Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Europe Ablaze!! But you won't hear about it in the UK Media!!

Swedish police in Malmo.....investigating four grenade attacks in one week. The UK media don't report it. Malmo is now Europe's most violent city. Hugh areas are 80% immigrant, with crime and violence endemic. Yet do we hear these stories on the BBC? Of course not!

The TV Channel "Russia Today" is the channel of choice for people who want the uncensored news, Together with al-jazeera  they are the first choice of serious watchers of news on television. The BBC is a joke, a blind toothless lap dog. Major stories are ignored or mentioned only in passing. All these stories have one theme in common, massive lawbreaking or mob violence by 'refugees' or migrants.

A quick check list of censored stories includes massive levels of violence in Malmo, Sweden. Large scale forced departure of Polish residents in Ulster. Demonstrations in London for peace in the Middle East. This time last year a 50.000 strong anti-austerity march in London was given the silent treatment. And so on.

Is it any wonder that the BBC finds it difficult to get people to buy a TV 'licence'.


Societal Implosion imminent and welcomed. said...

Total chaos in the increasingly lawless Calais/Eurotunnel immigrant emergency but Theresa May says 'We will continue to process asylum claims normally for those that arrive.'

The hour has come but the people in power are patently incapable of taking, anything approaching, the necessary measures.

The ones really responsible are the millions of cowardly British electors who wanted to vote UKIP in May but bottled it due to fear of harming their self image or who were too concerned about what other people might think, and voted Tory.

A hundred UKIP MPs, with a Conservative government totally dependent on their support would have meant a completely different situation now. Draconian anti-invasion (because that's what it is) would have been taken. Instead we've got the pathetic, spineless flounderings of May, Cameron et al who aren't just scared, they LOOK scared.

stoppitnow said...

I read about this in 'The Local' which is a paper on-line in SWeden, Norway and Denmark, 'France 24' also good.
When you start to look what is going on you see the whole of Europe has a problem, these incidents are recent.
Copenhagen- hundreds attend funeral of Muslim gunman.
Dresden- residents awake to find refugee camp for 2,000 almost overnight. Trees and grass removed in park for tents.
France- annual car burnings on New Year's Eve blamed on Algerians, no longer reported as it had become a competetion to see how many cars could be set ablaze.
Britain-at least this was reported, terrorist back in Britain and receives £6,000 for injuries sustained when arrested.

Reimer said...

"The ones really responsible are the millions of cowardly British electors who wanted to vote UKIP in May"

Not sure they ever really wanted to if they were so easily swayed to stay with the posher faction of the permanent coalition. But they deserve what they get. Shame they were determined to drag the rest of us down with them.


Bloody Britain said...

50,000 turned up in July - in Greece alone. The UN desribed the situation as 'total chaos'.
Meanwhile Cameron and Theresa May are on holiday. Cameron though found time to defend the government giving £3 million to some kids charity that's gone bust. That's obviously more important than the impending, out of control Third World immigration caused, societal implosion.

stoppitnow said...

Radio Sweden has reported this brings the toal number of explosions in Sweden this year to 30.

stoppitnow said...

Since some use this site for political purposes I'll do the same.
Vote BNP.
Let's see what happens in next year's local elections.

Anonymous said...

Democracy hasn't done us much good so far has it.
Perhaps it's time for new measures.

Anonymous said...

Hi TC,

How are you doing these days? I hope you are ok.

Tameside Citizen said...

N @31/08/2015
Not too bad thanks.the usual aches and pains