Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Anglican Clergy banned from membership of BNP and NF

The news that it  is proposed that the C of E is to bar it's clergy from membership of the BNP and NF is sure to open a can of worms (if not a Diet of Worms*)

"Religion should keep out of politics" "What about......the (insert your least favourite organisation which you think the C of E supports)" "Who listens to them anyway". "Who elected them anyway?". And so on. We can all imagine the cliches which will be wheeled out in support, and opposition, to this move.

"The Citizen's " views? They may surprise you. The Synod has every right to introduce this ruling. It is their right to associate with whoever they want, and to reject whoever they choose, as members. The Freemasons have this right, so should you and I. But WE don't!

Various laws prevent us from joining or forming clubs which discriminate on various grounds- race, disability, sexual orientation etc etc. Yet here is the C of E doing just that! Discriminating against members of a political party! The Synod exercising the choice which they object to the BNP and NF exercisng.

And the basis for their decision? The two parties are "Unchristian" . Strictly speaking they are right. As Martin Luther would have said the BNP/NF views go against the scriptures. But so did burning Catholics and stealing their property. At least they have stopped killing "Papists" but they still hang on to the cathedrals and old churches. They still profit from a 500 year old crime.

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!"

*Historical joke lol.


Sorry to post on this article said...

But it's VERY important that Mr Hall is made aware of the situation.

Dear Mr Hall a number of your comments have been printed off this blog by new charter housing.
New charter have highlighted them in marker pen.
You may, say so what, but for reasons only known to new charter they have been put in the evidence to evict Roy West's vulnerable partner from her home.
You may want to consider contacting new charter so they can give you an explanation.
New charter are saying that your comments are incitement, but what have they got to do with Roy West's vulnerable partner.?
New charter need to be challenged.
I don't see any reason why new charter should be allowed to get away with this Mr Hall.
You have no conection to Roy West or his partner yet new charter are dragging your name through the courts in this one.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to join that mob anyway?

Anonymous said...

aGod is with us in our daily struggles but not with the Church of England.

Anonymous said...

Do not look for God in a building of stone, a building of human sin.
God is not a church, but a FREE spirit he lifts you up for his glory.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something my friend, God has never lived there, he lives amongst the sinners and the outcasts.
Jesus was the Son of Man an outcast, betrayed and beaten.
But he lives in the hearts of the persecuted.

Anonymous said...

Beat me, take off my clothes, spit in my face, laugh and judge me, but, oh Jesus will not forget what has happened today.

My father he was Orange and my mother she was Green. said...

My father he was Orange and my mother she was Green.

SerpentSlayer said...

It is indeed unchristian, Christianity wishes to force all people of the world under the dominion of some rotting Hebrew scrolls.
I would rather those frock wearing perverts, communists and boy touchers stepped away from us so publicly.

Anonymous said...

The C of E is a dying organisation which has steadily abandoned its core tenets and heritage. It is a spineless, unprincipled group of failures, cowards, degenerates and appeasers of Islam and a supporter of deviants.

Anonymous said...

Here's a real life story for Christians to consider.
New charter housing say, that they would be willing to re-house Roy West's partner if she agrees to give Roy the push.
New charter say that the eviction is directed at his vulnerable partner, because any action against Roy West would be unsuccessful because he's her carer. (new charter's actual words)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hall
This is absolute proof that new charter are against FREE SPEECH!
I remind you of a post you made on the 16/05/2012.
This post has been printed off the blog by new charter housing and presented against Roy West and his partner in their bid to evict them.

One issue that I want to clarify regarding all Tameside Councillors is how many reside in TMBC properties /Charter Homes Limited properties and new charter Housing Trust properties.
In Mottram region for example I found and presented information to a PI showing the dept of transport owned house properties in Mottram.
it gets very murky the deeper one investigates, and there's no end to what needs thoroughly investigating.
I once found a foreign Company had supplied all the domestic waste bins in Tameside and a TMBC Councillor was a UK senior employee of that Company plus R.Oldham was a close friend of that Councillor.
Both nolonger around I would add.
Plenty more to investigate with TMBC and their useful tentacles in other seperate Tameside Administrations.
I feel another FOI coming on and Iam confident in time the bvubble will burst emptying its contents around all Tameside.

Anonymous said...

If the eviction proceedings are being directed towards Mr West's partner, who, indisputably, has done nothing wrong and is by all accounts unwell, how can it be that New Charter have offered to rehouse her, i.e. rehouse someone they are trying to evict??
If this is accurate then the whole thing is starting to stink.

Anonymous said...

@18:37 new charter say that they would be willing to give Roy's partner a transfer if she agrees to end her 14 year relationship with him.
Sounds bizzare but true!

Anonymous said...

Serpent Slayer said...."It is indeed unchristian, Christianity wishes to force all people of the world under the dominion of some rotting Hebrew scrolls.
I would rather those frock wearing perverts, communists and boy touchers stepped away from us so publicly."

Firstly, Christianity does not wish to force anyone to do anything.

Secondly, as for your pathetic cheap shot about child molesters, you should know that those clergy involved in such disgusting behaviour represent an extremely small percentage of the total, media propaganda notwithstanding.

If you want to find child abuse out of all proportion to what one would expect given the numbers and demographics then you should look at the Rabbis in this country.

Now then Serpent Slayer, we NEVER hear about this in the media, do we? Hmm I wonder why?

Perhaps you could start by reading Mr Griffin's pamphlet 'The Mindbenders'.

Anonymous said...

Christianity is in massive decline in Britain and the west.
Whereas many Christian values are worthwhile, the White British won't be motivated to fight for continued existence by a lot of archaic mumbo jumbo.