Saturday, 8 March 2014

New Charter housing officers trained to help tenants with Welfare reform pressures....blah blah blah...

New Charter housing officers are to receive training in how to deal with tenants facing welfare "reform" crises. Crisis training.
It seems that we are to admire New Charter and their enlightened policy of training their staff in how to deal with distraught tenants while at the same time helping these tenants of theirs. Remember CEO Ian Munro castigating the "Bedroom tax"?

Well, don't hold your breath. Ask New Charter tenant "Jane Doe" who does not wish to be identified. She was interviewed by me.

Faced with the bed room tax she obtained a transfer from New Charter's Crowhill estate to Ashton's West End. Leaving a two storey house for a single bedroom flat.....And incurring a bill of over £1200! This included a bill for £500 for a full house clearance

Although her tenancy was due to end on Monday 9th September at 12 noon the locks were changed on the preceding Friday preventing access and thus causing Jane to be unable to empty or tidy the house. She was eventually given access TO REMOVE HER OWN PROPERTY on the Monday at 12-15 PM. for three hours. She was unable to remove it all and so was charged for a house clearance and alleged damage to doors and fixtures. This was for a house which was first rented by her family in the pre-New Charter era of Tameside council.

A house now owned by a charity whose aims include


Relieving poverty at £1200 a throw?

Perhaps Jane can get some replacement furniture here:...Furniture


Anonymous said...

Timidity has become an obvious part of TC.
Facts offered get overstepped with a new article,plus names of sleazy Councillors and Officials have considerably decreased.
Fear is the enemy of democracy and timidity will raise absolute euphoria at Tameside Council.
It the links and names of committee members of New Charter including Councillors and Ex Councillors are printed perhaps we can take TC more serious.
What TMBC do in OUR AREA is akin to Putin and the Ukraine democracy fighters.
Our fighters have departed which is welcome by our despotic regime.

New Charter Housing is supporting its local health and wellbeing board said...

Interesting article.
On a point of concern and justice, I give you these facts.
We have all read about new charter's links to homeless charities.
Creating links with mental health groups.
Wanting to secure homes for the vulnerable in our society.
Here's one particular eviction case coming up with no reporting restrictions.
Here is one case, that will challenge all of the new charter claims of working with the vulnerable and mentally ill in our community.
Take this case of a vulnerable woman and a new charter tenant.
She is a Psychiatric out-patient at Tameside hospital.
A lady with a long history of mental health problems.
New charter have declared, that they intend to argue with the Psychiatric out-patient services, doctors reports, to demand strict proof of this lady's mental health status.
It is a case of high significant in the regard to mental health issues.
Also new charter claim that they are not discriminating against this lady under the mental health act.
Which is another thing charter will have to deal with.
One more interesting statement new charter have made in relation to the case.
"The claimant avers that if any discrimination is found (which is denied), such discrimination can be justified as a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate business aim"

Anonymous said...

@23:13 the significance of that post @09:45 cannot be ignored or swept under the carpet by Charter/MBC.
The whole ethos of charter's charitable status and working with vulnerable homeless people, will be brought into question.
The only people that don't know it yet are new charter.
New charter are heading for a conflict with the discrimination laws, the mental health act,
Psychiatric reports.
There's so much to this case, that charter will never come out of it looking good.

Anonymous said...

@08/03/2014 23:13 I agree Fear is the enemy of democracy.
Watch closely the case mentioned @09:45 coming in July at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

SerpentSlayer said...

Does the business cop out (that sounds weak) apply to "charities" such as new charter?

Anonymous said...

Roy West is a soldier greatly misunderstood maybe, but still a soldier.

Anonymous said...

New charter say
The claimant fails to see what. if any, reasonable adjustment is possible in this case short of removing Roy West from the property and the locality.

Anonymous said...

New charter say: The claimant denies that the defendant has suffered distress, mental anxiety, and/or injury to feelings as pleaded or at all and the defendant is put to strict proof of those matters alleged. In any event, the claimant denies that the defendant is entitled to the relief claimed or at all.

Anonymous said...

@20:32 yet, still, there's no CCTTV evidence to substantiate the allegations of daily low-level DAILY harassment?