles and especially the establishment who want to remain on the gravy train but it is hoped the more enlightened population see through this and vote OUT. The problem is, are there enough who will see through the dirty tactics and vote accordingly?

The biggest problem is the younger generation who have never known anything but a tie with Europe and may vote to remain through fear of the unknown. I fear a vote to remain will mean the end of our country as we once knew it. It will mean more multiculturalism which we all know doesn't work and being ruled by the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

SerpentSlayer said...

My much lesser experience indicates the same TC. Ex-filth too. Anybody who has sworn an oath to that fat German traitoress is difficult to trust. I know Oaths mean little these days, but what use is someone sworn to an enemy?
He is either an infiltrator or an oath breaker. I wouldn't trust either of them with my loose change.