Friday, 19 December 2014

Imagine if this had been a parent? Social Services neglect child in care.

A disturbing story reached me last week. I have checked the facts and they are true. For legal reasons we cannot name the child or identify the child. Therefore the social workers, parents or other individuals cannot be named. but they are known to TC and in some cases have been met and interviewed.

Elizabeth (not her real name) is an intelligent 13 year old girl. She is in care because her mother is alleged to be an unfit parent due to alcohol mis-use. She has never been physically assaulted and her mother has access to her. Her mother never abandoned her to go on holidays abroad with a toy boy leaving her in the care of her 83 year old mother.

Her foster mother, however, did abandon her.

Elizabeth returned home one night from school recently to find her foster mother's own 83 year old mother on the floor senseless. She was looking after Elizabeth while her daughter was on holiday in North Africa with a young man. Elizabeth raised the alarm and the emergency services attended.

Read about it in the papers? No? Neither did I. Imagine if it had been the mother who abandoned Elizabeth. The local, if not regional or national, papers would be baying for blood. As it is Elizabeth has a new carer. Routine changes, not a response to this affair. This blog would suffer worse punishment if we revealed Elizabeth's identity than the absent carer has received.

The mind boggles! Rochdale is only 10 miles away and this is the level of care in Tameside. God help us!!


Anonymous said...

Biological parenthood should require a licence based on genetic and behavioural suitability. With nine billion people on the planet the last thing we need is the haphazard production of YET MORE inferior people, who in turn give birth to YET MORE. Whilst decent people have to waste time, effort and resources sorting the mess out.

Anonymous said...

Who cares, as long as Mr Pleasant gets his £189,000 a year, I'm happy. Cuts, not me I'm exempt.

SerpentSlayer said...

The problem with that is that only whit or oriental countries have the inclination or ability to limit such births, leaving lesser races to multiply like rabbits.

Anonymous said...

More like locusts - vast, exponentially growing swarms that exist only to destroy humanity and its potential.

Anonymous said...

The 'rayycisst' stigma attacks by the mainstream media on UKIP having failed miserably, the latest tactic is ridicule/scorn: 'You're not going to vote for those clowns are you' approach.
250,000 rotting boxes of files on 'lost' illegal immigrants have just turned up in old storew rooms, lift shafts etc in the HQ of one of our wonderful government departments. That's only the latest in a LONG line of REAL scandals, along with: corrupt stealing MPs; the scandal of 17 years of mass uncontrolled immigration; illegal invasions of half the Middle East to appease the Internationalist's agenda; aggressive EU/American/Internationalist expansionism into 'New' Europe - Ukraine etc etc.
Remember, vote main party next May. But only if you want to destroy your country.

FOI By Proxy said...

Hello Tameside Citizen, just a quick heads up that I have contacted Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council and placed a FOIA request about your blog. If you'd like a sneak preview of their response, once it arrives, then please let me know by email: foibyproxy (at)
Thanks and keep up the good work.