Thursday, 30 October 2014

Call the Council Second Series.....the Empire strikes back.

The second series of "Call the Council" has just finished it's second week on BBC 1 (11.00 to 11.45). Concentrating on the Environmental Health Department the powers that be in Tameside Council should be very happy with the uncritical coverage of the council's activities. After all, who can object to keeping the good citizens of Tameside healthy and safe?

However, after a serious study of the recent episodes there are a few points which need explaining,

There was an interesting item on Redmond Close in Audenshaw where 10 homes were purchased by Tameside to be demolished. They were built over an old landfill site and were subject to infusion of methane gas, a colourless, odourless gas both toxic and explosive. We can't fault Tameside on their desire to help the residents. But one thing did cause our ears to prick up, and that was a comment about inadequate ventilation of the landfill. Was someone to blame? Was this a serious error or criminal negligence by someone?

Speculation is a waste of time but given the time spent by the council on enforcement of other rules and regulations the passing over of this issue was noticed.

The council are responcible for enforcing the age restricted sale of goods regulations, such as knives to under 18 year olds. Do we want kids of 13 buying 12" carving knives......I think not. If we have such young budding chefs in the Borough I am sure we can manage to supply them with the appropriate tools. But banning the sale of THREE MINUTE Sessions on sun beds to under 18 years old seems a little, well, nannyish. At 16 a person with their parents permission can marry or enlist in the army. But they can not use a sunbed. The usual excuse that it can cause skin cancer is trotted out. Then why aren't they banned? A typical fudge. Ban something for under-age children, let it be legal for over 18's and give another cash raising pseudo-duty to the councils of Britain who can milk yet another target group of some cash.

During the programme we learned that an American health officer was shadowing a Tameside EH Officer. I couldn't help but think that it was a pity he was not a pest controller instead! Some 20 stone hunting red-neck with a .308 hunting rifle to "Take out the varmints" would have added some colour to the programme, Alas not so.

One thing struck me though, did his visit cost the Tameside Council Tax Payers, anything? If not, is a reciprocal visit planned for someone from Tameside to go to the USA. And who will pay for that?

The absence of certain departments and jobs from the programme is noticable. Schools, social workers, planning, and housing all make little or no contribution to the story. Only those roles where it can be claimed the public are helped are given an airing. I would love to have seen some of the local Social Workers in action!


On this day Oct 31st: Cromwell's treason said...

1655- Cromwell submitted a seven-point petition to the Council of State calling for Jews to return to Britain. The Catholic King Edward I expelled the Jews from England in 1290, due to their Usury, and Cromwell the Puritan let the Jews back in.

SerpentSlayer said...

And today today it was announced that the government will repay the Jewish bankers who funded the brothers war of 100 years ago.
I imagine it will be a top priority.

Me And Bobby McGee said...

Call the council, there's other things you can call em