Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Silence is Golden....Cllr Idu Miah's birthday mystery part II

In August this year we showed by a close study of company and charity documents that Cllr Idu Miah had apparently used two different birthdays on official forms. This Blog asked for a clarification but none was forthcoming. 

Since  then more documents have appeared showing even  more clearly that Cllr Miah is using two birthdays,
Born on 10th February 1965 Cllr Miah appointed to the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau.)

Appointed Secretary Tameside Racial Equality Council, 10th May 1958 Birthday.

Interests as declared to council. He is on Tameside Racial Equality Council and CAB. But with different birthdays. Note his Grotton address in some of the documents. 

The documents shown above clearly pose a question regarding Cllr Miah. There is no excuse for the silence which both Cllr Miah and the Labour group have treated this issue. It does neither of them credit


Anonymous said...

If there is a dispute then presumably the DOB on the last set of candidate forms is the correct one.

NCB said...

Well done TC in exposing these discrepancies. Next, I would advise you to investigate any potential anomalies regarding this person's home address(es).

It is amazing how often disreputable people hide behind a 'front' address, while secretly residing elsewhere.

I know of one such person, a former colleague, who, while pretending to live in Levenshulme, covertly resided in Stalybridge, even using pseudonyms for official documents to conceal his whereabouts.