Friday, 8 May 2015

Election is over, Labour "Wimmin only" shortlist produces first Female MP for Tameside. No change in the council, Turkeys vote for Christmas.

No change in the make-up of Tameside's council chamber. The Conservatives held their two seats (Hyde Werneth held by Conservative group leader John Bell and Stalybridge South by Clive Patrick.). In the other 17 wards bears defecated in the woods when the results were announced.

Despite a good effort by "Shameside" organisation (??)( is it an organisation???) to get tactical voting the Labour defeat did not occur. In 9 wards a costly UKIP / Conservative clash was avoided, but to no ends. The bus was missed and the gravy train pulled out of the Town Hall for another run around Tameside. "The Red Flag" being replaced by " Gimme Gimme Gimme" 


Appearing Trick. said...

Labour can increase their votes in Tameside WHATEVER the turnout or national trend.
It's like magic.

SerpentSlayer said...

Yes, it's like unguarded ballot boxes can magically change their contents at will. We need to bring back seals, police couriers for the boxes and have the boxes guarded by armed rozzers until counted, including postal votes (which I imagine, come with an x pre printed next to the word labour!)

Reimer said...

Some people are beyond 'help'.


Dan Dan said...

Chuka Umunna, Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham...wait it gets a lot worse: David Lammy...surely that MUST be the bottom of the barrel but no...LIZ KENDALL - two years an MP.
The obvious and only candidate is former Parachute Regiment Major, Dan Jarvis MBE who's streets ahead of any of these fakes and self seekers.
We'll find out if they've learned from their disastrous defeat when they pick their new leader, sorry when the Unions pick their new leader. After all Ed Miliband was the Union's boy and what a great job he did.

stoppitnow said...

I stood for election for the BNP in 2014 in St. Peter's Ward in Ashton and came second.
I want to increase my votes next year by putting out 8,000 lealflets.
The opening of the postal votes was unbelievable, just a joke.
They were opened and placed face down on the table but the candidates were looking through the papers or crouching down to see where the X was.
I questioned whether this was legal.
Apparently it was.
As long as they kept the result to themselves.
What a pointless exercise as the only proper result was the end result when all ballot papers were counted.

Meritocracy said...

Women/ethnic etc only shortlists are a disgrace. They are institutionalised bigotry of the worst order.
I have zero respect for anyone accepting the benefits of state implemented deliberate prejudice against particular societal groups.