Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hardly "The Great Escape" but a potential tragedy none the less.

Tameside citizen apologises for the long wait since the last posting but he has been working on a very interesting and important story. A potential national story. Watch this space.

We at Tameside Citizen have numerous sources for our stories, whistle blowers, other news outlets, members of the public and general observation of life in Tameside. But this story quite literally just walked into the blog.

Regular contributor to the blog Tonydj (Local writer and political activist David Jones) was sitting at home last week when he heard a knock on the open window of his lounge. He looked and was surprised to see 22 year old Jamie , the son of a friend of his. He was surprised not least because he knew that Jamie should have been in Tameside hospital. In fact he had been 'sectioned' under section 3 of the mental health act so he was REALLY surprised.

Jamie asked to come in and asked if David knew where his mother was and could he have a drink. David gave him a drink, told him he presumed his mother was at home and tried to call her on the mobile phone. Her phone was switched off. they chatted for a while before Jamie left. 

The story has a happy ending in that Jamie was reunited with his mother and is again undergoing medical treatment. But that surely is not the point?

People are 'sectioned' because they are ill and need treatment, need help. They need to be supervised for their own safety yet here again is an example of "Shameside" hospital making a serious error. Yes I know that patients have rights and are not criminals but they deserve better looking after, better supervision. They sometimes need protecting from themselves..........but they should not need protecting from their protectors. 


How the Government has declared war on white English people said...

Nice graphic TC. Read this excellent article by McKinstry in the Express. 10/10

Mclean's Pear Tree said...

Of particular interest are the refugees brought over to Britain by such chalutzic movements as Youth Aliya and Bachad. Two kibbutzim have been identified: one established by Bachad between Manchester and Rochdale, the other in Stalybridge in Lancashire, where Hashomer Hatzair established in 1944 what must surely be the only mining kibbutz (known as Kibbutz Hakorim) in Jewish history. In Stalybridge, Jewish 'Bevin Boys' worked in a local pit to prepare themselves for their futures in Eretz Israel.

Insane World said...

You should do an investigation on how much it's cost GMP to persecute Roy West and his family. Start with the 47 or so police sent round to his home since 2008. 7 arrests, a prison sentence, threat of eviction on his vulnerable partner and her six year old grandchild, daughter and her son.
One arrest after CCTV evidence of Roy West seen in his own front garden.
The police having to look through thousands of pictures and videos of mundane things on a laptop.
Looking through thousands of pictures on camcorders of the Countryside. Checking CCTV cameras in Ashton. It must be costing GMP an absolute fortune. It's like a murder investigation.
Remember if you've been a victim of serious crime and you can't get the police to visit your house then you know why. It's all hands needed to investigate Roy West.

Blue Insanity said...

My neighbour got three expensive bicycles nicked. The police didn't tun up. One PCSO 36 hours later.
I wonder if the coppers are aware what appalling public relations this sort of thing is (and you hear about it all the time).
If it's a question of priorities how come there's an instant mob handed response for a petty neighbour fall out, oh yeah I forgot, it was a 'rayyycisst' incident.

Anonymous said...

The article you did about Roy West on the conspiracy is absolutely true the evidence is right in your face.

Anonymous said...

Roy West is to answer police bail today if he gets charged or not, this will show Roy West's accusers in their true light.
A desperate act to try and prevent the whole truth from coming out. But in fact will serve to show a malicious attempt to cause serious harm to Roy West and his family.

Anonymous said...

Roy West was held today at Ashton police station for five hours in a cell. After which he was charged with breach of restraining order.

Exposed : The destruction of Britain undee Labour rule 1997 - 2010 said...

What a bunch of totally treacherous scum.