Monday, 21 July 2014

But I thought it was an offence to take your children out of school in term time?

In the worst outbreak of "Do as we say not as we do" since the Parliamentary expenses scandal Tameside saw hundreds of pupils take leave from schools without permission. Despite legislation making this illegal no one was - or will be- punished.

This is because it was teachers and not parents who were responsible.for the interuption of their education.

Parents who take their children out of school to take advantage of reduced holiday prices during term time risk a fine for doing so. This mainly impacts on the working class parents struggling to make ends meet, it does not affect the four-wheel drive owning middle class teachers, the heads who live outside Tameside in the hills or the councilors on their expenses (and their wives). Look at the smug faces in the picture. Worried about their next Italian Holiday or dinner party. For all their alleged concern for the pupils of their school they chose to strike and deny their pupils an education....but let their parents deny them one day and its down chianti and Guardian and "hello council solicitor".

To any pupils reading this, next time you sit SATs tests remember, they are not GCSE's or GCE "A" levels. you don't get a certificate so don't bother studying, Or better still take the mickey! If asked what do you know about "Lesbian literature" say you've never heard of it. "I've heard of Brendan Behan, even Dominic Behan but Les Behan is new to me".

You get the point. THEY can ruin your education but your parents can't get cheap holidays...welcome to the adult world.


SerpentSlayer said...

I didn't study for my. GCSEs either and still passed them.
The whole curriculum is dumbed down to an extremely low level.
And yet if you ask people basic maths, science or history questions on things they have been taught at school, you will be met with incomprehension.
Complete waste of time educating most people.

The sword is mightier than the pen said...

There are now far too many people posing as 'educators' whilst trying to promote multiculturalism, homosexuality, non-White victimhood and all the other lies and warped agendas.

Anonymous said...

Pity our justice system doesn't act like this.

Do as I say!! said...

It's the very same thing we see with patronising hikes in alcohol and tobacco prices. The middle classes incl. smug politicians aren't affected, since for them the costs are still little more than loose change. A better policy would be to gauge alcohol prices according to working class wages, and then charge all politicians an equivalent rate for the purchase of alcohol according to their own incomes. See what happens to alcohol prices then.

But of course, when you enjoy the privilege of a tax payer subsidised Westminster drinks bar, putting your money where your mouth is doesn't come easy. But when you elect a self serving three party clique, don't complain when you're being priced out of the small luxuries in life that only the likes of your betters (aka 'representatives') can afford.

What would our forefathers make of it? said...

BBC Daily Politics - 22/07/2014

A must watch for anyone na├»ve enough to think that any of the ‘mainstream’ political troughmeister political parties represent the best interest of indigenous Britons. The programme is available on the BBC iPlayer and can viewed here. The first part of the programme features Islamic ‘Trojan’ schools but the part worth watching starts at 18 minutes.

The debate is about the future importance of the BME vote and by default the total irrelevance of the White British vote.

The debate is chaired by the Jewess Jo Coburn and the studio guests are all of non-European origin. The only group total excluded are the good old Anglo Saxon/Celts (that’s us by the way!)

It is definitely worth watching just to see the extraordinary confidence exhibited by these ‘new’ Brits. From their point of view, and who can blame them when the political establishment is riddled with cowards and traitors, it is job done. The indigenous peoples of this island will matter not in the future, that is the overriding message. Watch it and see if you agree.

Anonymous said...

"The only group total excluded are the good old Anglo Saxon/Celts (that’s us by the way!)"

That would be because it was a discussion about British Muslim schools, where the white Anglo-Celt numbers are somewhere in the region of 1% or less. I wouldn't expect a similar discussion about Jewish schools to comprise Sikh and Chinese commentators. There were two Muslims and a black man, which strikes the balance about right.

As for white British votes not counting... apart from the recent UKIP phenomenon there's no indication that any seismic shift in white British votes is about to happen any time soon. In fact, it hasn't happened for the best part of a century, and however unpalatable British nationalists may find it that means their white British kinfolk are not discontented enough with the Westminster status quo to entertain supporting their motley crew (with or without a new leader who attacks ten year old school children).

Ethnic minority votes however could shift away from Labour, as seen with Boris Johnson. That's the point.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 13:26, the point is that the massive ongoing demographic changes, if they continue, will see the British indigenous population become a rapidly shrinking and increasingly vulnerable (both democratically and otherwise) minority in their own country (we already are in our own capital city).
'British kinfolk are not disconcerted enough', that's because they're not aware enough or are too apathetic or disunited, but as recent evidence from the EU and council elections shows, this is starting to change. Even more so in other, better educated European countries such as France where 25% voted Front National, a situation unthinkable a few years ago.
The recent election results, especially in immigrant thronged London, also demonstrated that Labour is, in reality, increasingly becoming the party of the immigrant, 85% of non-White Commonwealth immigrants already vote for them.

Black Dawn said...

Rumours of the horror, ultra contagious disease, Ebola in Nigeria.
Not this time in the middle of nowhere but in the capital Lagos, a sprawling African hellhole of 21 million (and growing exponentially) people.