Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Panorama hatchet job on UKIP in sharp contrast to softly-softly approach to BNP.

There will be many readers reading the headline to this article with some disbelief. "Panorama having a soft approach to the BNP?" Well, relatively speaking, yes.

In August 2011 Darragh Macintyre did an "expose"on the BNP . It "exposed" what it said were financial irregularities. In the intervening three years no legal action has been taken. They were none events.. But Macintyre WAS in possession of stronger, more interesting facts which were not used by the BBC, Documents which the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) refused to release until a FoI request was made were provided to him. Facts about a former Italian fugitive protected by  British Intelligence who is a close associate of Nick Grifin, were likewise left out of the programme. This was not the only lack of interest by the broadcast media in the BNP. On more than one occasion various journalists showed great interest initially only to contact me a few days later with a "not interested anymore" comment.

By contrast the BBC and Darragh Macintyre flitted around Europe in the wake of Nigel Farrage to try and pin some petty dirt on him. It must be that "They" fear the UKIP more than the BNP.,

Oh, but there is one little story which has been quietly forgotten. Tory MP Dr Robert Spink  joined the UKIP in 2008 to become their first MP. At the time he had on his staff a young lady of Italian extraction. She was the daughter of Nick Griffin's Italian fugitive friend.  Given that the BBC has (apparently) such a down on patriotic parties it is surprising that this fact is overlooked.

Wonder why?


Anonymous said...

The 'You're a rayyycissst' card hasn't worked on UKIP. Also they're now a lot bigger than any previous anti-immigration party, which stops the usual demonisation tactics, you can't demonise THAT many supporters, members and voters.
If UKIP's momentum continues to increase at this rate, a new strategy will have to be devised. I smell a deal in the offing.
The real seismic chock for the estblishment parties was the Heywood and Middleton by-election. If they can get within a few votes of VICTORT in rock solid Labour territory they can WIN...ANYWHERE.

Anonymous said...

I think that, the truth is getting closer on a number of important matters thanks to this blog.

Anonymous said...

UKIP miles ahead in latest polls for Rochester by-election, that's despite the Tories throwing the kitchen sink at the campaign and Cameron himself practically camping out there.
Even Miliband has started waffling about immigration in yet another sign of mounting main party desperation.